Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Bee Happy

I saw a cute card on Pinterest. (Well, I saw a bunch of cute cards on Pinterest. ) But some used tools I don't have.  This is my version of this card. (That's the actual site where the pin came from. In case you don't do Pinterest.)  I don't have a "Bee Happy" stamp, so I just did lettering free hand. I did have a bee stamp, though. I used Edger Scissors for the white card stock edging. The Bee Happy piece measures 3 1/4" square. The white piece measures 4 1/8".  I am pretty sure it was 4 1/2 when I cut it out. I don't know..   I just eyeballed everything. That's how it all came out. :)  The only thing I didn't have was the black card stock. I finally went to Hobby Lobby yesterday, and got some. (Eon found a John Wayne travel mug I bought for his Dad for Father's Day, too.)  Then Eon wanted some Jelly Belly chocolate covered jelly beans, "you can only get at Hobby Lobby"..  Buying two pieces of black card stock ended up costing almost $14.  You know how it is when you go to Hobby Lobby... ;)  (We really can't afford that, right now; though...) Sigh..  Anyway..  I usually don't really like how my cards turn out. But I like this one..

I also made some bee "stationery" to go with the card. (I actually made this first.)  I am not really into bees. I just have been this week.  I am also crocheting a bee sleep sack for Pine Ridge.  I started a Bee board on Pinterest a long time ago, because Eon's teacher when we lived in Nevada; loved bees. I was trying to get ideas of gifts to make for her for Teacher Appreciation Day.  Then I just kept adding to the board..   :P    Anyway, I hope to make some more of these sets for pen pals for summer writing..   

I guess today's Letter Of The Day is B...   Lol   I also baked banana bread yesterday.  A double batch.  :P    Finally used up all the bananas in the freezer. You would think I love bananas or something. But they just accumulate in the freezer and then I have to use them up baking something...  The kids like banana muffins. I usually make chocolate banana muffins. or chocolate chip banana muffins. But I didn't feel like making muffins.  So..  

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paula said...

Your card looks great.