Saturday, October 08, 2005

My Secret Pal is SPOILING me!!!

She has sent me so many wonderful things already. Now I just got this package in the mail a couple days ago!! You can't see it very well in the picture, but there are two skeins of Lion Suede, in 'Teal' (which I have already made something with!!) Four crocheted coasters; Peekaboo has been busy crocheting, she also sent a star thread holder (with some thread inside!!) I can see a purse coming out of this thread. Two lovely brooches. One I have already worn to church. And, a large safety pin which you could use to wear on a scarf or even a skirt if you need to keep it closed. She sent me stitch holders!! I have never had these before. I usually just cut a contrasting piece of yarn or thread or something to use for a 'stitch holder'. Now I can crochet in style!! She also sent an adorable Precious Moments address book, a 'T' sticky note pad. I have bought these for everyone (my own secret pal included) but never bought one for myself!! Thank you Peekaboo! She also sent many many crochet leaflets; purses, afghans, baby afghan & sweater, rugs, hats, scarves (I've already made a scarf with one of these leaflets, and the Lion suede that Peekaboo sent! I finished it last night.) And, a Moda Dea shrug and matching bag pattern!! I love this!! I've been wanting a simple shrug pattern. I found a couple online, but... This one is nice, it comes all the way down in back. She also sent two card games for the whole family! We may just play them today while Dad is at work. And, my favorite tea in the world!! Madagascar Vanilla Red!! Thank you Peekaboo!! You are the absolute best! I'm so happy to have a secret pal, and you have made it more than I ever imagined!

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