Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eon Got Mail!! :D

.... and so did I.  :)  I got a new pen pal on a Ravelry pen pal group I am in.  I got my first letter from her, yesterday. And she is so awesome she wrote Eon, too. I had posted for a pen pal for him on there, too. Tiffany said her son could write a little (he doesn't like to write), and send small things to each other in the mail. Now Eon has two pen pals, yay!!  Look at the goodies they sent him. A baseball card from their Junior (?) League where they live, a cook bookmark and some stickers. Awesome! I just bought Eon a package of baseball card protector pages like two days before this, too. Eli had given him some Yu-Gi-Oh (how do you spell that?) cards, that someone at school gave him (and he doesn't collect them).  Plus he has a couple Lego Ninjago cards. I thought this would be another fun summer activity for him. And how did Tiffany know that Eon collects bookmarks? I swear, he does.  Thank you so much, Tiffany and we will both be writing back soon. :D

P.S. We noticed there was a hole in Eons' envelope when we first got it, and then after we read the letter, realized that the pencil you sent also must have fell out through the hole. Kind of a bummer (but he has a hundred pencils, and thank you for sending it..)  :) 

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