Thursday, June 05, 2014

Bee Sleep Sack

I finished this sleep sack yesterday. It's for the Pine Ridge OB Unit, for Bundles of Joy .  I was going to say, it's been a while since I have crocheted a sleep sack. But it actually hasn't. (I just recently made the Santa one..)   I don't know where I got the idea to make this. But I have since seen that other people have made some. This is how I did mine.  I used Bev's Newborn Peapod Cocoon pattern.  I worked to row six with the black, then started the stripes. Four rows of each stripe.  I should have done one more row of stripes before I started the ribbing (I chose to do the knitted ribbing on top).  I don't think I would have had enough yarn to do four more rows, though.  I definitely don't have enough to do a hat. Unless I go get some more. Oh, decisions...  :P   I have to go out anyway today, because we are out of half and half. :(    And I was thinking about doing this hat to go with it:  Bumble Bee Hat. (Click on the link that says "for more information"..  I was not able to find the pattern on the blog.) I was trying to think what to start next, yesterday. I dug out my scrap baby afghan. By the time I got the yarn all untangled in the bag, and did one row on it; I thought, "I don't want to work on this."   Then I thought I should finish my Santa Treat Jar. (I finally have an empty mayo jar, too; I used it all up yesterday.)  But, I really didn't want to work on that.  I finally got out a baby bootie I started knitting a long time ago.   I am still waiting for my girl to tell me what she is having, a boy or girl..  (I sent things to a teenage girl on PR before CFAC closed).  I still am sending things to her, just not every month now.  Well she wrote me this year and told me she is expecting. I've sent her a couple boxes since then, and a few letters. I just sent her another one last week with an SASE. So I hope she will write me and tell me...  I should probably just start something, with colors that could be for a boy or girl..  By the time I get an answer...  The thing is, she is due August 9th.  Who wants a baby sweater in August? But I think she will always be able to use a blanket. So I will probably do one...  I just have to decide which one/what color? I am thinking yellow.  (Do you like how I talk to myself on my own blog? Lol...)   Maybe I will get some yellow while I go get half and half, today.. ;)   I have been looking for "Pound of Love" skeins in stores, but I haven't seen any, anywhere..  Those are nice to do baby afghans.  

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