Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yes, I am still alive. :P  I have been crocheting, too. And, finishing things. Woo Hoo. :D I finished this a couple days ago (maybe yesterday?). To go with the Baby Boy set I made, for Pine Ridge. The pattern I used doesn't seem to be available online anymore. It was the Preemie Diagonal Afghan, by Crochet Cabana. I just made it bigger. I actually was going for 40 x 40 inches. But... I didn't have enough yarn, and it came out to be 29 x 29. So... Hopefully they can still use it. Someone could still use it to at least cover up their baby, if not wrap them in it all the way.  I had to use a different colored light blue to finish it. You can tell (on the very top right). But..  Oh well.  :) I am pretty sure the baby who is warmer with a blanket won't mind. :)

And, I finished a little vest. I really like Twinkle27's vest she did, so I tried to make one like it..  I don't know if I succeeded. (I hope the hood part will actually work, but... I don't have a newborn to try it out on. So..)  I ordered some little pants that were only $2 online, plus only 97 cents shipping. 

Duke is 10 weeks old today. Lol. He doesn't know he has something hanging from his lip. :P  He was chewing on the chair (again)..  (I don't really care, this chair is so old..) 

Poor Jetta...  What she has to put up with from him. (I think she secretly likes all the attention..) ;P

He likes to hide under the couch, when I let him out of the kitchen (I have to watch him though, so its only for an hour or so, each night). Pretty soon he is going to be too big to get under there! He already can barely fit. He weighs half of Jetta's weight, already. (I hope that means he's going to be big!) :D

Awww...  They have been sleeping together/cuddling. I have seen them curled right up next to each other, but every time I get the camera out Duke jumps up and comes running over to me like it's food. :P  So this is the best picture I have so far of them sleeping together...

My husband was laid off on Thursday. We knew it was coming, just not exactly when. :/  So...  We are hoping he gets something else soon. Monday morning he is going out job hunting with a couple of his other (ex, now) work mates.  And, I have been applying for jobs, too. :0  So far only to a couple places. I have been looking every day online though. I am really hoping to get a job at Eons' school, but nothing has been available so far. In a couple of weeks school starts, so maybe I can ask in the office... :D (I know the secretary.)  I would rather work in his school than the other two places I applied. But...  Hopefully I can get in somewhere. Especially since my husband got laid off; and Eon is older, it will be easier for me to work now, than it was seven years ago. 

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