Friday, January 31, 2014

"Souperbowl" Party

Eons' school is having a "Souperbowl" thing today: Wear your favorite team shirt, and bring in a can of soup (for the soup drive).  His favorite team (has always been) is the Broncos. So... I had to crochet him a Broncos hat, too.

I just used a basic earflap hat pattern. Added the ties, and did 6 inch fringe (two orange, two blue held together) for the Mohawk part. I wasn't really sure if he would like the hat or not..

But.. I wrapped the hat (it was either Birthday or Christmas wrapping paper, lol) and went to the Sports Authority store to get him a Broncos t-shirt. (Only place I could find one in town). Put it on the back seat to surprise him after school yesterday. :) He kept talking about the Superbowl thing all week; and then would say, "I don't have a jersey though.." So I went to try and find something for him to wear. ;)

Opening the hat (and talking, lol...). I think he really liked the hat and shirt. He wore the hat to school this morning. He said, "I like this (the mohawk/fringe), it's like the mane on a horse." Lol. He cracks me up. I said, "It's supposed to be a mohawk." :P  I'm not sure if his school is doing anything Superbowl wise, other than the soup can drive. Eli's school is; he's having a Superbowl Party in his first period. They're having a Food Drive at his school, too. He asked me last night if he could get something to bring for the party. He doesn't usually get excited (not that he was "excited", but..) about anything, or want to "do" anything... And has been having a bit of a time adjusting to a new school here (he still hasn't made any new friends- although I think he could if he tried!!). So I wanted to make it fun for him. Although, if I had had a little forewarning/more of a notice, (I told him) I could probably have come up with some really fun Superbowl foods. But we just got some donuts and Doritos, and a box of crackers for the Food Drive.  That was all he wanted to get. :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finished Hubby's Balaclava

...Just in time for a heat wave of 55 degrees. :/  (Why couldn't I have finished it before we had the negative temperatures like last week?)  Oh well... He will have it for next time. I thought since he is working outside again in cold weather, he would like one. I knitted him one a long time ago (when we lived in Michigan), but we don't know what happened to it. That one was super warm. I held two strands together to knit it. From a pattern in a book I have.

This pattern I found on Ravelry (where else?)  :)  It's the Easy Balaclava pattern by Nanette Blanchard.

I also finished a coffee cup cozy for a little gift for a pen friend of mine, Linda. :D

I didn't have a to-go coffee cup available, so I used a pop can. :P  It's the Frayed Knot's 15 min coffee sleeve pattern; a free Ravelry download.

Now to finish a hat/scarf/glove set for LOWO. I have everything except the hat done. And I started a new diagonal (Corner-To-Corner Throw) baby afghan, too. Those are my current projects.  Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Scrap Baby Afghan

I finished the baby afghan last night. I still have some ends to weave in, but..  I also started another one last night. It is SO cold outside!! And it isn't even as cold as it is other places, here.  I think I mentioned in a previous post, but it is the Corner-To-Corner Throw pattern.

I finally used my double flip waffle maker my husband bought me for Christmas, this past weekend. I love it.

Look at these two beggers. Begging for waffles. Look at them both trying to make their eyes all, "Poor us... We're starving... We don't have a whole bowl full of dog food.."  Lol

Saturday, January 04, 2014

OB Ward Items and Goofy Dogs..

This is a newborn set I finished. I started it in December. I had two big skeins (Lion Brand Pound of Love, I think) of turqoise and light turqoise. I was going to make a pom-pom for the hat, but I was using what was left of the darker turqoise for the baby afghan below:

I was going to post this picture, then I got this far and took this picture:

Lol.   I am so happy- it is turning out perfect! Maybe not so much the colors, but the shape is what I'm talking about. Usually every time I make one of these it turns out all misshapen and looks more like a diamond than a square. This one isn't the same pattern, but it is a good example of what I am talking about (wonky looking). In this blog post, the green set I did the same pattern I am now. (I'm pretty sure.) I know for sure it didn't turn out like this one is...  (It looked more like a diamond.) Anyway, I used the Corner-To-Corner Throw by Red Heart/Coats and Clark website..   I was kind of liking mine, until I saw ICanMakeThat's afghan~ I love hers! I'm just messing around, I still kind of like mine, too. It actually is turning out better than I thought it would. I only had a little of some colors, so I decided to do stripes (and try to do the same stripes over and over, but that isn't going to happen since I ran out of some of the colors. :(  The turqoises I totally ran out of. So... I don't know what I am going to do. Hopefully I can find some more but so far I haven't seen any at either Walmart here. Maybe Hobby Lobby will have something..)  Anyway. I want to try making one like ICanMakeThat's, with blocks of color instead of stripes.  I love working on this at night while I watch tv; keeps me warm as I work on it. :D

Look what I have to deal with every time I try to sit down and crochet...  Lol!! They both were trying to put their heads on my lap.  

I finally put an old twin sized sheet on the couch for them. Since they think they rule the roost, and can do whatever they want (get on the couch).  And Duke will run in the house, and jump right on the couch as soon as we let him in. Which means he probably has dirt and or mud/snow on him (I try to wipe him off when I let him in, but no one else does). And he goes straight for the couch sometimes. So...  I'm glad for the sheet. Even though it looks SO red-neck. Lol  Anyway I thought this was kind of cute, Jetta laying on Duke. :P

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Moms Old Sewing Tin

The boys and I had lunch with my Mom while she was here. :)  We met at Cheddar's. I hadn't been there since we moved here. (I have been there before, though- when I came to visit my Mom here a few years ago.)  I took pictures of the boys but they weren't smiling... So...

A picture of some of the goodies my Mom bought us. (She renewed her Sam's Club Membership while she was here, lol...)  She bought us a lot of stuff. I didn't take pictures of it all. She also bought us a two piece serving dish set. And a five piece mixing bowl set. When we went to my brothers for dinner, we brought the salad in a big tupperware type square container. I was embarrassed and explained we don't have half our stuff with us so I had to bring the sald in this.. And so she bought me some more dishes. :D

Here are the cookies she bought.  I just that morning (I don't know why) was thinking about my Mom's old sewing tin she had, and how I used to dig through it and find all the treasures.  And she brought over a tin of cookies that same day. I told her about that, and asked her if she still had that tin.

She did, and she said I could have it if I wanted it. :0  Then she told me my Grandma (my Dad's mom) gave her the tin. So that makes it even more special. :D  It says "Hostess Fruit Cake" on the bottom. I bet it's an "antique". Well I'm sure it has to be, since I am in my forties and I was just little when she had this... :P  My Grandma loved tins, and gave me several of hers, which I still have (although they are in storage).

ETA: I googled "Vintage Hostess Fruitcake Tin" and this tin came up a lot. I guess it is even older than I thought! The pictures said "1950's Hostess Fruitcake Tin".  Wow!!

Here's all the "goodies" inside. A lot of shoelaces. Mostly buttons and some "jewels". A wooden handled (looks like a mini Pizza cutter?) thingy for sewing. It seems like there were more things when I was little. I could have swore she had some crochet hooks in there. My Mom never crocheted, but my Grandma (her Mom) did, I think. And three of my Aunts do.