Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Little Goodies and A WIP

I took a picture of my (at the time) only houseplant I have.  I bought the little wormie (that's what I was taking a picture of it for). It's supposed to tell you when your plant needs to be watered, somehow..   I just thought it was cute.   I did buy another plant a couple days ago. I need to re-pot it.  And this plant has a baby. :P  I was trying to get all the dead leaves, etc. off and I accidentally broke a piece off. So I took it and put it in a jar of water to grow roots. It has a ton of them now, so I should probably plant that one too. I was going to give it to my sister in law..
I bought some mini-scissors. I always take a project with me and one time thought, "I should get a pair of little scissors to put in my purse."  When we were out shopping one day, I found some and bought a couple pairs. I sent the other pair to a friend.

And I saw some little bags at JoAnns on clearance. They only had two, red or turqoise. Not crazy about the words on the bag, but.. It was only $2.99.  

I put my little scissors in it, and stitch markers and a yarn needle and tape measure.. I didn't intentionally plan it that way, but the scissors and the bag are the same color.  Maybe I subconsciously planned it.  :P

My progress on my scrap C2C. I am on the last corner.  Yay.. Did I mention that my sister in law wants this blanket? Well it's for OST/CPS.  I said "Maybe I could make her one.."  Emphasis on maybe..  I like working on blankets lately..  Especially when they are big enough to cover your lap with and keep you warm. :D  

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Weekend Road Trip and An FO

Last weekend we took a trip to the coast. I have only ever been to the ocean a handful of times, in Florida visiting my Mom, and when I was little we went to the ocean somewhere in Oregon.   It is pretty awesome.  

I think even Eon was impressed, and actually had fun. (Even though he wouldn't admit it..) :P

There was a huge piece of driftwood.  

A sandcastle.  I think this is a permanent sandcastle?  

Is that a smile?....    :)  
We want to go back there, for vacation maybe.

I finished the Patty Cake Cardi.  I was making it for the OB Unit, but...   It is way too big. So it went into the OST/CPS pile.  Which is all right. 

And, I somehow finished another strip on my scrap strip blanket..  I started a third one.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Some F.O's and The Scrap C2C Ghan

I have been finishing things..  This sweater is one. For the OB Unit.  That group is crazy right now.  I almost just want to stop..   But the babies would be cold..  So, I keep going.

I also finished this Bear Pillow.  I have some googly eyes I wanted to glue to the center of the buttons. But I couldn't find my glue gun.  I ended up buying one yesterday for $2.99. I still haven't glued the eyes on yet though.  I didn't blue glue sticks, I have to see if the ones I have will work.  I was going to send this to OST/CPS...

This is a Snowman Cocoon and Hat set I did as a CAL with Sue.  I was thinking I could just send it to the OB Unit. But (duh) then I thought "Oh yeah, we aren't supposed to send white things..  Because they have limited washing facilities/able to wash things..   So...  I have NO idea what Ill do with it.  I was thinking I should try to sell it. But I get so irritated dealing with people, and having to go to the post office and mail it..

I have made several of this sweater pattern before, Twin Stitch set. But I have never used Loops & Threads Squiggly Wiggly Dip Dye yarn.  I love how it's an ombre look. Obviously you can't get the sleeves to match with the rest of the sweater. Unless you destroyed a whole skein, trying to get the colors to match up..  

This is the most recent picture I have of the C2C scrapghan..   I only have about seven more inches to do longwise, then I can start the last corner/edging.  For OST/CPS.  My SIL said she wants it.  I said maybe I could make her one.  (But I don't want to..)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Housewarming Gift, Pie, and Magic Balls

I received the nicest gift box in the mail from one of my pen pals!! She said it's a housewarming gift.  I almost cried when I just opened the box..   You can tell it's going to be nice already.  

And it was (and is)!! Look at the super yummy yarns!! And I love the notecards. They say
"A note from Tina" and have a tea pot and tea cup..   

And I love the notecard she wrote to me on, blue birds.   And her sister made me stitch markers!! They are so beautiful! I almost want to change them into jewelry somehow. I know I would ruin them though if I tried.   I just love everything, it is too much and you shouldn't have, Barbara! But I do thank you so very much.

I don't think I have posted about the rhubarb I bought...   We have a Produce Stand/Store right by our house. I could walk there. In fact, I do walk past it whenever I go for my walks..   Well I finally went in one day, and bought some rhubarb. They had a sign out front "Local Rhubarb". GASP!! I had to stop! I LOVE rhubarb.  When I was little, I would go over to my "best friends" house  (we were not friends when we got older). They had rhubarb growing in their backyard.  We would go out there and just sit on the ground and eat it.  We would go inside and dip it in sugar, too.  I could never eat it like that now. But I told Eon that I used to do that, and guess what he does now?...   :P

So, I made a pie..  :)  Just straight up rhubarb pie.  (That's actually the name of the recipe.)  I used my own pie crust recipe though. And, I forgot to put the butter pat on top. But it still came out SO yummy!! I love rhubarb pie. I am not a big pie eater (or maker). But I have a couple pies I love, and rhubarb is one of them.

The finished pie.  I got more rhubarb yesterday. I want to make another one. :D

I have been seeing some beautiful birds at my bird feeder.  Birds I have never had at any of my feeders, no matter what state I have lived in. I saw a Goldfinch a couple days ago. Then yesterday, I saw this bird a Black Headed Grosbeak. I was SOOO excited!!  My husband had bought me some "Audobon Bird Seed".  Well it is paying off!! I want to get some suet cakes, too. I bet there are some beautiful woodpeckers here.

My Sister-In-Law invited me out to lunch last week. And she brought me over some roses from one of her rose bushes (did I post my rose bush?). They are almost the same color as my rose bush.  And, we went to a pet store across from the restaurant.  She got three of these, I thought she was getting them for her dog (but wondered..) She gave one to each of our dogs, too.   How sweet. Duke devoured his in less than a minute he's such an animal. :P  But Jetta was too nervous to eat hers..  She finally did eat it later when Eon got home from school. We had to keep Duke outside (part of the reason she wouldn't eat it is because Duke kept coming over trying to take it from her.)  

I used to make these, a long time ago (I got the idea from someone on Crochetville- I have not been on that site in years and I will never go back on it). But, they are "Magic Balls".  You just start rolling up your scrap yarn ends, tying ends together as you go, rolling into a ball..  I found these yesterday (I was looking for my glue gun-which I still haven't found).  I forgot I had started these. It's weird because see that little tiny ball? I had just recently though "I should start making Magic Balls again.."    I think I had a blue/green/turqoise one going, and a "Valentine" one going. Then, a cotton one going. I used to crochet hot pads out of magic balls..  I don't know if I had certain colors going on that one, or if it was anything goes.. Here's a post with a couple I finished.  It's just fun.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

A Couple Things To Post..

Here is my progress on my Corner-To-Corner scrapghan. I took this picture
last night. I actually got two more rows done in "camo" after I took this picture.  It measured over 60 inches wide, and 70 inches long so far. I want it to be twin bed sized. So I am shooting for 90 inches long.  I am doing that brown-ish color now. I think it's "Cafe" or something..    I really like this blanket. 

This is a card I made for a friend whose birthday is coming up.  I got the idea here (via Pinterest). I just changed the greeting on the front of the card, and did a couple flowers to fill in (what I thought was) the empty spaces...  I hope she will like it.    I did the inking around the edges of a note card, and did the notebook paper punch on the edge. Stamped happy birthday. I used a cookie cutter to cut the heart out of the corrugated cardboard (I got that like 15 years ago, lol) and some crochet cotton tied around in a bow..  That's about it..  I have so many stamps and paper, I need to start making all my own cards.

I actually have two FO's I could have posted, but I haven't taken pictures of them. And I still have one button to sew on, and ends to weave in on the other one..

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hello Blog

I have no shortage of pictures to post here lately, I just have to upload them all... That's the "hard part".  There is a sale on kitchen towels at a store here. Only 69 cents each. I couldn't not buy some, at that price.  They're for the Kitchen Project I mentioned... I got a few balls of dishcloth cotton, to make dishcloths to "match".

I was thinking and somehow remembered the rooster hotpads I had made for my Etsy store. (That no one bought..)  I thought "Why not send those, too?"  I looked for the bag they were in (and eventually found it), and there were two dishcloths I had made in there, too. Bonus. The one on the bottom right is the 9 patch cloth. I think the other one is the Tweedish Cloth, but I could be wrong..  There's the link for the Tweedish Cloth, anyway. :P  The Mermaid Tail Dishcloth I am knitting is taking me forever... Probably because I haven't been knitting very much on it, and what I had done I had to frog because I kept messing up. First I had too many stitches, then I ended up with two less?  I think I figured out what I was doing wrong (well, one thing- besides not paying attention and trying to play games on Facebook while I was knitting)  I was at the end, doing an extra yarn over and then slipping it over. But at the end you are just supposed to do one knit, or two...   then I messed up again somehow I slipped the yarn over stich over four stitches. So I had to rip out two rows and re-do that. Then I had only slipped half of the yarn over for one stitch, had to go back and re-do that...   This cloth is irritating me.

Anyway, here are the rooster hotpads I was talking about.  They would go with the rooster towels I posted above. :D  I might go back and get all the rooster towels they have left.  My kitchen is roosters, and I was thinking about sending one of these with two towels to Alice (someone I sent things to in Crafting for a Cause Group, which is no longer a group..)  I still keep in touch with her every now and then though..

I also found a whole bag of dishcloth cotton!!! YAY!!!  I knew I had more dishcloth cotton than what was in my drawer. But I can't remember anything/where anything is, anymore..  I was so happy to find this.  This was a bag that were possible future rooster hot pads for my Etsy store. I have a brown one started in there, too.

Another silly thing that made me happy yesterday, I found these at JoAnns.  I wanted something I could slip on to the front of my work, and take out again easily. And I saw one someone had on their Mermaid Tail dishcloth they were knitting, and thought I have to find some like that...They were $3.99, but they were $1 off so only $2.99. Yay... 

And this is the progress on my scrap C2C.  I have all along been making them square for the OB Unit. But I wanted to send this one to OST/CPS for Foster Kids.   At first I thought I will just make it bigger than 40 inches. Then I remembered seeing others that were long, like twin sized (or bigger) in a Facebook group I am in for these blankets. I thought "I should do this one like that."  So that's what I'm going to do. I am aiming for 66 x 90.  :0   It's only 46 inches across, so far.  So I have 20 more inches to go. Then up..

Don't ask me why, but I made some Lego Crayons a couple days ago...    (I know why, because I wanted to send them to someone for their son.)  But now I have to do something else for their daughter, too. I used to have a heart shaped mold we did crayons in (but it melted when I put it in the oven)...   :/   Maybe I will just make some muffin crayons..

We took the boys to get hair cuts last weekend. Eli wanted to go too. (His hair is super long--- Or I should say, was super long..)  I didn't know he was going to get it all cut off!! I was surprised. He looks like a different person.  I don't care if he has his hair long, or short. He just looks so different.   :)

I thought I would post a picture of our bush (one of them) in front..  It has yellow flowers all over it. They smell so nice.

And, we have buttercups everywhere!!  Oh, I should have posted the picture of the field behind us. It is covered with them.  I picked these from our yard, before my husband mowed the grass. I should have picked a bunch. But this bottle only can hold so many. :P

And my rhubarb plant. I finally put it in the ground...  And my "garden" rock.   Not much of a garden. But, it's a start..

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

RAOK's And A New Dishcloth WIP

Sue sent me a little puffy in the mail the last time she wrote me.  Stationery pack, tea bags and spice packet to mix with rice, and stickers.  I loved it.  It's so nice getting extras in the mail, it really makes your day.  So when I wrote her back, I wanted to send her some, too. :D

She loves making teddy bears, too. So when I saw the teddy bear card set I had to get it for her. I was going to write her on it, but then I thought why not send it to her and write on the stationery she sent me instead?  :)  Remember the stamps I posted about getting? Well they were specifically for sending tea packets in the mail..   This is the tutorial I used.  I didn't have/couldn't find the sticks; plus they wouldn't be very practical to send in the mail. But I wish I could have.  This is another cute one, but for more tea bags, and a lot more work..  And another cute one.  For sending little gifties in the mail.. Or to co-workers, or whatever. Maybe for little place setting/party favors.  I also saw a coaster someone had done on Ravelry.  And tried to copy hers..  But in different colors. For Sue's tea mug.  

And this is a picture of the sticky notes/notepads I got her, at Target.  I loved them.  She sent me a message saying she got the puffy, so I can finally post about it.  :P

I started a new dishcloth, the Mermaid Tail Dishcloth. It's a free Ravelry download. I am making dishcloths to send to the elders on Pine Ridge, for the Kitchen Project.  Anything "kitchen", dishcloths towels, scrubbies. Dry soup mixes, salt/pepper shakers, coffee..    I got five kitchen towels yesterday, they were only 69 cents each!  I should go back and get a bunch more, at that price!!  And I got three balls of dishcloth cotton, to make "matching" dishcloths. (Sort of matching..)  I should have taken a picture of them. Maybe for my next post..  Anyway, I kept making a mistake somehow/somewhere and ended up with two less stitches.  I ended up ripping this all out and re-starting.  Not doing anything else while I am trying to knit..    I also got a pack of scrubbers. I love mine.