Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Knitted Minion Slipper Progress...

I think I mentioned I was going to knit a minion slipper, too... Well here is my progress so far. The girl I am making these for wears a size 81/2- 9 womens (and she is a year younger than my son Eon). :0 She is the one whose Mom asked me to make some and she will pay me. I said I was knitting a pair, would she like to wait and see if she likes those better. So.. If she wants them crocheted, I will just send these to PR. Either way it won't be a lost cause. :) I personally think she will like these better. I saw a pair online. Hopefully mine turn out as cute. I am going to knit a pair for two of my nephews, too. I'm using Aunt Maggie's Slippers pattern.

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