Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another Baby Set

I finished another baby set. This is the last of this yarn. I went back to Big Lots (I'm not a yarn snob..) to get some more of the green yarn.  And they didn't have any. I went back again, and finally asked someone. She said whatever they had was it. They don't get new orders in, they just get whatever the company decides to send them.  :(    I really liked this shade of green, and it is so soft...   Sigh. Oh well.   I was able to finish this set.  I only had three rows on a sleeve left, and I had to rip a row out of a scrap afghan to finish the sleeve. But, it's done.  :P

I took this picture yesterday. Eon left his bedroom door open when we went to the bus stop.  And Duke took over. Lol.  He was keeping guard of Eons' bed... 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Food Post

I tried a new recipe a few nights ago (I think it was Sunday?).  Someone I know posted it on facebook. It looked so yummy (and being German, I had to try it..).  It's called  Kneopfla Hotdish. It isn't hard to make. Just the clipping of the dough into the hot boiling pot is kind of much.  (Be a good thing to make in the Winter.)  

I made this the other day, too. I had bought the generic brand of Honey Nut Cheerios, because it was a whole dollar cheaper. Does. Not. Taste. The. Same.  (Yuck!!)  So, with a whole box of cereal I didn't want to just waste.. I made the kids a snack: Cheerios Nuggets  Everyone liked them, except Eon.  (Sigh..)  

And, some dinner rolls I made...   :)    What is it about the smell of homemade bread?  Yum...

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Duke's First Trip To The Vet...

...was not a fun one! :/  This picture was taken after we got home. I think he was all wore out-- from being so bad! When we first got there, he was running all over outside, peeing everywhere. :/   Eon wanted to hold the leash. (He was home sick that day.)  I let him (but finally took it from him- I can barely handle Duke, I know Eon can't..)  We finally get into the vets' office. Duke is freaking out.  I tell the receptionist I have an appointment. Some woman in there says "Oh what a cute puppy!"  I laughed (because he isn't a puppy), and said "He's actually a year old."  Eon took the leash again; and it was just chaos...   We got Duke weighed (which we had to do ourselves).  Then, Duke poops in the middle of the waiting room floor. :0   Oh my goodness...    Well if that wasn't bad enough, he immediately goes over to the bookshelf and PEES on it!!???  He is so bad!!! I said "NOO!!"  I was so embarrassed. The receptionist said "What did he do?" I said "He just peed on your book shelf. I am so sorry. (You are a bad dog!)" And I take him outside to pee. I'm walking around, and walk right into this huge spiderweb! O.M.G!!   We finally get into the room.  Duke's hair is flying everywhere, it's humid and hot as hell in this vet's office (do they not have air conditioning?)...   Duke growls at the vet. We have to pin him down to get all the tests done...   UGH...    What a nightmare.     All his tests came back normal, and we got his first rabies shot. But I don't know if I am going to go back to this vet. I went there; because of all the vets I called in town, this one was the cheapest.  But not knowing the area still, or where it was (I drive past it all the time, just didn't put the two things together)..  The building is old and run down.   Not very professional staff, NO air conditioning? In the south?  And in a stinky vets office? Come on..  I felt so gross after I left that place.  (Then there was all the dog hair all over the car... Which I went up and vacuumed out.)  Sheesh.  This vet is not that much cheaper than the other ones I called in town..    
I think we need to get him fixed... Maybe that will setlle him down some. What a monster.    

I finished a Santa Treat Jar.   I had started this in May of this year, I think. It's from the Crochet World "Christmas in Crochet" magazine from last year or the year before.   I thought it would be cute for my Dad & step-Mom for Christmas this year.  They love candy.  I got a bag of my Dad's (and mine) favorite candy but I can see I am going to have to get a few bags to fill up the jar. :)  We will probably eat all that is in there.  So, I have my first/only (?) crochet project finished for Christmas.  Actually, my only gift so far, too.   

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Guess Who Got A Haircut?... :D

Yup!! :D   I kept trying to get a picture of his new hair cut. But he wouldn't let me take his picture.  He took this "selfie".  I said "Let me take one where you are at least smiling.."  "It's a selfie. Only girls smile in selfies..."  (Ugh...)  

I did get this one.  :/    I was SOOO happy he was getting a hair cut. When we got there, I asked him if he wanted to look at the books to see what he wanted.  The picture he picked out was short! I was trying really hard to remain calm. But inside, I was jumping up and down and screaming, "YESSS!!!"  :P    After we got in the car, he said "No one is going to recognize me tomorrow."  Then he said he should wear something he's never worn before.  I said "Do you want to go to Old Navy and get a Polo shirt or something?"  

.... It isn't a Polo shirt, but this is the shirt he picked out.   I took this one while unlocking the door- just aimed it behind me. Ha ha...  It actually turned out.  :P    I am so glad he got a hair cut!!   He said it isn't what he thought it would be. But I said "It will grow out, whenever you get a hair cut it takes a few days to start looking the way you like.."

Eli is always bringing home goodies they made in his Culinary Arts Class.  A couple days ago he brought these cookies. Yummy!! He said they're called Haystacks.   He wrote down the recipe for me. It is similar to this one, but not quite the same.  He said they used "the chocolate cereal."  And 2 cups sugar, 18 oz peanut butter, and 6 cups of cereal. Also, no vanilla.  

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Lunatic Fringe Scarf

I submitted this pattern to the Crochet Pattern A Day Calendar  2007. I had only ever made the two scarves, for our two older boys.  Well, I finally crocheted another one (for the preschool drive). :P  And I made a bunch of mistakes on the fringe on one end. (Shh...)    I re-listed it in my Etsy Store, and I finally added the link on Ravelry.   

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Burn Out

I think I am getting burned out from making baby things for the OB Ward. I like making baby things, but that is ALL I crochet or knit, lately.  It's kinding of sucking the life out of me.  :(  This month (August) I sent one package, with three sleep sacks (plus hats), two sweaters (one with hat and booties, one not because I ran out of the peach yarn), and seven onesies.   Then, it's like a week away from the end of August. And they still need like 28 sweaters and blankets... O.o  I said I would work on sweaters that week.  This is what I got done.  Another sweater like Tia's Baby's Sweater. (I also sent Tia a sweater booties hat, and a blanket this month, too).   Baby Sweater Pattern.

These three sweaters.  I made some booties to go with the navy blue sweater, but since the socks/booties slot got filled up, I will save those...  This is the Bundles of Love Baby Sweater by Beth Koskie. Free Ravelry download. 
And, a concentric stripes sweater I had knitted a long time ago but never weaved the ends in for, or had any buttons..   So the grand total (including what I sent Tia this month for her baby):  8 sweaters, 3 sleep sacks, 5 hats, 2 booties, 7 onesies, 1 blanket.  Sheesh...    It is supposed to be a "No stress group".   But that's not how I'm feeling. O.o  Besides the baby things, I also have been making hats/mittens/scarves for the Preschoolers.  I finished five mittens, four hats, and two scarves.  And I am burned out.   The other thing is, I am not working any more; so it isn't like we have extra money to send things.  Every time my husband gives me money to go spend, I end up spending on sending packages.  

Eon has been in a "Freddie Krueger/Jason mood lately...  It all started because I forced Eli to go school clothes shopping with me one day.  He picked out one shirt that was red stripes. It's this one.  Their Dad said "Eli looks like Freddie Krueger in that shirt."  (Eli didn't hear him, though.) So one day he was wearing it; and we were driving home from school, and I said "Eli you look like Freddie Krueger in that shirt." :P    So, now Eon is on a Freddie Krueger/Jason thing...  O.o  (What did I do?...)   He watched the last half hour of  "Freddie vs. Jason" one night..  This is what happended later...   "Take a picture of me"... 

"Take another one...."   Lol   He cracks me up...

I feel like I have to explain why the chairs from the dining room table are in front of the windows....  One word: Duke.   I try to keep him away from the windows (they go all the way down to the floor practically).  He looks outside and barks at every single thing that moves outside. God help me if someone is walking down the road, or riding their bike...  O.o  He drives me nuts.  Then Jetta will start, too...  So I try to barricade the windows... I know it's weird..  But that's why there are chairs in front of the windows.  :P

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Field Trip Pictures

I'm finally getting around to posting a few pictures of the field trip...   Day One was makiing and playing with marbles, and swimming. But our group played with marbles first, then made them.  Here's Eon playing marbles..

And, making his marble out of clay. 

His marble after it was baked. 

Swimming.  :)  

Day Two was "Reptiles" (a snake), "Toys of the 1800's", and a hike.  This is Elvis, the corn snake. Eon was about to touch him.  Eon wanted a snake for at least two weeks after this field trip..  (Thankfully, his Dad said NO.)  ;P

A lesson in how to tell the difference between a venomous and a non-venomous snake. Venomous snakes have a pit on the side of their face (venom pit).  And, I have already forgotten how to tell by their tails.  

Here Eon was making toys of the 1800s.  

And playing with toys of the 1800's...

He tried the stilts. (One time.)  Lol  

One of the toys...

These are the toys we made. (I got to make some, too..)

A few pictures of the park..

The dam.

The other side of the dam.

After that hike (it was over an hour long!); Eon needed a slushie. :)

I have some good news (to me).  Thursday night, out of the blue; Eon said "I want to get a hair cut. I want to get three inches cut off."  :0    Of course, he wanted to go right then, at 7:30 at night and I already had my pajamas on. He even asked me to cut his hair.  ???   I wonder if someone said something to him.  :(  I cannot stand his long hair (and he has had it cut!)  It's always hanging in his eyes, and stringy and he doesn't take care of it.  It looks terrible.  So I am happy... I think we are going to go today, because I need to go pick up a prescription. The place I get my hair cut is right by there.  Now we will have to do picture re-takes. (Sigh..)  But I think it will be worth the wait. :D