Friday, August 17, 2007

Cupcake Critter~~ Keychain

Here is another little something I made for our four year old son... (I swear he isn't the only one I make things for... I don't get much of a chance to make anything for anyone else, though-- as soon as I'm done with one thing, he asks me to make him something else...) :p Anyway. This is a Cupcake Critter from KristieMN's pattern. I turned it into a keychain by just putting a loop on the top of it. I didn't even know til it was completely done, that it matches! How cool is that? When I was done with it, I said 'Look, you can put it on your backpack~ and it matches!!...' He had said he wanted a blue bunny. Then, he picked out the colors of the *eyes*.... He wanted it for his "keychain"... But it goes with his backpack, too. (Grandma got him that backpack, isn't it cool?') :D
Here is a closer-up (blurry--sorry... gotta hold my hand stiller when I'm taking the pictures...) I think this little guy is cute and I might make more just to make them. (And since they go so fast...)


Mimi said...

Too cute, Tina, and that's a nice color!
Enjoy making things for your son while he loves it ;)
My 2nd son had me make him a keychain ball, two years ago and he still has it on his bag...and the guitar strap, he's still using it.

Tina said...

Don't you love it when they use and like the things you make them? Our oldest still wants me to make him a guitar strap but I still haven't gotten any nylon cord to do it.. Our middle son wants me to make him a monkey~ I have to tell the four year old it's his brothers' turn to get something now.... :p

Mimi said...

No wonder I seldom see you make something for yourself, Tina :p But they are just so cute, you can't resist on wanting to see them delighted over crochet things you make ;)