Sunday, May 17, 2009

Romantic Shrug (WIP)

This is a shrug I have been working on testing for Mimi: You can find the pattern at her Etsy shop, or at Ravelry. I was doing it wrong and had to frog the whole sleeve. Now I got it going right; and have started the other half. I was going to see what other colors of thread I have (in large amounts) that I could make another one with. I wanted to make something I could wear with a lot of stuff (and with the horrible dry furnace-like weather we have here). I wear a lot of black and white. Although I have been trying to wear more different colors lately. Anyway~~ Stay tuned for more pictures later. ;P

1 comment:

Cherri said...

That's beautiful, Tina! You'll have to take a pic of you modeling it when you're done. It's really gorgeous!
Hugs, Cherri