Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Another Pair of Booties

I finished these last night. This morning I took a quick picture (not the greatest, sorry) on my way out the door; because I was going to see if my boss wanted to buy them. She had asked me a while ago, how much I would charge for a pair. I told her $10. (If you buy a skein of yarn to make a pair, it cost $5. Incidentally, I didn't buy the yarn for these, it was given to me a long time ago.)  She bought them. I was so relieved. We really need the money this week. I posted it on facebook and instagram and hastagged #madmoney. But it's really more like #gasormilkandcoffeetiltheendoftheweek/paydaymoney.  O.o  It's kind of funny, because my boss said the girl (who she bought them for) is having her baby shower this weekend. So I finished them at the perfect time.    I also brought in some cookies this morning. I made some chocolate crinkles last night. I didn't take a picture of them, but here's the recipe I used.  (My boss LOVES cookies. She was so excited, she couldnt even talk at first. It was so cute..)    It's the little things... :P

Friday, April 04, 2014

Spring Flowers

I have been picking the daffodils in our backyard. I can see them from the kitchen window when I'm washing dishes. One day I said "I'm just going to pick them." :D  These actually lasted a long time. And they smelled really nice, too.

After I picked the yellow ones, these started to bloom. I picked these today. They don't smell very good. (Lol)

This is a picture I took today of our tree right by our driveway. I kept seeing these little purple buds on trees while I am driving. Then today I pulled in the driveway when I got home from work and my mouth fell open-- "We have one of those trees."  :P

Some trees downtown by the library. I kept driving by them and finally I took a picture (I was at a stoplight.)  They are all over town. (This is why my allergies are so bad...)  But they are so beautiful. After living in the ugly desert for six years, I am loving all the flowers and trees.. :D

I finished these for a girl at work who had a baby boy. I didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl (and neither did my boss). So I made them in neutral colors a boy or a girl could wear.  I brought them in this Monday. I finished them just in time, because she had her baby over the weekend! 

And this is a pair I started for another girl who is due this month. My boss said she thinks she is having a girl. Not a very good picture. But I am using very old yarn an old friend gave me when we lived in Colorado. It's Red Heart Baby Wintuk. Fingering weight yarn.  I'm pretty sure this is a discontinued yarn. But I haven't googled it yet. :P  Have a great weekend..

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Some Recent Roosters

I posted a picture a couple days or so ago, of some rooster hot pads I wanted to make some more of. I think I crocheted those in 2008 or 9..  Well, I did finish a couple, over Spring Break. I actually finished one more, black but with a different yarn for the tail feathers/comb.  I also bought three skeins of cotton to make more: two brown skeins, one burnt orange..  I added these two to my Etsy store. Finished the third one a couple days later.  It's kind of turning into my "Watching TV" project. (I started a brown one.)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Tulips" and Fishing

I went for a big adventerous walk in the back yard today. (Well, maybe it was for Jetta. ;) I hooked up her harness and took her out the side door while Duke was out front on the chain.)  Here are the "Tulips" that are coming up. ;)  Lol  They're daffodils. Poor hubby doesn't know flowers..  They are so pretty.  They're coming up in a lot of spots.

Some blooms ready to open.

And here are some pictures I took when we went fishing last weekend. Just at the lake by our subdivision.  We didn't catch anything. But I know Eon liked it. Every time he would get a bite he would get excited (in a "I'm too cool" kind of way..).

This is where the boats can launch off from.

He caught on how to cast by himself real quick. He did really good.  I still have to put the worms on for him. Kind of funny, because I did that myself, when I was younger than him. ;) (And he's a boy..)   Steve went again the next day, and took Eon with him. They went to a new lake but didn't catch anything there, either. (I think it is still too early/cold.)  But they had fun! Eon came in when they got home and said "I got a bite but he took my worm."  ;P   I think it's great. Now if we can just get Eli to go! They need to start going outside and doing other things besides video games. It was too hot in NV/nothing to do there. But there are lots of outdoor things to do/places to go here. And they really need to go outside more.
Some ducks and a swan. They would just come up next to you. I almost was afraid they would attack us, a couple times..  Probably (well, I know for sure) because people feed them. I saw a bunch of crackers and Doritos on the ground next to the dock.   I made a video, too. But I still do not know how to get a video on here.

Random Thoughts

I have been trying to think of what to crochet (I am almost done with my bunny idea) over Spring Break. I've also been tryinng to think of things I could put in my Etsy store.  Well yesterday I was baking a cake (because "there's nothing to eat".. Lol). I opened up the hot pad drawer and saw my rooster hot pad. I thought, "I should crochet one of those!"..  I think I have only made three so far. I was trying to think of other colors to make, too. Of all the yarn I brought with me from NV, I brought all my dishcloth cotton (and baby yarn). I'll have to see what colors I could use. I started another black one last night. I didn't have enough of the black/white for the tail. So I went to Hobby Lobby. I didn't see any black/white, but I got some grey/white that will work for the tail/comb.

I took this picture two days ago. It was sunny and 74. Beautiful. But then yesterday it was cold, rainy, and super windy. :(  Today is starting out cold, too.  Our neighbors tree is already bloomed. Probably not going to be good for his tree. Our big tree in our back yard hasn't bloomed yet. It's supposed to get beautiful flowers on it. I will definitely take pictures. My husband said "some tulips or something" were coming up in the back yard, too; so I will have to go look.

I joined the March Postcard Pal Swap in the Love of Letters group on Ravelry.  I have not been able to find one postcard anywhere, since we moved here. So... I went googling and found these online.  I wanted to go somewhere while the kids are still on Break. So far we've only gone to the doctors.. :(  I tried to get Eon to go to the library. But he didn't want to. I need to go to the Post Office today to get postcard stamps. Maybe I can talk him into going to the Museum across the street. Maybe the museum will have some postcards, too.    Oh, I take that back. We did go get our licenses, and went fishing. I will have to post about that. We didn't catch anything, but I think Eon really liked it.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Another Pair of Minion Slippers

Messing around with my phone again.. :D I finished these today.  I posted them for sale in my Etsy Store.  I've had a couple things in there (another pair of minion slippers, a bow ear warmer), but nothing has sold yet. I'm thinking when it starts getting closer to Christmas/colder outside, maybe I will get more sales. (I'm hoping..)  I'm pretty happy with how this pair turned out.  I was thinking about how I used to try and get into Craft Shows. I never actually did a show (because I never had enough stuff to sell at a show). That's kind of why I like the Etsy stores. I can just add things as I finish them.  If they don't sell, maybe I will have enough by that time to actually do a Craft Show. Lol   There is a store in a strip mall here that has booths to sell your things. One has (way overpriced, IMO) crocheted items in it. I don't know how much it would cost to rent a stall.   Guess I will stick with the Etsy store for a while... Okay I'm done rambling. :P 

Friday, March 07, 2014

Bow Ear Warmer

I finished my bow ear warmer yesterday.  Here is the link to the Etsy store where I got the pattern. (Swellamy.) Bow Ear Warmer. You get two patterns, another ear warmer pattern called Bobble Ear Warmer (I think), and this one.  

I wore it all day.  It got kind of itchy after a while.

I told you, it was an "I don't feel like doing my hair day.." :P  I wasn't going anywhere. So.

I don't know if you can tell, but that's Duke getting into a bag of puppy food. :P  I guess it tastes better out of the bag. I worked on my Minion Slippers a little, too. I'm almost to the toe part.  

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Banana Bread

I made a double batch of banana bread yesterday. I had five bananas in the freezer. Used them all up. I have to feed my "starving" kids. ;)   (Plus, I do like to bake..)  I downloaded a free photo editer on my phone, and I have been playing with it. (I took this picture with my phone.)   I have two smaller bread pans (which I really like, they're good for making bread to give as gifts), and the one pictured. I also made some Whipped Honey Butter to go with it (so yummy on warm banana bread... Although I have to say-- I should not be eating it with butter..) I don't remember where I got the recipe for the honey butter. But I just basically pour some honey into some room temp (softened) butter. And "whip" (stir) it. :P  But if  you want an official recipe: Whipped Honey Butter.  :)   

I haven't started my bunny I had an idea for, yet. I am working on finishing some Minion Slippers first. (Then I will have two pairs to put in my Etsy store.)   I did start a Bow Ear Warmer for myself today, though.  I have made several for gifts (second and third pictures) for other people. I haven't made any for myself though.  Today is a "I don't feel like doing my hair" day. So...  :P  I probably won't get the headband done today. Oh well.