Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Knitted Minion Slippers

I was going to come on here today to post the one minion slipper I had finished knitting yesterday. Then I finished the other one. :P  I was so stressed today..  I just had to veg out and knit for a while.  I applied for two more jobs today: First at the library, then at a bank. :0  I am just applying everywhere that A. Is hiring, B. I would want to work.  The bank is hiring (yikes). The library isn't, but she said she would keep my application on file.  I have never worked at a bank before. Mostly I am really super nervous about the interview. (After the application and "assessment"..)  I hate those "questions"...  Wish me luck. This is five places I have applied at since my  husband got laid off. No one has called me.But today I went into the bank (I was shaking in my shoes), and asked. I talked with someone and gave her my resume and shook her hand. Then I came home and applied online.  So maybe I will have a chance.. (If I can just pass through the interview..)  It's only 20 hours a week. But that's good enough for me.   Anyway, back to the slippers...  I think I mentioned in my last post.. I used Aunt Maggie's Slippers pattern. I think they're cute. These are for my friend- for her daughter- for a Christmas present. I just have to mail them to her. 


paula said...

I positivly HATE to interview . . and I interview horribly.

I lucked into both of my teaching jobs.

Good luck on your job search.

Tina said...

Me, too!! :( I get so nervous, plus I hate the stupid questions they ask. I have applied at six places so far, no one has called me yet though.. :/