Thursday, October 27, 2005

Depression sets in....

I'm feeling a little depressed. I know why, my mom just left to go back home, and I probably won't see her again for I don't know how long. Especially since we will be moving in another month. I will just have to save my money and then be able to take a vacation and go visit her; maybe in the spring or summer. The whole family is moving away from each other. Kind of weird since we've all lived in Michigan all our life. (Not that Michigan is so great, but....)
Well I have a gazillion things I should be doing right now.
Have a Good Day Everybody!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I made two pumpkin pies this morning. Here's one of them. Yummy.... (Yes, I'm a little weird, blogging about a pumpkin pie). I do not do pies well, though. So I am kind of proud of these. They look much better in real life, though. I love pumpkin pie, it's my favorite.
I almost mailed my socks for the Sock/Slipper swap today. I went up to the post office, mailed a box for my SIL, and was going to put stamps on the package of socks, but I couldn't find them anywhere in my purse. That would be just like me. I have no idea where they are. I hope I find them around here somewhere. I can't imagine how I could lose them in the house. Ughh... My brain...
Well I suppose I should get some more done around here before Hubby gets home.

Monday, October 24, 2005

A Postcard from London

I got this in the mail today! It's from my brother. Even though he's already been back for about a week. I wish I could go to London someday........ It looks like fun.

A Tested Purse Pattern--The Matrix

Here it is, finished. I tested this purse pattern for Mimi, who is my Secret Pal for the Autumn Secret Pal Swap at Crochetville. I used Bernat's 'Matrix', size 10 crochet cotton, and a size 4 mm hook (an F hook). It turned out really nice. I have another ball of Matrix, so I plan on making another one, too. I still want to line this one, as well. I think sharp pointy objects (such as keys) might poke through easily. I would use this to go to a wedding even, it's pretty classy. And the right size, too. Thank you for letting me test it Mimi! ;)

I think I have to work desparately on things to sell in the MIL store now. She's going to be here in less than two weeks and I promised her I would have stuff done for her to take. YIKES!! I only have one bowl done, so far. And two Picasso potholders ready to sew together, but not sewn together yet...

I think I have the flu all the kids have had. Except maybe not as bad. I have a conference tonight with my sons' teacher, so I hope I'll be able to make it!
Well Have a Good Day..

Friday, October 21, 2005

South Bay Socks Are Done!

A picture here would be nice, but in all fairness to my swap partner, I don't want to ruin the surprise if she happens to read my blog at all. I have them and the slippers ready to go. I bought a big bubble envelope today at Kmart. Now I'll just need to go to the Post Office on Monday. Now that I'm done with the Autumn Secret Pals and the Sock and Slipper Swap, I think I am done with swaps for a while. Until we get settled in at our new house. I also have to finish testing the Matrix purse. I have started it twice, then started it a third time in a brown thread. I already have two planned as gifts. And if I can afford more Matrix ribbon, a third, too. I will probably line them. These will make good gifts for women. I also have to start making things to sell in the MIL store, too.
My mom and sister are staying over tonight at our house. Long story.... But I foresee a busy weekend! I hope everyone else has a nice weekend, too!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

An F.O.-- A Boa Scarf

Here is a Boa Scarf I finished with the Lion Suede my Secret Pal, Peekaboo, sent me. I love this scarf, it's so cozy I could wear it all day. I used a pattern from a 'Michaels Project Sheet' she also sent me. I think it is the same as this pattern: Plush Boa from Lion Brand. I made my starting chain longer than the pattern called for, since Lion Suede isn't as heavy a weight as the Chenille Thick and Quick is. I also didn't do the third row, since I ran out of yarn. But, I kind of like it just the way it is. In fact, I really like it. Thank you again, Peekaboo!! ;)

Here Is a Close-Up

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Second Sock

I have started the second sock for my swap partner. I don't have 'Second Sock Syndrome' at all this time, either. ;) I even want to make some more, and have two different kinds of sock yarn to try.
Sunny came back home. After I drove around for ten minutes looking for her, and asked someone who was standing outside if they saw a little red dog... I came back home, and there she was, standing there. 'What? I didn't do anything...' I don't think she was gone long enough to have gotten 'it'... I guess if she starts getting big and has puppies in nine weeks, we'll know... Ugh... I just want to get her fixed and not worry about it any more.
Anyway... I wasted about an hour at least today doing something that is a complete waste of time but needs to be done.... I washed walls. They were filthy. You would think everyone walks around with their filthy dirty hands on the walls all day. Now if I can just keep everyone's hands off the walls until we move... Oh well they'll still be cleaner than me not doing it at all. And they look a lot better.
Have a Nice Day everyone! ;)

My Dog Ran Away

I let her out on her tie out chain about half an hour ago. I just went to check on her and see if she got tangled up or something (she's in heat, too, so I wanted to make sure no dogs got her...) Well I looked outside and the chain is laying on the ground and she's not anywhere to be seen.... This is about the hundredth time she has run away. The thing is, though, we live on by a major road (traffic wise.) Last time she ran away she ran right out on that road and a truck almost hit her. (I was standing right there and saw it.) I suppose I should go look for her now. She is probably dead this time. (I say that every time.) I hope no male dog got her, I don't want anymore puppies, either!! UGH.....

Monday, October 17, 2005

Finishing Projects, Then Packing...

Actually I have already started on the packing a little. I went through the younger two boys' bedroom today, and went through all three toyboxes. Yes, three. I got it down to two, though. Dirty clothes, gum wrappers, candy wrappers, papers, broken Happy Meal toys.... Then I went through their closet! I must have eaten my Wheaties this morning, eh? (Actually, I had granola...) anyway... ;) I am thinking about having a 'Moving Sale' too. Then we won't have to take all this stuff with us. A lot of the oldest ones' clothes I know the 8 year old won't wear. And, I don't just want to throw them away. And if I were to take them to the resale store I might be out of state by the time they sell, soooo.... Whatever doesn't sell at the garage sale I will have to take with us then take to a resale store out there. Or have another garage sale out there! Or something... I hate to just throw it away. Oh I already said that.....
So I am trying to finish up these socks for the swap then the Matrix purse, then I am packing like a madman.
Our oldest thinks he is going to be rich from selling all his stuff at the garage sale. I told him he could sell what ever he wants and make some money. (He thinks he's going to sell his fish tank for $125, and his Legos for $400!!) He is in for a surprise. It will be a learning experience for him, and it will be fun for him to make some extra money, too.
Well I suppose I should go through some more stuff or something...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I Found a Pumpkin Pattern!

I have been looking for a pumpkin pattern to crochet. And whilst browsing through Crochetville one day, I found this! I want to try it, but I have sooooo much to finish right now. I at least want to bookmark it so I know where it is when I finally get more printer ink...
And, I finally tackled the South Bay toe up crocheted socks. I have a hard enough time confusing myself with out trying to figure something not completely simple out lately... But, I did it! And, I LOVE these socks! These are for my swap partner (hopefully she doesn't read my blog). But when I am done, I want to make some for me. In exactly the same color and everything. I love, love, love these!!!! I have knitted socks before (not for me, but...) these are so comfy, and they look good, too. Now my husband says 'When you're done making those you can make me another pair.' And my son says, 'I want a pair too. In dark blue with red heels and toes.' So, I think I am going to be busy for a while. I guess I should probably make them all socks, since I crocheted/knitted slippers for the younger two...
Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Friday, October 14, 2005

I'm so nervous!!

I just read at Crochetville that my secret pal is mailing out my package on Monday!! I hope it isn't anything too expensive or too much, I will feel so guilty. I know I can never repay everything she has sent me! (I'm already having a guilt trip....)
And, I'm feeling guilty because I still haven't mailed out my secret pals' reveal package, either. I need to just get up there and mail it, and deal with hubby being mad at me for it later. (Money....) It's actually really irritating.

In crochet news.... I am working on my swap partners' socks now. I finished her slippers, I think I already posted about that. I really like how the socks are turning out, and I think they will go pretty quick, too. I already want to buy some more of this yarn and make myself a pair. It's Moda Dea 'Sassy Stripes' in 'Crush', I guess. It's a red, pink, purple, and white self-striping yarn. It's awesome!! Did you know Meijers carried Moda Dea??? I didn't! (I do now!...)

Have a Great Weekend, everyone!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well I am on a slipper kick now. Ha ha.... ( slipper--kick... get it? Ughh...) ;) I finished a pair of slippers for my swap partner. Now I can't stop!! These slippers I was making for myself, but our eight year old snagged the first slipper before I even finished it! I finished the other one today.I have so many ideas for slipper patterns. I hate that. None of them will probably be any good, either. I might try submitting one, somewhere. We'll see. If no one takes them, I'll put them up on my pattern page.
My dog is in heat again. I want to get her fixed. No more puppies for us.
It's such a warm day today, with the way it's been cold out lately. You never know how to dress now.
I must be bored, I'm blogging and I don't know what to blog about!
I want to go see what 'Fast and Fun Crochet' is all about. Some people at C'ville posted some cute pictures they made from this magazine. I've never seen it.
And, I have this overwhelming desire to crochet a pumpkin! I don't know what I will use it for. It will have to be useful. Maybe I can find a free pumpkin pattern somewhere.

I have some new buttons!

This is my secret pal Mimi's buttons for her blog! Yarns and Threads is her site where she sells her yarns and threads. ;p and 'My Crochet Stuff is her blogsite. We have come to know each other pretty well through the secret pal swap. We never would have met if it wasn't for the secret pals! Crochetville sure does have a way to bring people together!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

My Dishies Came in the Mail!!

YAY!! (I forgot how many new pictures I uploaded that I can blog about...) Here they all are. I got one from: Melissa (Cat's Cradle Creations), Jen (JenC), Princsstrish (Princsstrish), Melannie of Montana (Mel2nluvs2Crochet??), and KellyV!! Aren't they all gorgeous? I don't know how I'm going to wash dishes with these. ??? They are too pretty. Thank you everyone, I love them all!!

Another gift from Peekaboo!!!

Will you look at the size of this tote bag!!? It is awesome!! I had my dog (Sunny, who likes having her picture taken--she's funny..) sit next to it, so you can see how big this bag is. Of course, you don't know how big my dog is. But, I can tell you... She is about 14 inches (to the chest). Add another four inches, probably to the tip of her head. So, 18 inches?? (No, I can't do it the easy way and go get a tape measure and measure the bag...) And, she was 27 lbs last time we weighed her. (I think their scale is wrong, though. Last time we weighed her before that, she weighed 20 lbs exactly, and she was bigger. With more fur. Since she's had the puppies, she's scrawny!!) ANYWAY!... Back to the tote bag!! I do have a couple other tote bags I have been using, but this tote bag I could carry ALL my projects in!! Who has to decide any more when we go on vacation which project to take with me because only one will fit in the bag? Now, I can take two or three!! An afghan, even, if I was working on one! This bag is truly made for the serious crocheter! And, Peekaboo must be a serious crocheter, since she knew I needed one of these! ;) I love it! Thank you again, Peekaboo!!
Now, wouldn't you know my camera needs new batteries so I can't take a picture of what I made with the Lion Suede that Peekaboo sent me.... so, when I get a chance to go get some new batteries, I will post a picture of it. Not that the pictures are all that great, but... they are better than nothing.....
Have a Great Weekend! I know I will, with everything Peekaboo sent me!! :)))

This is the thread holder Peekaboo sent!

This is absolutely gorgeous! I have never seen anything like this. Then, last night when I was looking for a pattern (for something else which I haven't posted about yet...), I saw a 'Vintage Thread Holder' pattern in the Crochet-A-Day Calendar. It had a heart around the hole instead of the star. Personally, I like the star Peekaboo made me a lot better. See the hole? WIth the thread coming out? This is ingenious! I guess you can crochet anything! (I always tell my husband: 'I could crochet something like that'..) ;) I'm not the only one who thinks this way. Someone over at Crochet Me crocheted a tomato with a worm from a tomato (w/a worm) her mother gave her to sell at a yard sale! It's cute. Go check it out. I have so many new patterns from Peekaboo, my brain is getting overloaded! (I think I will stay right here...) ;p

Have a Great Day!! It's the weekend!!

My Secret Pal is SPOILING me!!!

She has sent me so many wonderful things already. Now I just got this package in the mail a couple days ago!! You can't see it very well in the picture, but there are two skeins of Lion Suede, in 'Teal' (which I have already made something with!!) Four crocheted coasters; Peekaboo has been busy crocheting, she also sent a star thread holder (with some thread inside!!) I can see a purse coming out of this thread. Two lovely brooches. One I have already worn to church. And, a large safety pin which you could use to wear on a scarf or even a skirt if you need to keep it closed. She sent me stitch holders!! I have never had these before. I usually just cut a contrasting piece of yarn or thread or something to use for a 'stitch holder'. Now I can crochet in style!! She also sent an adorable Precious Moments address book, a 'T' sticky note pad. I have bought these for everyone (my own secret pal included) but never bought one for myself!! Thank you Peekaboo! She also sent many many crochet leaflets; purses, afghans, baby afghan & sweater, rugs, hats, scarves (I've already made a scarf with one of these leaflets, and the Lion suede that Peekaboo sent! I finished it last night.) And, a Moda Dea shrug and matching bag pattern!! I love this!! I've been wanting a simple shrug pattern. I found a couple online, but... This one is nice, it comes all the way down in back. She also sent two card games for the whole family! We may just play them today while Dad is at work. And, my favorite tea in the world!! Madagascar Vanilla Red!! Thank you Peekaboo!! You are the absolute best! I'm so happy to have a secret pal, and you have made it more than I ever imagined!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Secret Pal, You Rock!!

Looky what I got in the mail today!! From my Secret Pal! A Crochetville coffee mug! I LOVE it! I've been wanting to get something from the Crochetville CafePress store. And I probably would have gotten a coffee mug, too. My three year old was SO excited to see the bubble wrap. (He loves bubble wrap, give him a new toy or bubble wrap, I think he would take the bubble wrap) I think this is one mug my hubby won't touch. Do you have a favorite mug that your husband is always taking? Well I don't think my husband will be seen dead with a Crochet hook on his coffee mug! ;)
Thank you Peekaboo!!! You made my day again!! :)