Thursday, May 31, 2018

Cookie Fail/Save, and a Handmade Birthday Card

I made a batch of Snickerdoodle Cookies today. But, the dough wouldn't stick together very well. So, after trying for the (only) second time to get one ball to stick together, I said I'm just going to put all the dough in a pan...  So that's what I did. I greased it really good. Sprinkled the cinnamon sugar on top...  And guess what? It turned out pretty good.

So I saved the cookies...   Eon cut them. :)

Well this is a long story behind a card I made. I used to sponsor a girl named Tia through a group (I think Crafting for a Cause, I don't know..)  Well the group closed. And after we moved to Oregon, I lost touch because every time I sent her a card with my new address, it was returned to me. And when we moved here, same thing. So, I went on Facebook to see if I could find her. (I did.)  I eventually sent her a friend request, and she accepted it.  Long story short, she has two kids and their birthdays are in June and July. The girl is turning 3.   So, another long story, we have no money so I made a card.  It ended up being two cards.  I saw this online to decorate the front. Not that exact card, but there isn't a link to the actual card I used.  

This was how I started the card. It's actually a Christmas Card. But, it's a present. So...  I don't know. I just wanted to do something fun for the little girl.  Now I have to try and think of something for a present...  Since we are broke.  I saw a really cute doll/backpack pattern and am entering a contest to try and win a free copy of the pattern: Dress Me Dolls Set. That would be a lot of work, though..  And right on the heels of making that, I would have to do something for her brother. (He is turning four.) And Tia is turning 23.  So, that's three birthdays...

Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Really Old WIP...

I was so happy after finishing the Tomten Jacket, I got enough courage to get the Central Park Hoodie out to try and finish it.  I should change my username to The Cowardly Knitter. I don't have very much confidence in myself to knit. I made some mistakes on the Tomten, and there are mistakes on this...   But, maybe no one will notice them unless they have knitted one themselves. :P   I finished the hood, and seamed it. Now I am knitting the edging on one side.   I started this sweater in January of 2008.  :0   I didn't plan the matching outfit.

Something is wrong with Cosmo's paw...  I kept noticing he smells. Really bad. We (Eon) gave him a bath right after we brought him home. Then yesterday I asked him to give him another one, because he smells so bad. Eon said one of his claws is bent and won't go back in. I looked at it, and smelled his paw. It's that paw.  SIGH....    I don't know what to do. Hopefully the shelter may be able to help.    Problems just keep piling up...   Nothing is working... Stress levels are super high..   At least my knitting needles still work. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Tomten Jacket Is Finished

Yay!! I am so proud of myself. I might even have enough courage to get my Central Park Hoodie out and finish it, now. :D

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Cookie Jar

                                                    The Cookie Jar
                                                    by Edgar Guest

You can rig up a house with all manner of things,
The prayer rugs of sultans and princes and kings;
You can hang on its wall the old tapestries rare
Which some dead Egyptian once treasured with care;
But though costly and gorgeous its furnishings are,
It must have, to be homelike, an old cookie jar.

There are just a few things that a home must possess,
Besides all your money and all your success—
A few good old books which some loved one has read,
Some trinkets of those whose sweet spirits have fled,
And then in the pantry, not shoved back too far
For the hungry to get to, that old cookie jar.

Let the house be a mansion, I care not at all!
Let the finest of pictures be hung on each wall,
Let the carpets be made of the richest velour,
And the chairs only those which great wealth
     can procure,
I'd still want to keep for the joy of my flock
That homey, old fashioned, well-filled cookie crock.

Like the love of the Mother it shines through our years;
It has soothed all our hurts and dried away tears;
It has paid us for toiling; in sorrow or joy,
It has always shown kindness to each girl and boy;
And I'm sorry for people, whoever they are,
Who live in a house where there's no cookie jar.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Quick Post

I finished the edging (and all the knitting) on the Tomten Jacket. I have since this picture, sewn up one sleeve as well. :) I am so glad I stuck with it, I really love it now. (I did not love it while I was working on it, sometimes..)  

We got a new kitty. It was "Maddie's Pet Adoption Day" at the shelter here. I was just going to go look...  (Famous last words.) I wanted a kitten. But all the kittens they had wouldn't be available for another couple weeks.  So, after (driving the volunteer nuts) staying for about an hour and looking at and holding each cat, and leaving, and coming back, we got this kitty. :D His name was Hippo. But, we re-named him Cosmo. There is a story behind his name.   I was looking at the papers, to see what all it said. Well, his birthday is the EXACT same day and year as Bagheera!! That just blew me away.  I couldn't believe it. I started googling words for "meant to be".  The only things that came up that I would consider naming my cat were maybe Kismet. But then another word came up, that I knew was going to be it. Cosmos. Which I shortened to Cosmo. Because 1. My husband worked on the Cosmopolitan hotel when we first lived here. 2. It used to be my favorite drink and 3. I could not think of any other names I liked...  :D  He is VERY lovable. And him and Bagheera seem to get along good. Bagheera has been wrestling with Cosmo, which I don't know if Cosmo really likes... Steve says they're just playing. But I will break it up if it seems like Cosmo doesn't like it.

Every time I come in the door now, this is what I see.  :P

Cosmo on our bed.

Both of them on the counter when we first brought Cosmo home.

I crocheted them both mice, since I cannot find the one Natasha sent for Bagheera, anywhere. I think he has a secret hiding place. They don't really seem to like these. Bagheera will play with them if I show them (one) to him  Anyway, that's it for today. I have to go get Eon from school.

Oh, one more thing. Las Vegas broke a record yesterday for 100* first time in 2018.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tomten Jacket Progress

I finished the hood on the Tomten Jacket...  I started picking up stitches for the border. But... I am going to need a longer circular needle. (SIGH.....)   I was looking at buttons, trying to think what kind of buttons I should get. I king of want some "wooden" (or fake wood) toggle buttons..  Or similar to that. I have about three hundred ends to weave in on this, too. I did weave a bunch in already.  I just want it to be done.

Today is my husband's company picnic, or "Family Day"... What is it called, anyway? Whenever my Dad had something like this, it was called a company picnic. They have a semi-truck load full of things to give away as raffle prizes. TV's, bikes... I don't know what else.  I think it will be fun for Eon. We're trying to talk Eli into going too. He doesn't want to.  I will try to get pictures.  

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Some Really Old Projects

I was laying in bed last night, trying to go to sleep. I was thinking about some of the old projects I used to crochet. And so this morning, I went through some old pictures (one box, lol-- I still have a lot more).  This was pre-digital camera, and pre-computer days (at least for us).  Also, pre-Amigurumi days. :)  I crocheted the two older boys some "Floppy Dogs" from an old "Crafting Traditions" magazine. They wanted puppies, too. :D  They actually wanted a whole litter. Each. O.o  But I did make them each a puppy. :)

I also used to crochet "Bed Dolls". From Annie's Attic. I used to crochet these, before our oldest son was even born. But I didn't have a camera, even to take a picture of them then. I crocheted two for my younger sisters. One I know was "Miss February, 1992." I don't remember what the other one was..   This one I gave to one of my nieces.  Steve's late Great Aunt Steffie had given me three or more big skeins/balls of gold polyester thread. I used some of it (I still had more when this was done, that's how much she gave me) to crochet this dress.  I don't even have the patterns for these bed dolls, any more. They took a long time to finish. I think I made three all together. I used to love crocheting doll clothes; which was unfortunate for me since we had three boys. :) But I would make them for other people..  I still have a bunch of clothes, and doll patterns. But none of the bed dolls.

And this was the picture I kept thinking about, for some reason... I don't know why. We had that ugly old couch... (Ugh!!) That was when I let a stray cat into our house, and he peed on everything, our bed, our couch!... We had to get a new mattress, and throw our couch away- and get this ugly one from the Salvation Army/Goodwill.  Anyway.  I was crocheting Eli an afghan. And he was sticking his tongue out. :P

These were the Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies I was talking about in my last post, I think.  And this is the recipe. I got more chocolate chips, and caramel pieces to make more, this morning. They're yummy.