Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cell Phone Cozies

Well, I'm getting a new cell phone. This is my phone I have now. I like it. Even though it is scratched. (That's my own fault... ) But our phone plan is ridiculous.   I decided I am going to use a cell phone cozy for my new phone. I think I stopped using them, because by the time you dig your cell phone out, then you have to take it out of the cozy; you miss the call..   But..  You will save it from getting beat up.   I have been looking for cute cell phone cozies/covers everywhere (to crochet or knit).  I have two Mimi sent me: the green variegated -my phone is too big for it though :(, and the red one which still fits the phone I have; and one Stephanie sent me. I should be getting my new phone this week.  So I have been trying to decide which new cell phone cover to make for it, just for fun.  I like this Monkey cell phone cover. And I found these Monkey gadget covers on Etsy yesterday. I don't want to buy them, though. I want to crochet them myself.  Mimi's puppy and bear cell phone covers are adorable. And look at this bear cozy.  I also like this knitted hoodie Ipod sweater.  Speaking of Ipods, my son wants an Ipod cover too. His Ipod got a scratch on it. (Grrrr!)   He really liked a Captain America one we saw at Walmart, for $20. Of course, they don't have it anymore. And I can't remember exactly what it looked like.  I did find some online, but for more money.  It might have been this one. This morning while doing a search on Ravelry, I found a knitted Captain America Ipod Cozy ! :P  (I don't really think he would like that though...) Here's another one.   And another one. Is it just me or is $40 a lot for an Ipod cover?  I'm so cheap..  I thought this Domo Kun cozy was cute (for my son).   Too many different ideas...  How to decide?... 

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Yogurt I can eat!...

Time To Make Cards...

I recently caved and bought another card making magazine. It had the cutest cards in it, though!... That's how they hook you. Anyway. I did make two cards from it, already.  This one is called "Happiness Shared". It's the one on the cover of Card Maker, March 2012 issue.  I tried to do the flowers like they did. (Aren't they pretty?)  But I didn't have the same edge puncher (and couldn't find it at JoAnns). So I tried using the one I have, but I just couldn't make it work. So, I traced a flower punch-out from a book I have of different punch-outs from Walmart. Then I cut out six all together- held two together for each flower, and punched a tiny hole in the middle. Then, ran them both through my ?? thing that makes the paper ribbed. (I don't know what it's called.)  I also didn't have the "Happiness Shared" sentiment stamp. So, I typed it on wordpad and printed it on cardstock. And there's my card.

And, this is the reason I bought the magazine. It's called "Special Delivery".  I thought it was SO cute.  Well the one in the magazine is so cute. (I think mine turned out kinda cute, too.) Again, I didn't have the exact edge puncher. But it was kind of similar. And, I didn't have the same sentiment stamp. Or the same stork stamp. But I found this cute one on ebay. It came yesterday ~ Just in time (the baby shower is Sunday). The stamp is actually all one stamp. "Welcome baby" is right underneath the stork. But I tried very carefully to only ink the stork, and only ink the part that says "Welcome Baby".  I should have stamped that directly on the white card. But...  I wasn't thinking.  I have another one of these half made, with a darker blue background paper. 

My neighbor and I went to a new Thrift store here. It's called Ma and Pa's something or other... (I can't remember.) She called me after I got back from the bus stop, and was telling me about it. They consign just about everything. Clothes, books, household goods, crocheting, jewelry...  She asked if I wanted to go. So I had to hurry and hide her baby blanket and everything I bought for the baby shower. ;P  (It was sitting right on the kitchen table.)   Anyway, it was fun going to thrift stores (after we left the first one, that is.. -->).  She has some of her stuff in the Ma & Pa store. It seems like it would be a way for me to make some extra money & sell things I make, finally (something I always kinda wanted to  do). But, when we got there, the first thing I noticed was he smokes right in the store. I HATE that!!!!!!  And I don't want to sell any of my stuff- I worked hard to make- that is going to be reeking of cigarette smoke from him. You know?  I almost wanted to just leave (I would have, if I had gone there by myself); but I couldn't very well do that, since my neighbor drove. So I went into the other room. I almost said something to the guy about it. But...  It's his store.  I don't know if he will get very good business. Maybe it's just me.  I was kind of surprised my neighbor wanted to go in there, being pregnant & with her little daughter...  I guess I'm getting grumpy in my 40's...   

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Neighbors Baby Afghan Is Finished

With three days to spare before the Baby Shower. :D  I started it on February 13th, and finished it yesterday, February 23rd. So it only took me ten days. Seemed like it was taking forever. But maybe that was just because I knew I didn't have much time.  This isn't the quickest I have ever finished an afghan. But still. I'm glad I got it done in time.

A close-up of the stitches... 

It's a pattern from The Big Book of Crochet.  :) 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Took Jetta For a Walk In Her Sweater

It was kind of cold this morning; I put her sweater on her, so I could take her with me. She loves  going for walks; but she still pulls, and is afraid of every car that goes by.    I think I need to make her a bigger sweater.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Evan's Cakes

I already posted two videos, but here are some of the pictures I took, too... We went to visit our oldest son, Evan; at work. He's started decorating cakes, and so we went to see them.  Here are four of the small ones he made. (He made six small ones all together.)

One of the big ones. He made two big ones all together.

He was showing me how to make a rose. But, I will never remember. He'll have to come over, with all the tips; and show me... :P

Putting a rose he airbrushed, onto the cake we were buying.

We had him write "Made by Evan" on it. :P

A better picture of the cake after we got it home. It's almost gone now.  Not bad, for a kid who just started decorating cakes, huh?    Proud Mama moment. :)

Evan making a rose

Evan making a rose a video by KnitMama247 on Flickr.

Here he is making a rose...

Evan decorating our cake :D

We went to visit Evan at work, to see some of the cakes he has done since he started decorating. We bought one and had him write "Made by Evan" on it. :P

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Baby Afghan (In Progress) For My Neighbor

(A close-up of the stitches)

My neighbor has been so nice. Our kids ride the bus together. One day I forgot it was early pick-up, and her and her husband stayed with Eon until I got there. I was so grateful I made them cookies. (I have returned the favor to them too; when they forgot about early pick-up. :P)   They have invited us over for dinner since, and to a birthday party...        Ever since I found out they were having a boy, I bought some blue "Pound of Love" yarn to make this afghan with.  She gave me an invitation to their baby shower not too long ago. It's next weekend. :0

That same day, I went home and started on it. (I was thinking I had until May~ when the baby is due..)  Oh well. :P  I figured out if I did ten rows a day, it could be done.  So far I have stayed on schedule. :P   Yesterday we went somewhere & I took it with me to work on in the car. I'm glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten my ten rows done.  I only have 33 rows left to do, plus the edging.  This is the same afghan pattern I made for my nephew Gavin. I like it.  I am also making a card for the shower, too. Just waiting for my "stork" stamp I bought on ebay to come; so I can finish it. :D 

I was thinking about crocheting something for my sister in law who is due next month. She's also having a boy. But then I remembered how she complained that "They don't have much use for a sweater in Texas," when I sent her the baby sweater/hat for her daughter. (Whatever... I live in Nevada, and I know it gets cold sometimes..)  So after that rude comment (and probably no thank you, either..) I decided never to make her anything again.   I am making her a card though, and will probably send a gift certificate.

Friday, February 17, 2012

We Made Some Goo

I have been trying to do more arts & crafts with the kids (well, Eon- Eli doesn't want to do them anymore). I kept trying to remember to get some Borax and glue at the store. Well I finally remembered. And we made some goo last night. I got the instructions in my Family Fun Crafts book. But it is also online: Goo!   I could not find it on the Family fun website, but this is a similar recipe to the one we used. The only thing I don't like about it is the coloring gets on their hands (and probably everywhere else). So... I don't let them play with it. No. Ha ha...  They can play with it, but not on the couch.... ;P

Eon likes it.  Here he is squishing it in his hands. :P

He took it to school today for "Sharing". So. Must be a big hit with him. :P 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm Back... Did You Miss Me? :P

Actually, I didn't even go anywhere. We just haven't had internet for a couple weeks. We cancelled Wild Blue. They suck!!! All our "computer problems" were because of Wild Blue. Some policy they have about only using so much inernet per day. "So everyone can use the internet." ??? Well if everyone had as horrible as service as we did, no one was using it...  We even "upgraded" so we could do streaming (which also sucked) and watch videos. Still the same...  So anyway now we are back online, paying half the price as Wild Blue was charging us and getting 100% better service. No waiting for videos to buffer, half an hour, just to watch a three minute video...   

Anyway~~ Thank goodness my crochet hook and yarn always work! ;)   I crocheted some more Heart Pocket Note Holders.  This one was for Alice, who I send things to, on Pine Ridge Reservation.

This one I still have, and am going to send to someone for the Winter RAOK at Crochetville. I got a little green notepad to put in it.

This one I made for myself.

One day I just was bored with everything. I had been trying to re-organize my craft room. (Yeah, that still isn't done.. But it does look better.)  I got my magic ball of yarn out, and decided to make a rug with it.

Or, start one anyway. This is about as far as I got. It will just have to be an add as I go rug from now on.  I was going to just chain however many til it was wide enough, but then I remembered there was a pattern for a rug like this in the 101 Scrap Crochet Projects book. So I am following that.

The back. Pretty cool for pieces of yarn that would have otherwise been thrown away!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Meatball Minestrone and Breadsticks

I was in the mood for soup and bread today. I had gotten the stuff for it earlier (all except the celery, and I didn't feel like going to the store just for celery).  I was trying to think what kind of bread to make with it. I usually make Cheesy Italian Flatbread. But I don't have any Italian dressing. I thought, "Hey, I bet I could just make some pizza dough and cut it into breadsticks." So, that's what I did. Next time I think I will take them out earlier. I like them soft.  But, they were still pretty good. We dipped them in our soup. :P  I posted the recipe I use for pizza dough in this post.  

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Heart Notepad & Pen Holder

Just a quick post, to show you the notepad/pen holder I crocheted for a Valentine's Day gift. I had been looking for ideas of what to send to someone. I started a heart pillow then realized when I looked at how big it was finished; "Uh... I have to send this in the mail?.."  Then I got an email from Talking Crochet newsletter, and the free pattern for this was in there. I thought it was so cute! I had to crochet one. Now I am crocheting another one, in lavender & off-white. And probably a few more when this one is done, too.  I found the pattern on crochet pattern central, so it is a free online pattern: Heart Pocket Note Holder  Yay for free patterns! :)

Here it is with the chocolates I am sending her, too. She is diabetic, so they're sugar free...The little notepad is on the table.  Just a little something.  <3