Sunday, June 10, 2012

Play Mailbox For Eon

I have been trying to think of things (cheap or free, of course) to do over the summer (since there isn't very much to do at all in this town, plus it's too hot to go outside & play for too long~ I hate that, btw..). I remembered a "Blue's Clue's" mailbox I made out of cardboard for Eon when he was really little. And I would put little "mail" (that I wrote), or if we got a little coupon box from CVS or something, I would say "You got some mail!"... :P  He would get so excited and look at the toys in it..  Well he is "supposed" to be getting a penpal from South America, soon. *Maybe*.   So...   I googled online for play mailboxes to see if there were any fun ones...  I didn't have any big boxes, so I used a cracker box. A standard letter (the long envelopes) will fit in the slot. 

I didn't want to download the faux rust can paper...  I guess I should have. I just bought a couple cans of spray paint, for a dollar something each.  I was going to paint them, with Eon. But his Dad said "Does Eon want me to paint his box for him?" I said "He probably would like that if you helped him" :D

So it kind of turned into a family project...  (See the big smile on Eon's face?...)  <3

Eon finished decorating it, with some red duck tape, and stickers.  You can see the slot in the top, where the mail goes in. And then there's a door on the bottom to get your mail out.

It didn't turn out anything near as cool as the one on the blog I got the tutorial from (greylustergirls' Kids Carboard Mailbox Tutorial).  I kind of wanted to do the painting like a "speckled" look, with the grey over the blue. But...   This is how Eon decorated it.  I still think it came out pretty cute.   I hope he gets some fun mail to put in it, this summer. :)

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Mimi said...

Looks like fun for everyone! I remember the father/son activities at home a long time ago...I'm sure our sons remember it more.