Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Paper Stuff...

I got in the mood to make a card the other day. But, as usual, I had to help the 7 year old to make his card first... (sigh) I can't really remember how it all happened. But I actually made the envelopes after I made my card. Oh well. I made an envelope to fit my card, since I didn't have any the right size. I didn't take a picture of the card or the envelope I am talking about. But I made the envelope out of (what my husband calls) "slider paper". The paper you put on the floor when you are painting. :P I liked the color, it's kinda stiffer, and I have a whole roll of it! :D Then I showed my son the envelopes I made out of magazine pages (a loooong time ago). Well, then he wanted to make some. (Translation: Me making some for him.) It was fun, though. (Mostly) The wolf one is my sons'. Then later, I made another card:
This is my renditon of a card I saw in a magazine I have. I need to put one more button up in the left hand corner.
I have been baking some more. Gingerbread cookies. I was making the icing for them, and after I sifted the powdered sugar, it ended up looking like this. I thought it was cool so I took a picture. :P Of course, it looked better in RL. It was all shiny. Reminded me of snow or something.

These are the cookies "we" made. Yeah. "We". Well, the 7 year old did help me cut some out. I was not in the mood to have him help me. So I ended up doing them all myself.

You can see some of the faces on the gingerbread men... LOL I made an angry one and a sad one. Then a shocked one. I got some new snowflake cookie cutters this year so I made some snowflakes, too.

The other half of the dough is still in the fridge so I have to make more. (Sigh...)
I started another Pressed Flowers afghan, too. I actually started it right after I finished the first one. I'm not sure who this one will be for. I have a couple ideas.

We are kind of wishing we never moved to this house. It has been nothing but problems since we moved here... :( First our truck accident. (We saw some police lights down at that same corner last night, we think there was another accident there.) Then, two days later, I saw a rat in our pantry. I ran in the bedroom and woke my husband up (he wasn't really asleep yet), "There's a RAT in the house!" He got up and killed it. I felt bad almost right away. (Not that I want a rat in my house, but...) It wasn't a RAT/rat, it was a kangaroo rat. He was kinda cute. He was grey, with round ears. He (or she?) looked more like a gerbil or hamster. I had never heard of a kangaroo rat before this incident... And from what I have read, and seen pictures of online, I wonder if it was a kangaroo rat? It didn't have the tuft of fur on the end of it's tail. And it was grey, not sandy brown. ?? (Update: My husband said he found the rest of it's tail and it did have a tuft. I also forgot to mention that he left the door open while he was chopping wood, and it was raining out that day. So the rat probably was trying to find a place to get out of the rain. From what we have read and everyone we talk to around here, they say that kangaroo rats never come in to peoples' houses...) Well, anyway, we called the landlord. They said 'We've never had a problem with mice or rats there; blah, blah, blah...' The landlords said they would bring some rat traps over... Well meanwhile, we noticed there was water under the sink. My husband was putting one trap under one of the kitchen drawers, and noticed mold all over.... (sigh..) Pulled everything out and found out the garbage disposal is leaking, the dishwasher is leaking.... Ugh!! And there was a dead mouse behind the dishwasher. (No.... no mouse problems here...) The landlords are actually really nice, it was probably just a random mouse that got in. We are in the middle of the desert here. Someone is supposed to come out tomorrow to look at all the leaks. My husband has been spraying bleach water underneath there and it smells up the whole house. It's making me sick. It burns my eyes, gives me a headache and just stinks!! I hope they don't have to do a major overhaul. The floor is probably rotted underneath there, too. Maybe we moved into a lemon house. :P We are just renting, and it's a month to month lease~~ thank goodness for small favors, eh?... What is that saying? I just don't want to move again!!!! :( (Unless it is out of Nevada, that is...)
Well, I hope you are all well where you are and staying warm and dry... I better get busy now.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Some FO's~ Crocheting And Baking

See what happens when I don't blog in a while.... Well, I have been busy with RL. My kids hog the computer. They're more addicted to Farmville and Happy Pets and all those games on FB... When I get a chance to get on the computer, it's usually in the morning before anyone gets up (not long-lived), or at night (when I'm exhausted). No one is up yet, so.... Here I am. :P This is another Granny Star Afghan I finished recently. For the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I was going to do some more, but.... my hands hurt.

I did manage to crochet a pair of socks, though. Not such a huge project... (These are for someone I send things to on PR, too).
Last night I finished this Pressed Flowers Afghan by Kelly Robinson, from 'The Ultimate Book of Scrap Afghans'. I started it for some friends of ours who adopted our 17 year old as their unofficial grandson. To take up to their cabin.

I started it October 31st. I tried not to use white in it too much. (Well, off-white). I did have it in three places. But mostly it is all colors.
Here it is, folded up on one side:

The other side:

I just have to wash and dry it, find a gift bag.... and give it to them. I wanted to finish it before the cold weather is over with and before they go up to their cabin again next time. So, I think I accomplished both of those things.... :)
I have been doing a little baking while offline/since we moved to our new place. I made the Copycat Starbucks Peppermint Brownies. I'd found the recipe a while ago (forever ago, it seems...) and finally made them. They were really yummy. Not too hard to do, either. Just time-consuming. I didn't do the red icing (too much, I thought...)

Here is one piece, so you can see the layers of frosting..... Yummy :P I just noticed they used my photos on the recipezaar page~ how cool is that? :)

Well that's a little catching up. We found out yesterday that the truck is not going to be totalled out. They can't even fix it until the woman answers her phone/they get her insurance information. It wasn't bad enough she ran a stop sign and hit two people, now they can't even get their vehicles fixed because she won't answer her phone?..... GRRRRR..... What is with people? Well, hopefully they will be able to get the information soon; and we can get it all taken care of.... :/ Til next time~~ Stay Safe :)

Sunday, December 06, 2009


It looks worse in RL. Yesterday we were just sitting at the stop sign waiting for traffic to clear, when some idiot across the road pulls out right in front of oncoming traffic. She (obviously) got hit, then slammed into us, just sitting there... No one was hurt. I was in the driver's seat. We haven't even been here two weeks, and already an accident. (Moving again wasn't enough stress...) I haven't liked that intersection since we moved here. The guy who (couldn't stop and) hit the woman said that's the second accident he's had there. You just can't stop when someone pulls out in front of you like that. He said the first accident he broke his toe. His friend has had five accidents there. Makes me feel real good... (sigh). I am glad no one was hurt, on top of everything else. I guess you can't prepare for accidents.

We just got back online yesterday. I've been doing a lot of crocheting, and some baking too; while offline. :P I'll save those for another post. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.