Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Time..

I saw the cutest thing (I mean, the "coolest thing") on facebook today. I went and got the stuff to make it. ..

Ice Sabers.  :D  I thought Eon would love them. (I think its a hit.)  It was on the Family Fun page.  It was just a picture, not really any instructions. You just cut a grey piece of felt 3 x 4 inches, wrap it around the freeze pop. Glue it and clamp it with something. I didn't have clothespins, so I used freezer bag clips. Pull it off the freeze pop. Cut three strips of black, do the same and the dots too. I should have used stronger glue. Or my glue gun. Elmers Glue does not really work.

Look at this awesome moth I saw the other day!! I opened the door to see if Duke wanted in, and it was just laying on the front porch. I ran inside to grab my phone and take a picture. I'm lucky I even got a picture. Soon as Duke noticed it, it was all I could do to hold him back from eating it. He about cut the fingers on both my hands, trying to hold him back. It got away, though.   I think it is an Io Moth. I googled it.

Here is a toad Eon caught a while ago. He was outside trying to catch lightning bugs, and he caught this instead. ;P  We let him go. Then we saw an even bigger toad.   We never saw cool stuff like this in Nevada. I am loving that he is going outside and catching lightning bugs and toads...  Being a real boy. Instead of playing that xbox all the time..  

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