Sunday, June 24, 2012


We got invited to go out to dinner and go bowling, with my son's girlfriends' family. I had never met her yet (they've been dating for maybe two months-- although I just found out about it not too long ago.)  So I was happy that we were going to meet everyone, finally.  And, we had never been bowling here yet, either.

Poor Eon..  He did pretty good the first game, but the second game her didn't get one pin. He was still smiling, though. So that was good. :)

Lovely bowling shoes... Lol.  Mine and the little sister of Evan's girlfriend. (I'm not sure if they would want me to post pictures of them here, so...)

Boys will be boys..  Eli doing bunny ears behind Evan.


I'm surprised they all were letting me take pictures of them. They must have forgotten they never want me to take their picture.   
Eli had a little "fan club" at the counter behind him. I kept hearing these two high schoolers being goofy.Then I heard them saying, "Eli, Eli...",  and I laughed. I figured they knew him from school. I asked Eli if he knew them. He said "Yeah. They're my friends." I said, "Aren't you going to go talk to them?" "No"  I don't know how he has any friends, if he never talks to anyone. Lol...

Eon Got Mail!! :D

.... and so did I.  :)  I got a new pen pal on a Ravelry pen pal group I am in.  I got my first letter from her, yesterday. And she is so awesome she wrote Eon, too. I had posted for a pen pal for him on there, too. Tiffany said her son could write a little (he doesn't like to write), and send small things to each other in the mail. Now Eon has two pen pals, yay!!  Look at the goodies they sent him. A baseball card from their Junior (?) League where they live, a cook bookmark and some stickers. Awesome! I just bought Eon a package of baseball card protector pages like two days before this, too. Eli had given him some Yu-Gi-Oh (how do you spell that?) cards, that someone at school gave him (and he doesn't collect them).  Plus he has a couple Lego Ninjago cards. I thought this would be another fun summer activity for him. And how did Tiffany know that Eon collects bookmarks? I swear, he does.  Thank you so much, Tiffany and we will both be writing back soon. :D

P.S. We noticed there was a hole in Eons' envelope when we first got it, and then after we read the letter, realized that the pencil you sent also must have fell out through the hole. Kind of a bummer (but he has a hundred pencils, and thank you for sending it..)  :) 

Friday, June 22, 2012

One Mini-Scrapbook Is Done

This one was finished last night. It's Eon's scrapbook.  Who knew, with the way these kids go through toilet paper; that it would take so long to save up toilet paper rolls?  :P   I think he is a little more excited about it than he lets on. (He has to impress his 15 year old brother, you know..)  His scrapbook cover is supposed to be "Video Games". (That is all they want to do, all day, all summer long..)  :/   We did go bowling the other night, that was fun (but expensive).  It is too hot here to just go play outside...

Anyway, I got the instructions on how to make the mini-scrapbook here: Mini-Scrapbooks out of empty toilet paper rolls.  I thought it was an inexpensive (if you don't have to go buy the sticker, more papers, ribbons..) craft project to make with your kids this summer. :D  If you make one, leave me a comment I would love to see yours, too.

Have a Great Day <3

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Breakfast

I made Blueberry Stuffed French Toast for Father's Day for my husband. (We all got to eat it though, so.. :P)   The only one who doesn't like it is Eli, the 15 year old. (More for us, right?)  I waited too long to eat, and by the time we ate I was almost dizzy. :/  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mini Scrapbooks~ Out Of TP Rolls

...well, two covers, anyway. I need more toilet paper rolls. Adele posted the link to make Toilet Paper Roll Mini-Scrapbooks on facebook. I thought that would be a fun (cheap or even free, if you don't buy anything to make them with..) craft project to do.  I got these two started, for two of the kids I send things to on PR.  I figured I would show them to Eon when they were done & see if he wanted to do one, too. (I haven't taken a picture of his, so far. He finished it plus some of the tags, today.)  :)   I just put some stuff by them to show maybe what you could put in each "page". I love that the TP ends make little slots to put stuff inside. I thought maybe if your child collects stamps; you could glue, or use double sided tape to put a stamp on one of the tags. Eon has done that with the stamps that I have pictured here, on one of his tags.  I also printed out some free fun "tickets" just for play, how fun is that? Eon loves it. :P  (Clicking on the download button took me to a page to pay for something, so I didn't do that.. I think I right clicked on it.)    Then I thought maybe he would like to do a real scrapbook. But...  Maybe another day. :)

ETA: I also found these videos on how to make mini-scrapbooks from toilet paper rolls, too. Video One and Video Two  How FUN!!! Mine seem so plain, now.. I need more bling. :P

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Play Mailbox For Eon

I have been trying to think of things (cheap or free, of course) to do over the summer (since there isn't very much to do at all in this town, plus it's too hot to go outside & play for too long~ I hate that, btw..). I remembered a "Blue's Clue's" mailbox I made out of cardboard for Eon when he was really little. And I would put little "mail" (that I wrote), or if we got a little coupon box from CVS or something, I would say "You got some mail!"... :P  He would get so excited and look at the toys in it..  Well he is "supposed" to be getting a penpal from South America, soon. *Maybe*.   So...   I googled online for play mailboxes to see if there were any fun ones...  I didn't have any big boxes, so I used a cracker box. A standard letter (the long envelopes) will fit in the slot. 

I didn't want to download the faux rust can paper...  I guess I should have. I just bought a couple cans of spray paint, for a dollar something each.  I was going to paint them, with Eon. But his Dad said "Does Eon want me to paint his box for him?" I said "He probably would like that if you helped him" :D

So it kind of turned into a family project...  (See the big smile on Eon's face?...)  <3

Eon finished decorating it, with some red duck tape, and stickers.  You can see the slot in the top, where the mail goes in. And then there's a door on the bottom to get your mail out.

It didn't turn out anything near as cool as the one on the blog I got the tutorial from (greylustergirls' Kids Carboard Mailbox Tutorial).  I kind of wanted to do the painting like a "speckled" look, with the grey over the blue. But...   This is how Eon decorated it.  I still think it came out pretty cute.   I hope he gets some fun mail to put in it, this summer. :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

More Hook Monsters

I crocheted these, a while ago. I have one more (in greens) that I am crocheting. I made some stitch markers, too; and after I made one of these hook monsters I thought it would be cute to put a stitch marker on one & send it as an RAOK. Like it's an earring or something... :P 

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Bloomin' Bag Is Done

Well I didn't take my Fendi Bag out tonight. I finished my Bloomin' Bag, and took it instead! :D  I mentioned before that I needed more yarn for the Hialeah bag, so I thought "I should work on the Bloomin' Bag- that ones closer to being done, anyway"...   I got it all out. I thought I still had to do the straps. But they were done, too.  This bag would have been done two summers ago, if I did not have to do any sewing... Lol

I made a "pattern" for the bottom piece of the lining, when I got done crocheting the bottom part of the bag. So I found that, cut it out, and pinned and cut out a piece 1/4" bigger than the pattern.

Then I cut a piece 8" tall by 36" wide.

I sewed in the straps.

Sewed the lining bottom to the side, sewed up the side seam, pinned it into the bag. (Sounds, and looks, so easy...) 

Sorry for the bad pictures. I don't know what the deal is with my camera. My husband got it for me for my birthday last year. I don't even think it is a year old. (Grrr...)

Here the lining is all sewn in (phone pic~ a little better but not much..)

And, the finished bag! Yay!...   I added that button into the middle of the flower, after we got home. I was liteally sewing the flower on right before we left. :P   I started this bag June 7, 2010. Finished it June 2, 2012.  Almost two years, it took me. It would have only taken me a couple weeks, if I had done the lining. I think all the crocheting was done by June 25th.  Anyway. Here it is, finally finished...  Now I have to crochet one for my Mom.

Random Stuff...

I used my Fendi Knockoff Bag yesterday. Only to go get the kids from school, but...  :P I might use it today, too. If we go anywhere. I've been trying to use the things I have crocheted, or knitted. (Mostly in wearables- I use all my dishcloths/potholders, etc..)   And, I have been trying to finish up UFOs.  (Sigh..)  I got out my Hialeah Bag to work on it. I was only not even halfway done with all the motifs. (Sigh again...)  Then, I realized I am going to run out of yarn. I know I had a bunch of skeins of grey. But I vaguely remember using them for a sweater. (Which I ended up frogging.) Then I thought maybe I used them for my son's afghan....  Ugh!! See why I should finish things one at a time?  Sheesh.   I actually have a couple purses/bags going that need to be finished. My Hialeah Bag, and my Bloomin' Bag. All I have left on the Bloomin' Bag is the straps. I don't know what my deal is...  I can't finish things.  I also promised my Mom I would make her a Bloomin' Bag, in "coral". 

Here we go again with the heat....   This was yesterday. (And, I am pretty sure it was about two degrees hotter than this, because it always is for some reason.)  Another Summer In Hell...   :/

Last evening, Eon wanted to go outside. I grabbed what I was working on (some longies), and went out there to watch him.  I know, he's 9 year old. But, I'm paranoid. Plus, (long story) he STALKS the neighbor girl!! And he will go over to their yard, come back, go back over..~ So, I go outside to watch him for a bunch of reasons.. That probably sounds worse than what I think it really is (him "stalking the neighbor girl"). But, the millisecond he gets in the truck after he gets off the bus, "Can H* come over?"  (They do come over sometimes, and he goes over their house, too.) And it hasn't stopped, all night long it's like he's obssessed with it. I finally told him he is going to start getting in big trouble, if he doesn't stop. (She got in trouble for it, too..)   He looks out the blinds to see if they are outside on their trampoline..  Tells me every little update. (Even if I DON'T want to know~ which, I don't...)  For a while, I thought "Maybe he's in love"...  But then I think, "Maybe he just likes having a friend nearby to play with."   Anyway, last night they (she has a litle sister, too) were out on their trampoline.  (They had company over, Thank Goodness...)  :P  Eon went inside and put this on. :P   Lol...   I sent this picture to my Mom. All she said was, "Is he trying to impress H*?"  Lol....