Monday, August 13, 2007

Gromit (Without Wallace...)

Hmmm... that picture came out a little dark, but better than the last picture I took. This is Gromit. I made him for our four year old son. I kind of messed up on the eyes, it's kind of hard to do when you're shakey, but... I couldn't find any eyes like this anywhere. I haven't given it to him yet. I might wrap it up for him and *surprise* him. (Even though he knows I'm making it for him...) Well that's about all for today. I have to rip out my Navajo afghan after I realized I should have been doing all my sc's in the back loops. (Woops.)


Mimi said...

Oh, he'd love it Tina, its so cute!

Tina said...

Thanks Mimi. I HAD to make it; you know how that is. ;)