Sunday, August 12, 2007

Smoke Signals

I have joined another CAL, after some lurking... ^^^Smoke Signals CAL^^^ This is what I have done, so far. I really like this afghan, for some reason. Or maybe it is the whole history thing that goes with this CAL?.... We have all taken up names for ourselves from the Wild West. You cannot be a cattle rustler, or an outlaw. All the good names were already taken, but I did find one I liked, 'Little Britches'. (Her given name was Jennie Stevens.) She was an outlaw (a cattle rustler, too, I believe..) to begin with; along with Cattle Annie. They went with the Doolin Gang, who often robbed banks, stages, and trains. But after serving time, she and Annie both straightened out. Jennie actually diedshortly after her prison term was up, of tuberculosis. Annie settled down and got married. You can read more about it here (scroll down some for the story.) There is another account here, which tells a little more about the background of Jennie. (Scroll down past the first part, if you want... This is the page where I found this picture of Cattle Annie and Little Britches. Annie is on the left, Jennie is on the right.) This photo is also in one of my books, 'Pioneer Women'. (Did you notice it says 'Little Annie', and 'Cattle Britches'? That's weird.... The photo in my book doesn't have that writing on the bottom....)
..... I have made two similar afghans to this one, but all done in a solid off-white, and there was a diamond in the middle of the diamonds... I have another one which is unfinished (just like the two that I made, incidentally; one for my brother, and one for my grandmother....) I will take a picture of it someday, to post here. I haven't been able to find any patterns online for it, but it is called 'Bonnie's Afghan', if I remember correctly....

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