Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Baby Sandals For The OB Unit

I have been thinking about crocheting baby sandals for Tia's baby, since she is due in August. Then I thought, "I should make some for the OB Unit."  But I hadn't found a real pattern yet. Then Christal posted her baby sandal pattern on facebook. So, I made some.  :)  I couldn't decide what colors to do (from my stash). But I wanted to do some with a football button- even though I didn't have any football buttons... I do now, after going to Hobby Lobby :D  Then I thought, I should do some with the ladybug buttons I have..

So I did those, today.  Sooooo cute, I think!   Here is the link to Christal's Peek-A-Boo Toes Sandal

I have some flower buttons, I might see what other combinations I can come up with. And I have more football and ladybug buttons, too.  Fun. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tia's Baby Blanket Is Finished

I finished it yesterday. It only took me 11 days! I think that's a record. Maybe not. I don't feel like trying to find out either..   ;P   Anyway, I used Modern Grace Designs' Baby Blanket pattern.  I used an H hook, and six skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, in Pale Yellow. (I didn't use all of the sixth skein.)  I chained 152 to start.  Her baby is due August 9th. Right when it is super hot in the summer...   So I wanted it to be a little bigger. more of a toddler ghan that she could use longer. 

I still do not know if she's having a boy or a girl. I've sent her at least four letters, and an S.A.S.E. But she hasn't written me back. So...  I guess its a good thing I just went ahead and picked a color. I think I mentioned before, that I did Eli's baby room in yellow and green. A buttercup yellow, and sage green.  I couldn't find a yellow I liked for a buttercup yellow for this afghan, so that's why I used pale yellow. 

The edging. I just did it all one color, not using a different color for the edging. I liked that, but I just wanted to make it all one color..

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pink and Green

I have been in a pink and green mode (or, wanting to be), lately.  I get in moods where I love different colors together. For a while, it was red and navy blue with turqoise (clothes-- not cards).  Then I loved light turqoise with grey (clothes). (I still do.)  For some reason, I started liking light turqoise (or mint green) with hot pink.  This card is with light pastel green.  I made it this size, because the only  hot pink card stock I have is in a pack of  6x6 colors.  I am going to have to get some big paper to make my own envelope.  It's a variation of the Hello Butterfly cards I have made before (last picture). 

You can't really tell, but I was trying to show the butterfly is raised up.  I should have taken better pictures..   

I made some "stationery" to go with the card.    I am thinking about making some of these cards to put in my Etsy store. I think it came out pretty cute.   I hope you are all having a great summer so far.. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tia's Baby Blanket Progress

I posted a picture yesterday, from when I had first started her baby's blanket. But this is actually how far I am.  I am almost done with a second skein. We'll probably go shopping tonight (payday). So I can get some more yarn for it. I think I'l get two more skeins.  It measures 41 1/4 inches across. So once I get the border on, it will be over 42 inches. A good size for a baby blanket, I think.  It's been rainy (and storming) the last two days. The rain has stopped for now. I'm surprised my husband didn't come home from work. Maybe they found something to do inside..  (Or maybe it isn't raining where they are.)  Good day to sit and crochet. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Use What You Have Baking

I saw this on facebook, and I love it! This has been my motto for a while. (The middle line- Use what you have.) Especially in baking.  I like to bake; because my Mom always baked. But I cant always make what I want, because I don't have the ingredients. So I look for recipes that use what I have.  

Have you ever made Wacky Cake?  The other day I was digging through my recipes to look for a cookie recipe. I found this one; and pulled it out, as an "I want to make" recipe..  I had written it down a looooong time ago, at my Mom's. But I had never made it. I googled it, because I didn't even know what it looked like.  It is believed to be a recipe born of the Depression/WWII, as a result of the rationing when milk and eggs were scarce.  This is a perfect recipe for me. :P  And it's so good.  I used a cup of powdered sugar with a little milk and vanilla, for the icing.  This recipe is almost like the one I have. But my recipe only uses 3 Tbsps of cocoa..

These are the cookies I made the day I was digging through my recipes. This is another recipe I had written down a long time ago (also from my Mom), and never tried. Butterscotch cookies. They are surprisingly yummy!  They bake up puffy and soft. I have not been able to find a similar recipe online to the one I use. 

I finally started Tia's baby blanket.  I am using the Baby Blanket pattern. It's done all in one piece. I was going to try and get some Pound of Love, or Red Heart with Love, yarn...  But... yarn selection in this town is almost as bad as it was in Nevada.  So I just got Red Heart, pale yellow.  I still don't know if she is having a boy or a girl. So I decided to make it yellow. I did Eli's room in a butterscotch yellow and sage green when I was pregnant with him (before I found out he was a he..)  :)    This isn't exactly butterscotch yellow.   But..       So far, I am on my second skein of yarn (and a lot farther along than this. But I haven't taken a picture again..)   I'm definitely going to need more skeins.  I chained 152, with an H hook.  I think I should have used an I hook. I don't really like how "stiff" it is feeling. But maybe it will soften up, once I wash it.   Her baby is due August 9th. So..   I kind of wanted to make it a little more of a bigger baby blanket, or even a toddler blanket.  She will probably still be able to use it in the summer, too. I'm sure the nights might get cool.   Funny weird side note: I started this blanket on June 9th. Exactly two months before her due date.  :P  I didn't realize that til a couple days ago...       

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Time..

I saw the cutest thing (I mean, the "coolest thing") on facebook today. I went and got the stuff to make it. ..

Ice Sabers.  :D  I thought Eon would love them. (I think its a hit.)  It was on the Family Fun page.  It was just a picture, not really any instructions. You just cut a grey piece of felt 3 x 4 inches, wrap it around the freeze pop. Glue it and clamp it with something. I didn't have clothespins, so I used freezer bag clips. Pull it off the freeze pop. Cut three strips of black, do the same and the dots too. I should have used stronger glue. Or my glue gun. Elmers Glue does not really work.

Look at this awesome moth I saw the other day!! I opened the door to see if Duke wanted in, and it was just laying on the front porch. I ran inside to grab my phone and take a picture. I'm lucky I even got a picture. Soon as Duke noticed it, it was all I could do to hold him back from eating it. He about cut the fingers on both my hands, trying to hold him back. It got away, though.   I think it is an Io Moth. I googled it.

Here is a toad Eon caught a while ago. He was outside trying to catch lightning bugs, and he caught this instead. ;P  We let him go. Then we saw an even bigger toad.   We never saw cool stuff like this in Nevada. I am loving that he is going outside and catching lightning bugs and toads...  Being a real boy. Instead of playing that xbox all the time..  

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cocoon, and Baby Afghan Progress

I finished another baby cocoon set yesterday, for the OB Unit.  I bought another cute onesie  to go with this set; at Old Navy the other day, it's green with pink and white lettering and it says "Sorry I'm  Busy Being Cute". They were half off, so they were the same price as the ones at Walmart.  I found some cute Hungry Caterpillar onesies online, but I can't afford $18 plus shipping, just for a onesie.  (Sheesh..)    I thought a bee and caterpillar cocoon would be cute for summer time. I am thinking about a lady bug one next. I would have to get more yarn, though. So I don't know..   Tight budget. I used yarn I had for this.  

I finally took a picture of my baby afghan progress. I hadn't been working on it much; except the last couple of days. Last night I did four or five rows on it.  I wish I had more selection of colors for it. (Sigh..)  I was gifted a box of yarn by Stephanie, that helped a lot.  She sent some peach, which I had been wanting forever, and could not find anywhere.  I did one row of peach on this afghan. But I don't know if I want to save it for a different project..  And she sent some pink/white/blue variegated, which I love; and am also wondering if I should save for a different project. I love using variegated to knit booties with. I still haven't decided if I am going to send this to the OB Unit, or to my girl.  I wanted to get some yarn to make her a different (solid colored) afghan. But....  This one might actually be done in time to send her; if I keep working on it...  We'll see..   I still don't know if she is going to have a boy or a girl.  This afghan is looking more like "girl" colors, to me.  

I know I posted the yarn Stephanie sent me, on facebook. But I can't believe I didn't post it here.  Look at it all. :D  I have used every skein so far.  Except the I Love This Cotton, and the aran color.  I used the plum Simply Soft on the antannae for the caterpillar. And the rest in my scrap baby afghan.    I don't know if Stephanie reads my blog, but thank you again, Stephanie!  :)

Friday, June 06, 2014

Bee Cocoon- Now Complete With a Hat

I was thinking about making a hat to go with the cocoon. But I ran out of the yellow yarn. I was going to go get some more (eventually...). But then I found a whole other skein, in the closet. :D  So, I started a hat yesterday. (And finished it.)   I used LuLu's Crafts Bumble Bee Hat pattern.  (Click on the link that says "For more information"- I could not find the pattern on her blog..)    I bought a little Spongebob Onesie to go with this, yesterday. I saw the cutest little yellow Batman Onesies. I wanted to buy one of those. But they were all out. :(  So annoying... I guess you  have to grab them while they are there. Problem is I don't always have the money. Then when I go back later to finally get one, they're gone.  Grrr...  Oh well. I guess the Spongebob one is cute, too. We like Spongebob here.    Funny thing Eon said while we were at Walmart (well it wasn't really funny, because he rolled his eyes and had an attitude) " Why are we even shopping for baby things when we obviously don't have a baby?"...   I said "It's for the Indian Reservation. You know that Bee Cocoon I made?".  "Oooh."    He's 11 going on Full Teenager.  :/

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Bee Sleep Sack

I finished this sleep sack yesterday. It's for the Pine Ridge OB Unit, for Bundles of Joy .  I was going to say, it's been a while since I have crocheted a sleep sack. But it actually hasn't. (I just recently made the Santa one..)   I don't know where I got the idea to make this. But I have since seen that other people have made some. This is how I did mine.  I used Bev's Newborn Peapod Cocoon pattern.  I worked to row six with the black, then started the stripes. Four rows of each stripe.  I should have done one more row of stripes before I started the ribbing (I chose to do the knitted ribbing on top).  I don't think I would have had enough yarn to do four more rows, though.  I definitely don't have enough to do a hat. Unless I go get some more. Oh, decisions...  :P   I have to go out anyway today, because we are out of half and half. :(    And I was thinking about doing this hat to go with it:  Bumble Bee Hat. (Click on the link that says "for more information"..  I was not able to find the pattern on the blog.) I was trying to think what to start next, yesterday. I dug out my scrap baby afghan. By the time I got the yarn all untangled in the bag, and did one row on it; I thought, "I don't want to work on this."   Then I thought I should finish my Santa Treat Jar. (I finally have an empty mayo jar, too; I used it all up yesterday.)  But, I really didn't want to work on that.  I finally got out a baby bootie I started knitting a long time ago.   I am still waiting for my girl to tell me what she is having, a boy or girl..  (I sent things to a teenage girl on PR before CFAC closed).  I still am sending things to her, just not every month now.  Well she wrote me this year and told me she is expecting. I've sent her a couple boxes since then, and a few letters. I just sent her another one last week with an SASE. So I hope she will write me and tell me...  I should probably just start something, with colors that could be for a boy or girl..  By the time I get an answer...  The thing is, she is due August 9th.  Who wants a baby sweater in August? But I think she will always be able to use a blanket. So I will probably do one...  I just have to decide which one/what color? I am thinking yellow.  (Do you like how I talk to myself on my own blog? Lol...)   Maybe I will get some yellow while I go get half and half, today.. ;)   I have been looking for "Pound of Love" skeins in stores, but I haven't seen any, anywhere..  Those are nice to do baby afghans.  

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Bee Happy

I saw a cute card on Pinterest. (Well, I saw a bunch of cute cards on Pinterest. ) But some used tools I don't have.  This is my version of this card. (That's the actual site where the pin came from. In case you don't do Pinterest.)  I don't have a "Bee Happy" stamp, so I just did lettering free hand. I did have a bee stamp, though. I used Edger Scissors for the white card stock edging. The Bee Happy piece measures 3 1/4" square. The white piece measures 4 1/8".  I am pretty sure it was 4 1/2 when I cut it out. I don't know..   I just eyeballed everything. That's how it all came out. :)  The only thing I didn't have was the black card stock. I finally went to Hobby Lobby yesterday, and got some. (Eon found a John Wayne travel mug I bought for his Dad for Father's Day, too.)  Then Eon wanted some Jelly Belly chocolate covered jelly beans, "you can only get at Hobby Lobby"..  Buying two pieces of black card stock ended up costing almost $14.  You know how it is when you go to Hobby Lobby... ;)  (We really can't afford that, right now; though...) Sigh..  Anyway..  I usually don't really like how my cards turn out. But I like this one..

I also made some bee "stationery" to go with the card. (I actually made this first.)  I am not really into bees. I just have been this week.  I am also crocheting a bee sleep sack for Pine Ridge.  I started a Bee board on Pinterest a long time ago, because Eon's teacher when we lived in Nevada; loved bees. I was trying to get ideas of gifts to make for her for Teacher Appreciation Day.  Then I just kept adding to the board..   :P    Anyway, I hope to make some more of these sets for pen pals for summer writing..   

I guess today's Letter Of The Day is B...   Lol   I also baked banana bread yesterday.  A double batch.  :P    Finally used up all the bananas in the freezer. You would think I love bananas or something. But they just accumulate in the freezer and then I have to use them up baking something...  The kids like banana muffins. I usually make chocolate banana muffins. or chocolate chip banana muffins. But I didn't feel like making muffins.  So..  

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Summer Time..

Last time I posted, I had doll bottles that were as big as the dolls I bought for the cradle purse. :P  Well I have been looking everywhere I can think of (even online- well, mostly online.. lol).  I looked up and down the toy aisles at Walmart. Looked at Hobby Lobby. (For a "hobby" store, I would think they would have a better selection- they had hardly any dolls..)   Anyway. I found some mini baby bottles in the strangest place- the scrapbooking aisle at Walmart.  What?....   ;P   I was looking for yellow and or black card stock. Then I saw the mini baby bottles. They are supposed to be baby shower favors. There was some pacifiers too. I just got the bottles.  These will definitely work. :D  I showed my husband, "Look what I found." He just looked at me, and said "Are you regressing?"  Lol (I said yes..)

I forced Eon to go places with me the other day. He had been saying he wanted to. But getting him to do anything is another story...   :/    I finally found out where the Depot Museum is, and we went there. (We went to the library and another museum first).  This museum is WAY cooler for kids! (Well, for boys at least...)   Outside they had this train.

With one of the cars open, so you could go inside...    See him smiling?  :0

He made me take another picture (with him "not smiling"...  I don't know... a phase, I guess..)   I have no idea what he was thinking.. Lol

It was a cool museum.  Inside, they had a train track with a train (every little boys' dream), inside a huge glass case in the front room.  Eon was watching it for about ten minutes.  There was about four different rooms.  And a little gift shop. I didn't take a picture yet, but I got Eon a train t-shirt.  He still hasn't worn it.

I cut a pair of my old work pants off, yesterday... Now I have a new pair of shorts. :P   

And guess who is a year old now? :D  Monster Puppy!! I guess he isn't technically a puppy anymore, but he will always be my puppy. (And, he will always look like a puppy, I think... Lol! I don't think he is going to grow any legs..)   I am kind of surprised he has made it this far.  He's broken his tie out chain (one of the reasons I call him Monster Puppy), gotten outside without being tied up, gotten out of his collar while on the tie out chain; I don't know how many times.  Jetta will listen if you tell her to sit, or come here. (Which is why I think she is still alive, too; lol.)  Duke does NOT listen.  He is a brat.  So if he gets outside, you have to chase him around, and tackle him to get him. Sometimes getting a bag of treats, or the bag of lunch meat; will work.  It's a good thing he is so darn cute.  ;)     He definitely needs a bath, and his nails trimmed.. It's a good thing it's not a Scratch n' Sniff picture... ;)