Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Last night I was laying in bed thinking, "School is going to start in a couple of weeks I think...  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"  :(  Two weeks from today to be exact.   And I feel worse about it than that baby.   (And I am not even the one gong back to school?!!)  But I still have to get up, make sure Eon gets up, get his lunch ready, and drive him there. (Driving him there and being there is the part I hate the most...)  I hate this school so much.   And didn't want to have him go back there next year (now, this year).   My husband kept saying, "You have all summer. Don't think about it."   Easy for him to say..  There isn't much I can do about any of it. We have a two year lease in this house, so it isn't like we can just move to a different school district.  Which might make things better for me.   Sigh...     I keep trying to tell myself, "Eon seems to like it there, so why you can't I?"...     The schools is Tennessee were better than they are here. In fact, the schools in Tennessee were better than they were in Nevada.  But, this is the absolute worst school any of my kids have ever gone to.    And we have lived in five different states.   

I finished another Corner-To-Corner Baby Blanket, for the OB Ward.  I had some blue, and I had bought another lavender One Pounder Caron on sale at Jo-Ann''s.. And the variegated was leftover from my Scalloped Top.  I thought I had one more skein of the variegated, but I couldn't find any anywhere...    I was going to make each "section" the exact same size...   Sigh...   I didn't feel like taking practically the whole thing apart just to try and do that, though...   

The sun was shining in the windows no matter how I put the blinds...   

The first picture is more true to color.   

Friday, August 19, 2016

Duke's Surgery

Duke had his surgery on Wednesday.  Drop off time was 8-8:15 am.  The Vet called me about 11 or 11:30, and said he was out of surgery and he "did" fine. (He was completely under anesthesia, so I don't know how he did anything, but... :P) But I was glad to hear it all went well.  She said he was howling. I laughed.  (But then I started to worry, too..)  Then while we were talking, I could hear him howling.  It was loud.  She said that's actually pretty common, they are pretty loopy when they come out of anesthesia and are confused. We were able to pick him up at 2.  (When I went to pick him up, another dog was howling in the back...)  Look at the six inch (?) incision!! :(  For a little 3/4 inch tumor...    She said she got "wide margins"...   Yeah. I guess so.   Poor Duke.   I was really worried about him that first whole day (and night). 

He did sleep a lot. That first night (and last night, actually) we put his big pillow in our room and he slept in there.  I did not get much sleep that first night.  Besides being worried about Duke, I had to take my sister-in-law to the hospital the very next morning (she asked me a couple weeks ago, and I said I would.. I didn't know Duke was going to have cancer, and his surgery was going to be scheduled the day before).      

Getting him to take his pills is a whole other can of worms...   He has two pills to take- one for pain, one for the inflammation; around the incision site.  The first time I tried putting it into a piece of lunch meat. He did eat one that way. but spit the other one out.  Then I put it into a piece of cheese. He ate the cheese and spit the pill out.  Brat.  Then the next time we smushed them up, and mixed it with peanut butter. That worked. Once. The next morning (the morning of my sister in law's surgery) it didn't work. He was on to me. So I had to trick him by giving him pieces of my eggs, then putting the peanut butter on my finger. He ate it.   I was telling my sister in law about it, and she said our other sister in law (my husbands' and her husbands' sister) got some special treats for one of her dogs, because it wouldn't take its meds either.   So last night we went to PetCo and got these...    They work pretty good.  He still keeps spitting half the treat out but so far has eaten it all.     This week was stressful...  Well, the past two days were.  

My sister in law gave me this, yesterday; when we got back to her house. (She had cataract surgery, by the way; her last one..)   I said she didn't have to do that. But it is beautiful, and I do love it! I never buy myself things like this. (I am always buying yarn or crochet magazines, or books for myself..)   It's a peacock, and it opens up into a little box.  I love it.   I don't know what I will put into it..   

I finally got my husband's ladder out, and went and picked some apples from one of our apple trees. We have two. But the other tree; the apples are all wormy, and real small..   I feel like a slacker because I should have been picking the apples all along. They just have been ending up on the ground, then my husband cleans them all up into the wheelbarrow and the end up in the mulch pile. (You should see how many are back there!!)  But....   I feel like I can't keep up. Between housework and picking all the blackberries...  Washing them, freezing them. Baking blackberry cobbler. Let the dogs out let the dogs in. Go run errands. Do laundry.   Then this week was crazy..   How did I do everything before, and work five days a week?   I feel like I can't keep up lately...  Now I hope these all don't go bad. Because yesterday, today and tomorrow is a high heat advisory (over 100). So there is no way I am going to be baking...  I don't know what kind of apples they are.  And it's weird, because even though they are all from the same tree, they look like two different apples. Maybe I should have waited to pick the smaller green ones..  Maybe they weren't ready yet?  But the ones on the top are beautiful.    The kids still haven't eaten one. I posted this picture on Facebook, and one of my friends (from school days, she lives in Michigan) said she wished her apple tree got apples like this. Her one son will eat a whole bag a day just for a snack..     :0    I said I wish my kids would eat one apple.  Not unless it is inside a pie, or a cobbler, or with some (super expensive) caramel dip...   I want to make a pie with these.  I was going to give some to my sister in law yesterday, but I was in a rush in the morning and didn't get to it.. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

One Year "Anniversary", and Scrap Strips Blanket Update

Today marks the One Year "Anniversary" of the day we moved here.  This is my "On This Day" in Facebook History thing...  I didn't share it (at least not on Facebook).  I need a Time Machine...   So I can go back in time and NOT move here....   :(

I sewed what I have done so far on the Scrap Strips Blanket. It measures 41 inches across.  So one more strip should be good. I haven't started it yet, though..   I wasn't sure about the strips when they were all separate. Some looked smaller (I think I used some Wool-Ease or maybe Simply Soft scraps which are thinner weight than Red Heart..) in spots. But once they are all together (and when I get a border all around), it should even out.

I think I mentioned before how Duke gives us "The Look" when he wants to go outside.  He sticks his head forward as far as he can and stares at you.  I have been trying to get a picture of him doing it since forever...  I never can get one. But this time came pretty close. It is much funnier and more dramatic in Real Life.    Tomorrow is his surgery.  :(    Poor guy doesn't know what's coming..  I need to go get some more dog shampoo so we can give him a bath again. He got one the day before his last appointment, but he stinks already again. How can he just go outside and stinks when he comes back in???....

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A New Project, and Trip Pics

I started a blanket for my cousin, who is having a baby in November. Obviously it's a girl. :P  And she likes pink, so pink it is.. I couldn't find any information about what colors they were doing the nursery/baby's room. So..   She is my youngest Aunts' daughter. She is the same age as our oldest son. (24.)  Incidentally (or coincidentally?), this Aunt is the one who helped me learn to crochet. I kind of already knew the basics. But she helped me with any questions, and she taught me the ripple stitch.   I am sure she is crocheting tons of things for her first grandbaby.  :)   I thought I only made the one of these, for my nephew Gavin. But I forgot I made one for my old neighbor, too.

We went to the Pacific Coast again last weekend.  We "forced" Eli to come this time. He had never been to the ocean. He said he wanted to come.  There is a huge arcade there.

Eli getting blown away by the wind. 

Eon with Tillamook Head in the background. 

They both had their shoes off. I said they were a couple of beach bums. :P  

Eon wrote his name in the sand...  :P   Eli was writing (with his feet) "HELP" in huge letters, lol..  He cracks me up.   It was too big to try and get a picture of. Then I looked over at my husband and he's writing "Steve was here... O.M.G...    

This wasn't at Seaside, but at the Maritime Museum in Astoria.  It costs $14 per adult to get in so I said "Never mind". Plus I was half windblown to death, and didn't feel like walking any more.   It's hard work walking on a huge sandy beach with the wind blowing you away.   This was down by the docks...

I think you can guess the name of the river, by the name on the boat.  

I loved this boat. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Another Update on Duke, and FO's..

I got a call from the Vet's this morning with Dukes' pre-bloodwork lab results. The results were fine, everything looked normal and how it was supposed to look. WHEW!! I also got to ask the vet more questions. He does have cancer. BUT, it is very low grade and only in the tumor. Once they get that off of him (and they are going to get margins around the tumor area too); he should be fine.   I am SOOO relieved!!! I said "So if he was a human it would be like Stage One Cancer?"  "Yes"..      I am so so relieved. He is my baby!!!

He had to get in the picture here, too. :P   He cracks me up...   I finished the fourth strip on my scrap strips blanket. I have since taking this picture started sewing them together, too.  I think one more strip and it should be big enough. It doesn't look very big but the strips are 60 inches long.

I also finished a pair of childs' slippers. In Christmas colors.  I should have taken a side view picture. The trim is the variegated color just like the pom-poms.  

I also finished a hat, for Operation General Beadle. 

To go with these mittens which I finished this past weekend. I'm not sure because I don't have the yarn wrappers, but I think this is a wool blend yarn. So it should be warmer for their hands/mittens.  I do have more yarn I could do a scarf to go with these, but I haven't decided..  They need mittens and hats more than scarves.

And I have a soft navy blue hat and scarf done, too. I was thinking about doing a pair of mittens... But, acrylic yarn is not very warm for mittens.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Update On Duke

I got the lab results from the Vet.  I can't even begin to describe what it is he has.  Here is what the email said:
"The results from the aspirate are most consistent with a soft tissue sarcoma such as a hemangiopericytoma, neruofibrosarcoma, or malignant schwannoma/malignant nerve sheath tumor.  I know these are all very big names, but most of these are very low grade tumors.  Meaning they grow slow and rarely spread to other areas of the body.  We would need to get at least 2 centimeter margins around this tumor so unfortunately it does mean a full anesthesia.  Some of these will grow back months to years after excision.  Its less likely if we get good margins, and the margins are clean."    Basically he has to have surgery, and full anesthesia. :(   I thought the word "sarcoma" sounds like cancer...   Poor Gooby Goo.   I just hope this takes care of it and they DON'T come back..   I am waiting for the Vet to call me...  I will keep you updated.


I just got off the phone with the vet and confirmed it is cancer. I also googled it before talking with them.  She said if they get it all then he will be "fine"; but there is always a chance it will come back.   :(  I am taking him in today for pre-bloodwork and scheduled his surgery for next Wednesday.  He is my best little buddy.  :(

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Duke's First Trip To His New Vet...

I had made an appointment on Monday for Duke, at a new Vet's office here.  He hadn't been since we lived in Tennessee. Plus, he has had some "issues".  One was his one ear, something was going on with it (I had totally forgot about the ear, because I had done a vinegar/water wash for 7 days; and it didn't seem to be bothering him... apparently it still has something going on- a yeast infection).  But the thing I took him for is a bump (which I posted about when it first started- a picture of what it looks like now is a few pictures down, so if you don't want to look at it, be forewarned.)  Plus he just needed to be updated on his shots, etc..    Well, that was a huge chunk of change. (Sigh...)  The thing that cost the most was the lab for the bump.  And I still haven't even gotten that taken care of. They have to call me back with the results and see what the next step will be. So, it's going to be even more money. Sigh...

Duke kept panting and whining....  

Poor Duke...

We tried distracting him with lights from our phones.. :P  He was trying to get the light on the wall here.   He has gained almost 25 pounds since his last vet appointment! I thought he had filled out (he is really muscular). The vet said he is a little overweight.
The next picture is the bump (in case you don't want to see it)...
It keeps getting bigger...   I have no idea what it is. But, she did say it was really bloody.  ??? Hopefully it was just a clogged hair follicle or something that got infected.   Sheesh. He is high maintenance.  I have to give him ear drops for a week now.  Fortunately only once a day. He doesn't like it, so I have to get Steve to help me (pin him down).  But his ear already looks better, from the vet washing it all out.  

A not very good picture of Duke being all wore out from his first trip to the vet....    

Now today we get to go get haircuts and go apply for jobs for Eli...    Do Moms ever get a break? ;)