Thursday, December 08, 2005

Here's 'Brenda's Luxury Hat'

That's the name of it. It is over at 'Original Patterns-Links' at Crochetville. I can't link it for you, since blogger is still really sucking. I wrote them a letter, but... Who am I? So I'm still posting through here. Anyway, I wore my new hat out today. It is really warm. Especially in three below weather we had this morning! That is just WAY too cold for me! I still have enough yarn left over probably to make a matching scarf, too. I almost bought another crochet magazine. Better Homes And Gardens Simply Creative Crochet. Does that sound right? My brain isn't working lately. Well, I didn't buy it. There was maybe a headband in there I could have made for my neice. (Who probably wouldn't even like it anyway, and I wouldn't even be thanked, or acknowledged, so why bother?) There was a scarf pattern in there that I kind of liked, but... how many more scarfs do I need? I don't know maybe I am just getting bored with everything. Well I did need a hat, I was always freezing, and the wind going in my ears was not good. So this hat will be well used. And a matching scarf will, too. Because it will match the hat. Well I hope everyone is having a nice day/week/month.... ;p


Mimi said...

Yes, a matching scarf would be perfect and so much in fashion. You look great, Tina!

Tina said...

Thanks Mimi. I had a stupid look on my face; my husband took the picture and he kept saying stuff to me to try to get me going (mad). The scarfs I have all clash with that hat, so I would like to make a matching one... It is an easy enough pattern, it's just basic. And you have a bunch of fun fur, don't you? Hmmm... what color to make? ;p