Friday, June 22, 2012

One Mini-Scrapbook Is Done

This one was finished last night. It's Eon's scrapbook.  Who knew, with the way these kids go through toilet paper; that it would take so long to save up toilet paper rolls?  :P   I think he is a little more excited about it than he lets on. (He has to impress his 15 year old brother, you know..)  His scrapbook cover is supposed to be "Video Games". (That is all they want to do, all day, all summer long..)  :/   We did go bowling the other night, that was fun (but expensive).  It is too hot here to just go play outside...

Anyway, I got the instructions on how to make the mini-scrapbook here: Mini-Scrapbooks out of empty toilet paper rolls.  I thought it was an inexpensive (if you don't have to go buy the sticker, more papers, ribbons..) craft project to make with your kids this summer. :D  If you make one, leave me a comment I would love to see yours, too.

Have a Great Day <3

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