Friday, February 17, 2012

We Made Some Goo

I have been trying to do more arts & crafts with the kids (well, Eon- Eli doesn't want to do them anymore). I kept trying to remember to get some Borax and glue at the store. Well I finally remembered. And we made some goo last night. I got the instructions in my Family Fun Crafts book. But it is also online: Goo!   I could not find it on the Family fun website, but this is a similar recipe to the one we used. The only thing I don't like about it is the coloring gets on their hands (and probably everywhere else). So... I don't let them play with it. No. Ha ha...  They can play with it, but not on the couch.... ;P

Eon likes it.  Here he is squishing it in his hands. :P

He took it to school today for "Sharing". So. Must be a big hit with him. :P 


Mimi said...

It looks so!
Have you tried making play dough from flour, the one that can be baked? I made clay from salt before, it can be left to dry and painted. But after a few years it sort of disintegrated :p

Tina said...

I haven't ever made play dough from flour. My son wants me to. But I haven't.. Maybe someday. I have made "edible play dough", though. Maybe I'll make some more of that soon & post it. :)