Saturday, December 31, 2005

This is the real deal....

Friday, December 30, 2005

I still don't know what is up with Blogger??? Well here is the 'Real Deal'; the Donnas Bangle Purse at Crochetville. I am just waiting on some black acrylic bangles I ordered through Ejoyce. I have some brown wooden bangles (in the last post you can see them, and some bamboo ones, too.) But somehow they didn't 'go' with a grey purse with black ribbon and lining. Maybe by the time the bangles get here I will have the lining done. Thankfully my husband brought my cutting mat and sewing box when he came back from Michigan. So it will be easy, just a matter of doing it. I think I want to send this one to my mom. If she doesn't want it, or wants a different color, it will go to my sister-in-law in Texas.
Well I think I am finally getting used to the fact that we live in Colorado. I don't want to go back to Michigan any more at least. Once I start knowing my way around I think I will feel better, too.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch....

I don't know why I used that for a title.. Maybe just cuz I'm weird... ;p Anyway. This is a purse I had started a looong time ago. Before moving in fact. I wanted to make a bangle purse like Donna/Nina Kate at Crochetville but she hadn't posted the pattern yet and I had no idea how to crochet a cable. It's quite easy now that I've done it. Anyway I pulled out my Crochet Encyclopedia book thingy and looked for a pattern that might work for this purse. (Harmony Guide to Crocheting, actually...) This is called 'Bar stitch' I believe. Under 'Patterns for Texture and Color'. Anyway. I think I might give this one to my sister. She has a sweater that is almost the same identical yarn/color. It's hard to know what color a person might like.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Little Lamby sweater I am working on

I finally finished the back of this sweater. I bought the yarn at least two years ago. I want to finish it while it will still fit him. I feel like I should make it a little longer, it looks like it will be too little for him by next year. grrr... Well I started on the front yesterday but then realized I was using the wrong size needles. It said 'using larger needles' and I must have overthought it, or not read through the whole thing. So I only had to rip out a few rows. See what happens when you put something away and don't work on it for a while...
I also am almost done with the vest I started, too. I don't know if I like it. Maybe I'll try it in some different colors and sizes?
Well I have to cut someone's hair today I promised him I would.... (Insert rolling eyes into back of head smiley here....)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Our view from the back deck of our new house

Well we have been here about a week and a half. But busy, unpacking, shopping, getting used to the new surroundings... I like it here. The town we live in is pretty old. I think it needs to be fixed up. I noticed a few new stores/storefronts since we were here two years ago, though. And a sign 'New things are coming we're not kiddin' around'. So maybe they are fixing this town up. The house we are staying in is pretty old, too. They have done a lot of remodeling to it. The outside looks pretty nice. But the plumbing backed up the day we got here. The hot water heater is tiny! Only one person can take a shower in the morning, then there isn't enough hot water for the next person. Last night my husband opened the door to the attic and there is NO insulation. We kind of figured that, since it's so cold in here. Thank goodness there is a fireplace and a wood burning stove, we will need them! But, it is a pretty nice house compared to one we looked at the other night. People seem friendly out here. After living in Ann Arbor and getting used to being snubbed by everyone, I was getting really freaked out when someone would just come up to me in the aisle at WalMart and start up a conversation. I thought something must be wrong with them. But after the third person; I started thinking, 'maybe people are just more friendly out here.' (Scratching head here..) Which is a nice change!!
I have been crocheting a little, too. I'm still working on the Bangle purse by Donna/NinaKate at Crochetville. I found a HobbyLobby here! It is HUGE!! I didn't think to look for black bangles the last time I was there. (I was looking for thread, for curtains I want to shorten.) Anyway, I will have to go back there someday with no kids and a little money to spend! That is about all I have worked on other than my rectangle grannyghan. I try to work on that every now and then, though. More pictures coming soon! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A vest I am working on

Here is a vest I am working on. I just need to do the neck, sleeve edges, and bottom edge and it will be done. I forgot about this one. Guess that last post wasn't my last post.... :p

A family 'heirloom', I guess...

Here is a sweater I knitted for our middle son when he was little. Now it fits our youngest (although he doesn't want to wear it for more than two minutes...) :( I want to get his portrait done in this sweater. (With a matching color shirt underneath, and clean pants, etc....) :p This pattern is in the FC Easy Knitting magazine, a few years ago. Everything is packed away and-- No, wait! It's in a laundry basket right here next to me! (I'm making another sweater from the same issue.) It's the Fall 2000 issue , project #20. The other sweater I'm knitting (for him, as well..) is a blue and green striped sleeve, with a blue body and a furry little lamb on the front. I LOVE that sweater. I just need to work on it before he is too big for it. (This is why I don't knit them sweaters...)

Snow day!

Snow day!
Posted by: tpryst on Buzznet
Today is a snow day for the kids, school was cancelled. Which would be fine any other day, but... Today was going to be their last day at these schools, so now we have to figure out how we are going to return all the books and get all the stuff out of desks.... ugh... Well this is our back yard before the dog ruined the snow this morning. I think this will be my last post before we move. (Why do I feel like I've already said this?..) Then I will be taking pictures of our new backyard--with mountains!! :)) Well have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Here's 'Brenda's Luxury Hat'

That's the name of it. It is over at 'Original Patterns-Links' at Crochetville. I can't link it for you, since blogger is still really sucking. I wrote them a letter, but... Who am I? So I'm still posting through here. Anyway, I wore my new hat out today. It is really warm. Especially in three below weather we had this morning! That is just WAY too cold for me! I still have enough yarn left over probably to make a matching scarf, too. I almost bought another crochet magazine. Better Homes And Gardens Simply Creative Crochet. Does that sound right? My brain isn't working lately. Well, I didn't buy it. There was maybe a headband in there I could have made for my neice. (Who probably wouldn't even like it anyway, and I wouldn't even be thanked, or acknowledged, so why bother?) There was a scarf pattern in there that I kind of liked, but... how many more scarfs do I need? I don't know maybe I am just getting bored with everything. Well I did need a hat, I was always freezing, and the wind going in my ears was not good. So this hat will be well used. And a matching scarf will, too. Because it will match the hat. Well I hope everyone is having a nice day/week/month.... ;p

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fun Fur

Fun Fur
Posted by: tpryst on Buzznet
I got some black fun fur today. I want to make a hat I saw over at Crochetville. I can't for the life of me remember which one it is. But, I am using two strands of Bernat boucle (instead of Homespun, which I don't have any of, and I'm trying to use what I have... Seeing as how we don't have any money to buy anything right now anyway...) It is a black/brown variegated boucle. Then I will trim it with the black fun fur. Then she had a scarf I want to make to match, too with fun fur in it. To match my hat. I really need a hat. I am freezing every time I go outside. The kids all have hats but not me... So of course I have to make my own... Then I am going to use the two skeins of black Wool-Ease to make my brother a scarf. I just have to find a pattern I like. And the free pattern I picked up because maybe some day I might make one of those for my brother's dog... (Someday...) ;p