Friday, October 21, 2005

South Bay Socks Are Done!

A picture here would be nice, but in all fairness to my swap partner, I don't want to ruin the surprise if she happens to read my blog at all. I have them and the slippers ready to go. I bought a big bubble envelope today at Kmart. Now I'll just need to go to the Post Office on Monday. Now that I'm done with the Autumn Secret Pals and the Sock and Slipper Swap, I think I am done with swaps for a while. Until we get settled in at our new house. I also have to finish testing the Matrix purse. I have started it twice, then started it a third time in a brown thread. I already have two planned as gifts. And if I can afford more Matrix ribbon, a third, too. I will probably line them. These will make good gifts for women. I also have to start making things to sell in the MIL store, too.
My mom and sister are staying over tonight at our house. Long story.... But I foresee a busy weekend! I hope everyone else has a nice weekend, too!

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