Thursday, November 12, 2015

I don't know if I posted about the Turkey Hat/sleep sack set I made?...   Well I added booties and slippers to the set. I started a sweater too. Which I don't like. So it is put away for now.  I ordered the little gobbler onesie, so cute.   So. This is one of the sets I'm sending this month to Pine Ridge...   

And, I finished the Christmas Tree. I just need to decorate it..   I asked Eon if he wanted another little Christmas Tree to put in his bedroom.  Nooo....   So. It looks like it is mine.  Or if I decide to give it to someone for Christmas. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Birthdays... And Christmas.

I finished a hat and scarf set for my sister-in-law, for her birthday (obviously.. Lol).  I don't really know what she likes, other than Betty Boop, and the color purple.  So, purple it is..  :P

I used the Phannie hat pattern, and the One Skein scarf pattern.  Her birthday is next week. Today is actually her husbands' (my husband's brothers) birthday.  I didn't crochet him anything (I started this set a long time ago, I didn't even know his birthday was this month..)  So, we are going to go get him something then go over there, later  on tonight.

I started crocheting a Christmas Tree yesterday.  I'm using this pattern: Crochet Christmas Tree.  I've just been wanting to crochet a Christmas tree forever. Then someone posted one they had done, on Facebook. So... I started one, finally.
I was thinking about giving it to Eon, because he used to have a little Christmas tree in his room. But we moved; and it was one of the things that got sold in one of the many moving sales we had..    And even though he is a teenager (and acts like one!!!); he still does little kid things that are cute.  Like the other day, we went to Burger King. We were in line, and I said "Do you want a BK crown?" (the little kiddie crowns).  Oh my God. How could I even ask something so stupid? Eyes rolling into the back of his head...   But then later we were eating at a table and he was messing around with the crown on the table (each table had one).  He said "These look like Viking horns." And popped them out.  Then later we are getting ready to leave and he says, "I should probably take this with me since I popped the horns out.."   Yeah...   sure...   :P  I didn't say a word. But I thought it was cute.   But then, this morning, he was his ornery grumpy attitude self!!  UGH!!!  We were getting into the car to take him to school. He opened his door and it hit the pole in our parking spot.  (Ugh...)  I said, when I got in the car; "Can you please be more careful and not hit your door on the pole? It's going to dent the car.."    OH. MY. GOD.   WW3....   (sigh...)   :(    

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

More Catching Up...

I don't think I will ever catch up on my blog..  But I will try.  :P  This is a Mitered Squares Blanket I have been working on. For Pine Ridge Reservation (OB Unit).  Just using up scrap yarns..

I saw some cool Green Lantern fabric at a local store here. So I had to get it. Then I noticed there was another piece (both pre-cut pieces), so I got both of them to make pillowcases for the boys for Christmas.   Then got home and realized "Oh yeah, I don't have my ironing board- we donated it before we moved here.. " (Sigh..)  I will have to use a towel on the counter or floor, or something.. Both pieces were $4 something.So not bad at all.

Silly dog...   :P

I should have posted the actual picture of the hat from Target, but... I saw the cutest Turkey hat at Target. I took a picture of it and finally copied it.  Then I made a sleep sack to go with it. You can see the actual hat, and how I did the turkey feathers; on my Ravelry project page.  I've actually since I've taken this picture finished a pair of booties and mittens, and started a little sweater to go with this set..

Sigh... It's true. And I did this today.  I was thinking about getting a "Get Well" card for someone. Then I thought "I should just make one, it would be cheaper.. Save $4 or $5.."  Then-of course- the one I saw that I loved on Pinterest, I didn't have all the tools for... Sooo... I went and spent almost $20. When I was going to "save" money by making my own card. (Sigh...)   

All to make this card.  :)  I didn't have any tape left in my tape runner. I didn't have a get well stamp. And, I didn't have a heart punch..   I did only spend $4.99 on the tape runner- I got the absolute cheapest one (they were like $8!!!). The heart punch was $4.99-- one was $17.99.  Uh, nooo!..  Then I found the cheaper one.  And, the stamp was $7.99.  After I make a few more of these cards, I will have saved money. :P  This was the actual Pin.   

Saturday, October 31, 2015

I'm Still Here..

Hello... Yes, I'm still here.  I don't even know if I posted that we were going to be moving again.  Across the country. Again.  But. We did.  To the Northwest. For my husband's job. Again. We've been here two and a half months now.  This move has been hard on everyone (except Eli, maybe..). Eon had a really hard time adjusting to his new school/making new friends.  I was almost to the point where I wanted to pull him out of that school (long story/lots of issues), and move back to Michigan since I can never be happy anywhere.  I spoke to the Principal (about another issue-not how Eon is having a hard time), but I did mention he is having a hard time and asked if maybe there was a counselor who could talk to him...  Later that day the counselor did talk to him, and called me as well. She suggested an after school program, "Lego Robotics".  I signed him up.  Since then, things have seemed to turn right around for him.  (Although he won't admit it, I can tell by his actions- getting up first thing when I tell him to in the morning-before he wouldn't get up/fake sick [yes, even at 13 years old]...  After his third group meeting, we asked him if he was making any new friends. We finally got out of him, "Yes".  I am glad he is doing better, that's a big relief for me. (I still do not like that school, though!)

I'm still crocheting (and knitting) baby things..  I've finished a few blankets. This is one.  The Corner-To-Corner Afghan.  
This is a baby sweater set I did. There are (surprisingly!! In this small town with nothing) two stores that have yarn!  I found a blue/brown variegated that became my new favorite baby yarn.  

Another blanket I finished (this one I had been working on for a long time), my pattern.  I decided that I don't really like my own pattern. Lol  Too many ends to weave in.  I made it (originally) as a doll blanket, using up scraps. Then thought I could do it with a baby blanket (or adult), too.  

Another Corner-To-Corner. They had some Pound of Love yarn on sale at Jo-Anns (in a town about a half an hour away, which is where we go grocery shopping mostly)..  So I bought a skein, and did this. 

A pumpkin set.  

And a "Pumpkin Bear" set.  Well, that's what I was thinking anyway with the orange and the bear hat. Didn't turn out so cute. But it will keep a baby warm..  (I do love the hat though.)

We had Steve and Eons' birthday last month..   I made cupcakes on their birthday. (Long story, we had Steve's brother/wife over that following weekend for birthday dinner, too..)  

Eons' presents.

I saw this bag and said "That's Eon's personality, I have to get it.."   

This is what he does most of the time when I try to take his picture. (Grrr)

Opening his gifts.

Eli smiled for Eon.  :P

The candles lit..

Eon being silly (but still with an attitude...)  :P

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Started A New Hobby...

I think I need another hobby, like I need another hole in my head.  O.o  But, it's so fun.  Have you ever heard of Pocket Letters? I hadn't, until one of my pen pals sent me one.  So... I googled it.  Here is the blog of the creator of Pocket Letters.    I think they are so much fun!! Of course, it is a lot more work than just writing a letter. You definitely have to be in a crafty mood.  :)    This is the first one I finished.  When I took it to the post office, the guy was acting like that was the strangest thing he had ever heard.   I showed him a picture on my phone.  He said "All that is in this envelope?"  "Yup."  :P  

A little envelope I made, with some sequins I got at a hotel I used to work at; when we lived in Colorado.

Some pinwheel paper clips. (You Tube video tutorial)

Washi Tape Critters!!  
Here is a second one I did.  Nothing super fancy, like some I have seen while Googling and on Pinterest.  But...   The idea is to send little fun things to your pen pal that you might send in a letter/puffy: tea, buttons, paper clips, sticky notes...  Anything you can fit in the little slots.   I tried to make this one not so bulky as the first one I made.  So it only cost like two stamps to send.

The back so you can see what it is inside..  They fold up and fit inside a standard 4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inch envelope (long envelopes).    If I didn't have so much going on right now, I would be making more.  

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Preschool Sweater Is Finished

It has technically been finished, I just didn't have any buttons. I bought some yesterday, and sewed them on this morning. I couldn't find any orange in 7/8", so I bought the brown ones...  It is from the Family Fashions booklet published by Red Heart, but now out of publication. You might be able to find one on Ebay or somewhere..  I also wanted to say, it is very similar to the pattern: BackTo-School Cardigan, from Colorful Kids . Just a little tiny bit different. (I think I like that other pattern better...) I can't seem to find that pattern on the Red Heart site or on Amazon, either. Maybe it is out of print, too..  If you don't have a Ravelry account, you can see what the booklet looks like here.  And what the finished sweater looks like here. I used Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn for that sweater (maybe why I think it turned out better- this pattern says to use Red Heart super saver..)    

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Sweater Progress

I went to Walmart and got more yarn yesterday (what a nightmare). I got the last one in the color I needed. (I love how you have to search, and find it in a bin with brown yarn?...) Anyway. I got enough to finish it. So.. I got both sleeves done last night. They look too short to me. But...  I am doing what the pattern says to do.. 

These are some wildflowers that grow in a stand of trees/bushes in the middle of our backyard (up by the house).  They're up by the road, and down at the end of our yard, too. I think they are brown eyed susans. But... I don't know. They're pretty. (Unless you get up close, then they don't look so good..)

We also have some blackberry bushes in our backyard, by the flowers (and down at the end of the yard, too; down at the bottom of the hill).  Weve been seeing a lot of deer lately...   (They must be eating the berries..)

Some that I picked. I washed them about five times...  to get any bugs out. But, they didn't get eaten. They aren't very sweet.  I've never actually eaten blackberries right off a bush (that I remember). So...  Maybe they aren't supposed to be sweet? Or, maybe they aren't ripe enough.