Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another Cupcake Critter and a Fruity Pop Can Cozy

Here is the pink Cupcake Critter I posted about earlier, but was having problems uploading pictures from my camera... One thing I hate about getting new technical stuff is trying to figure it out... It's a lot different than my old digital camera, that's for sure... Anyway here is the picture finally.
And this is something I crocheted last night. A 'Grape' pop can cozy... :p I had submitted this pattern to a magazine yeeeears ago (seven years, to be exact). There was also an apple and an orange, and a coconut. They didn't like the coconut. They just bought the coypright for the other three... Well the magazine is out of print now. And since I have been trying to make up things to sell on my etsy store, I contacted them to see if I could sell these.... (the cozies themselves, not the pattern.) I still haven't heard back from them yet. Anyway, I got the idea for these from the little fruit shaped containers you can buy drinks in.... When I was little we got to go to Cedar Point one year. They had a stand (well they had lots of stands) selling drinks in these little fruit shaped containers. I remember wanting one soooo bad. (I must have been super thirsty!) Well, with six kids, my parents couldn't probably afford one for each kid, so I don't think I did get one, but... I still remember those for some reason.... We took our kids there one year, a few years ago. When our four year old was a baby still.
This cup is similar to the one I am thinking about.... (I bought this at King Soopers, it reminded me of that, too.) Of course the straw is missing, but... you get the idea. ;)

Warm Fuzzies...

Do you ever get the warm fuzzies? I haven't in a long time. But I was reading Christinas' site the other day, and came across this idea. It gave me the warm fuzzies!!.... I don't know why. Maybe because I thought that women have been doing this for generations... Maybe it gave a feeling of connection to other women, knowing I am not the only one who likes to make something out of *nothing*? I really enjoyed looking at Christina's website. I'll try to add a link in my sidebar soon; to it.

I added a link too, in my last post, for the pattern to the piggy bank; if anyone would like to try it themselves.. I hope everyone is having a Great Saturday. :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

"Piggy" Bank

Well this was my bright idea; to crochet a 'piggy' bank.... ha ha ha... It didn't turn out as cute as I thought it would. In fact, I think it is downright scary looking. I hope my son doesn't get nightmares from it... :p (He actually likes it, so I don't think that's going to happen.) He did say 'It looks like a monster pig' LOL But he has been carrying it around saying 'Oink.' 'Oink.' all afternoon.
Here is a closer-up view (in case you weren't scared enough already.) ;p

Here's where the coins go in. I made a slot in the top to match up with the slot in the top of the coffee can. I forgot to upload the picture of the coffee can I used. It is an 11.5 oz. Folgers one... I did finish a pink bunny that is just like the blue one I made. But I am having some serious problems with trying to get my pictures from my camera to my computer (sigh...) That is the way this whole week has been going, though...
Edited to add: People have actually been asking me for this pattern on Crochetville, so I wrote it up and put it on my pattern blog if anyone would like to make one... :P I'd be interested in seeing it if anyone does decide to make one! Have Fun! :D

Monday, August 20, 2007

Navajo Afghan (Try #43...)

This may look like the same afghan I posted a while back, but it is a completely different one... I realized I was doing it wrong. So I started one all over. Then, I realized I had one stitch too little somewhere. I tried three times to figure out where I messed up.... (grrrr) Well today I finally found it. And fixed it. So this is where I am now. Took me a long time to get here, folks. ;p The kids have been back in school since last week. :( I think they are used to it. But I'm not. :((( Especially since our oldest started high school this year. The shift from middle school to high school is.... whoa. I am still totally flipping out about it... Well thanks for stopping by everyone and have a great day! :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cupcake Critter~~ Keychain

Here is another little something I made for our four year old son... (I swear he isn't the only one I make things for... I don't get much of a chance to make anything for anyone else, though-- as soon as I'm done with one thing, he asks me to make him something else...) :p Anyway. This is a Cupcake Critter from KristieMN's pattern. I turned it into a keychain by just putting a loop on the top of it. I didn't even know til it was completely done, that it matches! How cool is that? When I was done with it, I said 'Look, you can put it on your backpack~ and it matches!!...' He had said he wanted a blue bunny. Then, he picked out the colors of the *eyes*.... He wanted it for his "keychain"... But it goes with his backpack, too. (Grandma got him that backpack, isn't it cool?') :D
Here is a closer-up (blurry--sorry... gotta hold my hand stiller when I'm taking the pictures...) I think this little guy is cute and I might make more just to make them. (And since they go so fast...)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Gromit (Without Wallace...)

Hmmm... that picture came out a little dark, but better than the last picture I took. This is Gromit. I made him for our four year old son. I kind of messed up on the eyes, it's kind of hard to do when you're shakey, but... I couldn't find any eyes like this anywhere. I haven't given it to him yet. I might wrap it up for him and *surprise* him. (Even though he knows I'm making it for him...) Well that's about all for today. I have to rip out my Navajo afghan after I realized I should have been doing all my sc's in the back loops. (Woops.)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bonnie's Afghan

It was called Bonnie's Afghan.... I found the afghan (or should I say, dug it out) and the pattern. It is all typed out on a piece of paper, I do not know the source of the pattern. :( But the yarn used in the original pattern was 'Sayelle' and Dazzle, so if that tells you anything... (?) It doesn't tell me anything, except maybe that it is an older pattern... Anyway. This is how wide the one I had started is!! It goes all the way across our couch, and would probably hang over the edge a little.
Here is a close-up of the diamonds. Very, very similar to the afghan I am making for the CAL, no? Except no diamonds in the middle, and stripes are used... I ran out of yarn for this one, and for the life of me cannot remember what yarn I was using. :( I keep thinking it was Caron, but not Simply Soft. I just don't know.... I was thinking I could maybe just start a new color, such as Warm Brown, then make a stripe as wide as the off-white. Then a stripe of brown. ??? Any ideas, anyone? Or maybe, since it looks like it is almost halfway done, do the other half brown? Or warm brown? Well anyway I just thought I would share that with you all. Can you tell from our living room window that is was pouring rain here tonight? I guess we are definitely out of the drought now, you would think it would let up... but noooo. ;p Have a Good Sunday night everyone. I am enjoying my last weekend of the summer before school starts.... :(

Smoke Signals

I have joined another CAL, after some lurking... ^^^Smoke Signals CAL^^^ This is what I have done, so far. I really like this afghan, for some reason. Or maybe it is the whole history thing that goes with this CAL?.... We have all taken up names for ourselves from the Wild West. You cannot be a cattle rustler, or an outlaw. All the good names were already taken, but I did find one I liked, 'Little Britches'. (Her given name was Jennie Stevens.) She was an outlaw (a cattle rustler, too, I believe..) to begin with; along with Cattle Annie. They went with the Doolin Gang, who often robbed banks, stages, and trains. But after serving time, she and Annie both straightened out. Jennie actually diedshortly after her prison term was up, of tuberculosis. Annie settled down and got married. You can read more about it here (scroll down some for the story.) There is another account here, which tells a little more about the background of Jennie. (Scroll down past the first part, if you want... This is the page where I found this picture of Cattle Annie and Little Britches. Annie is on the left, Jennie is on the right.) This photo is also in one of my books, 'Pioneer Women'. (Did you notice it says 'Little Annie', and 'Cattle Britches'? That's weird.... The photo in my book doesn't have that writing on the bottom....)
..... I have made two similar afghans to this one, but all done in a solid off-white, and there was a diamond in the middle of the diamonds... I have another one which is unfinished (just like the two that I made, incidentally; one for my brother, and one for my grandmother....) I will take a picture of it someday, to post here. I haven't been able to find any patterns online for it, but it is called 'Bonnie's Afghan', if I remember correctly....

Friday, August 10, 2007

Toys for KristieMN's Toy Drive

These are all the toys I have ready to send to Kristie for her toy drive. Two bears, three witchetty grubs, four 'Wiggles' chapstick holders (with chapsticks in them), an ice cream cone, one of Kristie's pigs....
And two wheelchair caddies. I wanted to do more, but... I have to get them in the mail!! :0 Can you guess what I got? :D A new digital camera~ yay! I am so happy. I really missed not having one. I thought as I was getting these toys together, I better go turn it on on the computer so I can get a picture... Then I remembered, 'Oh yeah! I can just put them on the table now'.... :D