Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another gift from Peekaboo!!!

Will you look at the size of this tote bag!!? It is awesome!! I had my dog (Sunny, who likes having her picture taken--she's funny..) sit next to it, so you can see how big this bag is. Of course, you don't know how big my dog is. But, I can tell you... She is about 14 inches (to the chest). Add another four inches, probably to the tip of her head. So, 18 inches?? (No, I can't do it the easy way and go get a tape measure and measure the bag...) And, she was 27 lbs last time we weighed her. (I think their scale is wrong, though. Last time we weighed her before that, she weighed 20 lbs exactly, and she was bigger. With more fur. Since she's had the puppies, she's scrawny!!) ANYWAY!... Back to the tote bag!! I do have a couple other tote bags I have been using, but this tote bag I could carry ALL my projects in!! Who has to decide any more when we go on vacation which project to take with me because only one will fit in the bag? Now, I can take two or three!! An afghan, even, if I was working on one! This bag is truly made for the serious crocheter! And, Peekaboo must be a serious crocheter, since she knew I needed one of these! ;) I love it! Thank you again, Peekaboo!!
Now, wouldn't you know my camera needs new batteries so I can't take a picture of what I made with the Lion Suede that Peekaboo sent me.... so, when I get a chance to go get some new batteries, I will post a picture of it. Not that the pictures are all that great, but... they are better than nothing.....
Have a Great Weekend! I know I will, with everything Peekaboo sent me!! :)))

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