Friday, December 30, 2005

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch....

I don't know why I used that for a title.. Maybe just cuz I'm weird... ;p Anyway. This is a purse I had started a looong time ago. Before moving in fact. I wanted to make a bangle purse like Donna/Nina Kate at Crochetville but she hadn't posted the pattern yet and I had no idea how to crochet a cable. It's quite easy now that I've done it. Anyway I pulled out my Crochet Encyclopedia book thingy and looked for a pattern that might work for this purse. (Harmony Guide to Crocheting, actually...) This is called 'Bar stitch' I believe. Under 'Patterns for Texture and Color'. Anyway. I think I might give this one to my sister. She has a sweater that is almost the same identical yarn/color. It's hard to know what color a person might like.

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