Monday, May 18, 2009

Some Phone Pictures and a Video With No Sound...

Not a very good blog post... I am still working on the romantic shrug and don't have any other projects to post about. So I thought I would show you some blurry phone pictures (one with my finger in front of the phone) of Koda's Mom, and littermates (some of them). This is the mama. She had the blue eyes. She was super friendly. And some of his littermates. These were in the kennel next to him. Only one was a male in this kennel (I don't know which one). I vaguely remember them saying the other male was all black. Not that I wanted a male, but he was the coolest looking one of the litter, IMO; so I wanted him. I didn't even know if he was male or female, until we were pretty sure we were going to adopt him, then it was like, 'Oh okay.' :P
And, a (soundless cuz my camera doesn't have sound) :( video. I got it to make a video of him barking at the puppy in the mirror. It was so funny. Of course, by the time I got it and started recording, he wouldn't do it anymore. So this is what I got. Nothing big, but this is when we first brought him home and he was checking out the room.

Well that's all for today folks. I hope you are all having a good Monday. It is 101 degrees here (and it's only May, still!) :( Anyone want to trade some weather? :P

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Romantic Shrug (WIP)

This is a shrug I have been working on testing for Mimi: You can find the pattern at her Etsy shop, or at Ravelry. I was doing it wrong and had to frog the whole sleeve. Now I got it going right; and have started the other half. I was going to see what other colors of thread I have (in large amounts) that I could make another one with. I wanted to make something I could wear with a lot of stuff (and with the horrible dry furnace-like weather we have here). I wear a lot of black and white. Although I have been trying to wear more different colors lately. Anyway~~ Stay tuned for more pictures later. ;P

Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Internet

We didn't have any internet for a couple days. Did you miss me? :P I got an RAOK while I was *gone*! The 'Crochetville Fairy Godmother' sent me(us) a BIG bag of candy (for the kids :P we ate some, too), and some really cool beads for me!:
I still don't know what to make with the beads. They're so pretty. Sorry my camera does not do them justice. I still do not know who it was that sent me this RAOK. Although I have a sneaking suspicion (sp?) I may know who it is.... She drew a couple little pictures on the other flap of the box. :-D
While not being able to go online, I was able to finish this lapghan. I only had four squares to do since last time I blogged about it. I wanted to get it done. It turned out pretty good, all together. (When I first started it I thought 'this will never work out'...)

Of course, I have to post some more puppy pictures... His face looks weird in this one. I think his eyes are closed.

Is he a goofball or what? He'll sleep any way. He already is spoiled, and thinks the couch is his big bed. This is our 'eat drink and spill whatever you want on it' couch. I gave up with the 'No eating or drinking' on the couch rule. If my husband does it, the kids can make it any worse than he does! The puppy is not allowed to chew on it, though. If he starts to chew, he goes on the floor. One good thing about saving baby stuffed toys is I can give them to the puppy. (As long as they don't have plastic on them.) LOL
Well have a nice day everyone. Til next time :-D ~~~~

Saturday, May 09, 2009

More Puppy Pictures, and some WIPs

Of course I have to take lots of pictures of the new puppy. :-D He's my baby. He can fall asleep in the weirdest places. I think he liked the coolness of the tile here.
Trying to get a close-up of his face. Little bit blurry.... We have to keep him isolated for ten days. Then we can take him out. I think he is getting used to us, and likes us. He is being more of a real puppy. Like climbing up to see what is in a pot on the patio and trying to dig in the dirt. Eating rocks (ugh!), and grass and weeds. Just laying outside. Today he got down on his front paws like he wanted to play. He's been doing the cutest things. We just love him! If we could just get him to stop whining at night. I think he will get over it soon, though. Especially now that he is warming up to us.
I am insane. I am trying to make a bed for him out of some old jeans. I just cut them as straight as I could, and sewed them together. No easy feat~~ My sewing machine is broken. (Which is why I said I am insane!) Here are three legs. One seam is done. One pinned.

And the piece of foam I am going to cover up with the jeans:

He has already been laying on it. I think he likes it. I have no idea how I will finish up the sides of it. I really haven't enjoyed sewing in a long time. (I *used* to do minature quilts by hand.)
Here is my progress on the squares for the wheelchair lapghan. Only four left to go. Technically, less than four. I have one almost done.
I have my swap partner's box ready to go; for the Scrap Swap. I will probably mail it out Monday. I hope you are all having a great weekend. :)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

We Got a New Baby!

A baby dog! Yesterday we went up to the Animal Shelter to see if they had any new puppies and boy did they! Nine husky mix puppies w/ their mama (well, the mama was in a separate kennel), and another one that I really liked-- til I read that it was a Pit Bull mix. (I actually still liked it, but I just don't want to mess around w/ dogs that have agressive traits/tendencies after our incident with the dog we had to put to sleep.) Anyway, we went back today cuz my husband was home from work. We had to go to the DMV, which is right by the Animal Shelter! (Yay!) I said 'You have to see these husky puppies.' Well the man in there must really know how to get the puppies adopted. He let us take one out (I chose this one) and play with it outside. I love his markings, and he is so sweet. He's only six weeks old (I was suprised they let him go that young-- I thought they had to be eight weeks old to be taken from their mama). (The pit bull mix puppy was adopted today, too.) His ears are plastered to his head here. He has been whining a lot since we first got him home. I think he wants to be loved, cuz if we pick him up and hold him, he stops whining. Or, if he's asleep:
I got that old sheet out to put in his kennel/cage and put it on the bed. He laid down on it, and fell asleep within two minutes! It was like he knew it was for him to sleep on. We all liked the name Dakota. But, we have been calling him, Koda. If you recall or have been reading my blog since I first started it, that is what we named one of our old dog Sunny's puppies, too. (Just Koda. We had originally named him Taz, but then changed his name to Koda when we thought we might end up keeping him--which we didn't...) Anyway! If you don't hear from me in a while, it's probably cuz I am busy taking care of our new puppy..... :P

Monday, May 04, 2009

Wheelchair Totes and Lapghan

This is what I have done so far. These (in the top picture) are for UC Davis. (Part of the Crafting for a Cause group.) For kids undergoing chemo treatments, and maybe other stuff. :( I still am not done with the pink one on the top right. I want to crochet a Hello Kitty head and sew it on, too. This was for the April CAL. (Plus the toys I posted about a while back.)
Here are three I have done so far, for the Pass Creek Elderly Center on Pine Ridge. The elders go there for their meals and crafts. I hope to do more of these, this is for the May CAL. I am also making a wheelchair lapghan. I am using the Starburst Granny square by Priscilla Hewitt. (It can be found on Ravelry, it is an archived pattern.) I have a few things to put inside, you can see: Kleenex travel packs of tissues, little notepads. I hope to find some (inexpensive) crossword puzzles, maybe some kids stuff for the kids wheelchair totes. Sudoku for the older kids, coloring books for the younger ones... Maybe some markers or colored pencils? Chapsticks...

Don't they totally clash, so far? Ugh... I will have to do more (obviously-- about nine more! :P) to make them all come together. They measure 12 inches across. That way I will do only three wide by nine long. About 3'x4'.
Well I think I am going to go look for some more colors to start another square... Hope you are all having a great day. :-D

Sunday, May 03, 2009

We Had a Pet Lizard...

For exactly two and a half days. LOL :P The two younger boys were outside trying to catch lizards (the twelve year old is really good at it). He kept saying, 'Can I keep it?' I said, 'I don't know.... Ask your Dad.' Well of course, he said no. I googled lizards and tried to read about them... I said 'Lizards carry salmonella (sp?), I don't know if you should even touch it...' Although I remember playing with salamanders when I was little... and baby mice.... and I never got sick from it. Maybe I just got lucky. Anyway, I took them (and the lizard--in a shoe box w/ holes poked in the top of it) to a place here that has all kinds of animals; pigs, bunnies, mice, gerbils, rats, lizards, birds, fish.... And I asked them if they knew what kind of lizard it was, would it be a good idea to keep it? One guy was really helpful and told us what all we would need; an aquarium, a screen for the top so the lizard can't escape. A heat lamp (50 watt bulb), water dish.... crickets for food. Well we went back home and I found the old fish bowl. The kids found their dad's lamp (75 watt bulb, but ?) in the garage, and we made this set up. They caught a bunch of crickets in our yard (they are literally all over the place), and put them in their for the lizard. (Until we could afford an aquarium, etc....) Well on the third day I got up and went out in the back porch (you didn't think I would let this thing in the HOUSE, did you? :P) and he was 1. still alive, and 2. still in there. Well a couple more times I checked and yup, still there. I told the kids, 'Do you think the lizard ate all the crickets? Maybe you should catch some more for him...' A little bit later on, the twelve year old comes outside and asks his brother 'Did you take the lizard out?' No. 'Did you take it Mom?' 'No way would I even touch that lizard. Is it gone?' Yup. He got smart and figured out a way to get out. I said 'Well maybe when you save up enough money for an aquarium, you could get another one. And it wouldn't get out.' 'No'. I guess he got it out of his system. I am kind of glad, because of the salmonella thing. I just hope he doesn't ever want a snake, I draw the line there!! :P