Thursday, June 12, 2014

Use What You Have Baking

I saw this on facebook, and I love it! This has been my motto for a while. (The middle line- Use what you have.) Especially in baking.  I like to bake; because my Mom always baked. But I cant always make what I want, because I don't have the ingredients. So I look for recipes that use what I have.  

Have you ever made Wacky Cake?  The other day I was digging through my recipes to look for a cookie recipe. I found this one; and pulled it out, as an "I want to make" recipe..  I had written it down a looooong time ago, at my Mom's. But I had never made it. I googled it, because I didn't even know what it looked like.  It is believed to be a recipe born of the Depression/WWII, as a result of the rationing when milk and eggs were scarce.  This is a perfect recipe for me. :P  And it's so good.  I used a cup of powdered sugar with a little milk and vanilla, for the icing.  This recipe is almost like the one I have. But my recipe only uses 3 Tbsps of cocoa..

These are the cookies I made the day I was digging through my recipes. This is another recipe I had written down a long time ago (also from my Mom), and never tried. Butterscotch cookies. They are surprisingly yummy!  They bake up puffy and soft. I have not been able to find a similar recipe online to the one I use. 

I finally started Tia's baby blanket.  I am using the Baby Blanket pattern. It's done all in one piece. I was going to try and get some Pound of Love, or Red Heart with Love, yarn...  But... yarn selection in this town is almost as bad as it was in Nevada.  So I just got Red Heart, pale yellow.  I still don't know if she is having a boy or a girl. So I decided to make it yellow. I did Eli's room in a butterscotch yellow and sage green when I was pregnant with him (before I found out he was a he..)  :)    This isn't exactly butterscotch yellow.   But..       So far, I am on my second skein of yarn (and a lot farther along than this. But I haven't taken a picture again..)   I'm definitely going to need more skeins.  I chained 152, with an H hook.  I think I should have used an I hook. I don't really like how "stiff" it is feeling. But maybe it will soften up, once I wash it.   Her baby is due August 9th. So..   I kind of wanted to make it a little more of a bigger baby blanket, or even a toddler blanket.  She will probably still be able to use it in the summer, too. I'm sure the nights might get cool.   Funny weird side note: I started this blanket on June 9th. Exactly two months before her due date.  :P  I didn't realize that til a couple days ago...       

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