Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Internet

We didn't have any internet for a couple days. Did you miss me? :P I got an RAOK while I was *gone*! The 'Crochetville Fairy Godmother' sent me(us) a BIG bag of candy (for the kids :P we ate some, too), and some really cool beads for me!:
I still don't know what to make with the beads. They're so pretty. Sorry my camera does not do them justice. I still do not know who it was that sent me this RAOK. Although I have a sneaking suspicion (sp?) I may know who it is.... She drew a couple little pictures on the other flap of the box. :-D
While not being able to go online, I was able to finish this lapghan. I only had four squares to do since last time I blogged about it. I wanted to get it done. It turned out pretty good, all together. (When I first started it I thought 'this will never work out'...)

Of course, I have to post some more puppy pictures... His face looks weird in this one. I think his eyes are closed.

Is he a goofball or what? He'll sleep any way. He already is spoiled, and thinks the couch is his big bed. This is our 'eat drink and spill whatever you want on it' couch. I gave up with the 'No eating or drinking' on the couch rule. If my husband does it, the kids can make it any worse than he does! The puppy is not allowed to chew on it, though. If he starts to chew, he goes on the floor. One good thing about saving baby stuffed toys is I can give them to the puppy. (As long as they don't have plastic on them.) LOL
Well have a nice day everyone. Til next time :-D ~~~~


Cherri said...

Great gifts, Tina! I love your lapghan and your puppy is just too cute. Glad you got your internet back. :)
Hugs, Cherri

Tina said...

Thank you, Cherri. It is unreal how addicted I am to the internet now. What did I do before we had a computer? :P

Ghost said...

The ghan is divine and turned out spectacularly. The pup is so adorable, I know he is happy there you can see it in his relaxed poses.

Mimi said...

Good work on the lapghan Tina! I'm guessing it didn't cost much, since you used scraps for the colored yarn...yet it turned out very nice :)

Cute puppy pics!

Tina said...

Thanks Ghost, and Mimi. I did have to buy another skein of the off-white. For the very last square, wouldn't ya know? :P Thanks for the comments on the puppy. I think he KNOWS he's cute, too. ;)