Friday, October 14, 2005

I'm so nervous!!

I just read at Crochetville that my secret pal is mailing out my package on Monday!! I hope it isn't anything too expensive or too much, I will feel so guilty. I know I can never repay everything she has sent me! (I'm already having a guilt trip....)
And, I'm feeling guilty because I still haven't mailed out my secret pals' reveal package, either. I need to just get up there and mail it, and deal with hubby being mad at me for it later. (Money....) It's actually really irritating.

In crochet news.... I am working on my swap partners' socks now. I finished her slippers, I think I already posted about that. I really like how the socks are turning out, and I think they will go pretty quick, too. I already want to buy some more of this yarn and make myself a pair. It's Moda Dea 'Sassy Stripes' in 'Crush', I guess. It's a red, pink, purple, and white self-striping yarn. It's awesome!! Did you know Meijers carried Moda Dea??? I didn't! (I do now!...)

Have a Great Weekend, everyone!

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