Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well I am on a slipper kick now. Ha ha.... ( slipper--kick... get it? Ughh...) ;) I finished a pair of slippers for my swap partner. Now I can't stop!! These slippers I was making for myself, but our eight year old snagged the first slipper before I even finished it! I finished the other one today.I have so many ideas for slipper patterns. I hate that. None of them will probably be any good, either. I might try submitting one, somewhere. We'll see. If no one takes them, I'll put them up on my pattern page.
My dog is in heat again. I want to get her fixed. No more puppies for us.
It's such a warm day today, with the way it's been cold out lately. You never know how to dress now.
I must be bored, I'm blogging and I don't know what to blog about!
I want to go see what 'Fast and Fun Crochet' is all about. Some people at C'ville posted some cute pictures they made from this magazine. I've never seen it.
And, I have this overwhelming desire to crochet a pumpkin! I don't know what I will use it for. It will have to be useful. Maybe I can find a free pumpkin pattern somewhere.


Mimi said...

I dont make or wear slippers, but that is kinda cute!
...I guess its better to blog about something, anything, than not to blog at all... I enjoy reading blogs of my friends.

Tina said...

Hi Mimi! I don't usually make slippers, either, but since I'm in the slipper swap... I have gotten back into it. Now I am making socks...
Thanks for visiting! ;)