Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm Back... Did You Miss Me? :P

Actually, I didn't even go anywhere. We just haven't had internet for a couple weeks. We cancelled Wild Blue. They suck!!! All our "computer problems" were because of Wild Blue. Some policy they have about only using so much inernet per day. "So everyone can use the internet." ??? Well if everyone had as horrible as service as we did, no one was using it...  We even "upgraded" so we could do streaming (which also sucked) and watch videos. Still the same...  So anyway now we are back online, paying half the price as Wild Blue was charging us and getting 100% better service. No waiting for videos to buffer, half an hour, just to watch a three minute video...   

Anyway~~ Thank goodness my crochet hook and yarn always work! ;)   I crocheted some more Heart Pocket Note Holders.  This one was for Alice, who I send things to, on Pine Ridge Reservation.

This one I still have, and am going to send to someone for the Winter RAOK at Crochetville. I got a little green notepad to put in it.

This one I made for myself.

One day I just was bored with everything. I had been trying to re-organize my craft room. (Yeah, that still isn't done.. But it does look better.)  I got my magic ball of yarn out, and decided to make a rug with it.

Or, start one anyway. This is about as far as I got. It will just have to be an add as I go rug from now on.  I was going to just chain however many til it was wide enough, but then I remembered there was a pattern for a rug like this in the 101 Scrap Crochet Projects book. So I am following that.

The back. Pretty cool for pieces of yarn that would have otherwise been thrown away!

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Mimi said...

Glad you're back! I wondered why you had not would be unusual for you not to have a crochet project to show ;) That rug looks happy with its colors!