Friday, June 06, 2014

Bee Cocoon- Now Complete With a Hat

I was thinking about making a hat to go with the cocoon. But I ran out of the yellow yarn. I was going to go get some more (eventually...). But then I found a whole other skein, in the closet. :D  So, I started a hat yesterday. (And finished it.)   I used LuLu's Crafts Bumble Bee Hat pattern.  (Click on the link that says "For more information"- I could not find the pattern on her blog..)    I bought a little Spongebob Onesie to go with this, yesterday. I saw the cutest little yellow Batman Onesies. I wanted to buy one of those. But they were all out. :(  So annoying... I guess you  have to grab them while they are there. Problem is I don't always have the money. Then when I go back later to finally get one, they're gone.  Grrr...  Oh well. I guess the Spongebob one is cute, too. We like Spongebob here.    Funny thing Eon said while we were at Walmart (well it wasn't really funny, because he rolled his eyes and had an attitude) " Why are we even shopping for baby things when we obviously don't have a baby?"...   I said "It's for the Indian Reservation. You know that Bee Cocoon I made?".  "Oooh."    He's 11 going on Full Teenager.  :/

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