Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Family Member

We got a new puppy! :D  We had been thinking about it for a while, and looking at the Humane Society..  Then Evan said he knew someone whose dog had puppies, yellow Lab/Corgi mix. I thought "Eh..."  (We wanted a Border Collie puppy.) Buuutt....   Look at that adorable face!!! How can you resist it?  And Labs are good family dogs. Although it is a mix. (A mutt, really. The mom is a Lab mix, the dad is a Corgi/Corgi mix. So..)  He's six weeks old. We got him on Sunday. It was Evans' friends' wives' brothers' dog. :P  Actually, two of their dogs, they must need to get one of them fixed..

He was really attached to Eons' shoe for the first two days. The only thing I could think of is it had the smell of all the other puppies on it? Eon was in with all of them, they were all attacking his shoe.

Maybe this will be Steve's dog, finally. :D  We have been calling him Duke. It's the only name we can all agree on. The kids kind of liked Marley. And I thought, he kind of looks like Marley. But my husband wanted a "real" dog name, nothing sissy. Lol

Aw...  A boy and his puppy.

And look! Jetta loves him, too! I was worried about that. Every time I would mention that we looked at dogs, to my Mom; she would say "Jetta's going to be so mad at you." I have to admit she (Jetta, that is, lol) was a little freaked out, and jealous at first. But I have been making sure to pay extra attention to her. Today she did a lot better, and they have been playing. Hopefully she will settle down after a while. She is being so motherly to him. But, whenever he tries to lay down by her, she gets up and walks away. :(  Poor little guy..  I'm glad they get along, though. Maybe he won't have separation anxiety as bad as he might have (if we didn't have Jetta).

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project Progress, and a BBQ

This is the "Lollipop Tank" from the May/June 2013 Crochet Today issue. I have been wanting to crochet "summer" clothes, since...  We moved here. (Only almost six years ago now..)  I had started the Grove Park Tank. But... It's more complicated stitches (at least to start out-- foundation scs), and my yarn is a tangled mess. I guess those two reasons were why I kind of put it away. This project is kind of not going so well, either. The top part seems to small (when I put it on). My guage was right on. But I had to block the h*ll out of it to get it to the measurements. :(  Then I had started it with a darker turqoise color, but it seemed all wrong. So I switched to this lighter color. The yarn seems a lighter weight, even though I am almost positive they are both the same brand of yarn. (It was in the same bins as Pound of Love, but it didn't have a wrapper.) Anyway...  We'll see.

I also sewed the lining for my Mom's bag. I might have to fold it down and re-sew the top part...  All the crocheting except for the flower is done. I just need to sew the straps on, and the lining in. And I might line the straps, too. I saw that someone else had done that and I really liked it. I haven't decided. I'm kind of leaning towards not doing that. But, I might sew a pocket in, too. So I still have to do that. I was going to work on it today. But, I sewed a t-shirt into a tank top, and baked cookies..  So. Maybe tomorrow. I really need to get this done so she can actually use it this summer..

Jayce was in Utah for the past weekend (convention), so Evan brought Bailey over for a play date with Jetta. We had a BBQ.

She's a year old now, and pretty much full grown.

She had just got a bath and her fur was so pretty. (Jetta needs a bath, big time..)  Yes, he's smiling here. His eyes were half closed.



...and dessert. I made peanut butter and jelly bars. I think I posted about making these before. They're pretty yummy.

So you can see the layers. If you make them, start early in the day- or even the day before, since they need to chill (and they are even better after sitting in the fridge over night.) :D

Some "Fourth of July" Kool-Aid. I used the star ice cube trays to make different colored ice cubes..

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

It's HOT...

This is what it feels like here lately.. O.o  Sunday it was 117, "officially"; although people who work with my husband said it hit 122 where they are. The forecast for the next two days (and yesterday) is a high of 113. Too hot for me.. :( 

I tried a flavored coffee creamer recipe I saw on a group I am in on facebook. There is any kind you could want. I made the plain vanilla. I thought I had almond extract, but I don't. I should have kept it on the burner longer, since it did taste a little grainy. But still pretty yummy. :)

I have really been loving the "ombre" look, lately. Or, I've heard it called "dip dye", too (in clothing). Sooo... I painted my nails ombre. Since I don't have a ton of money to go out and buy new clothes. ;p  (I did get one tank top from Target, though.. Just like this one. ) Have you seen the Target "Height of Summer" commercial? (Man I cannot believe the comments...)  At first I thought "that song is so obnoxious"..  Then it started growing on me, every time I saw the commercial. :P  Then I thought, "I need to get that song on my phone." Lol.. I got it here.  I found this tutorial on how to paint your nails ombre. I painted mine to match some crocheted tank tops that I want. :P This one in particular.  I did start a crocheted tank top, the Lollipop Tank. From the May/June 2013 issue of Crochet Today. It's not exactly "ombre". But.. :)