Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project Progress, and a BBQ

This is the "Lollipop Tank" from the May/June 2013 Crochet Today issue. I have been wanting to crochet "summer" clothes, since...  We moved here. (Only almost six years ago now..)  I had started the Grove Park Tank. But... It's more complicated stitches (at least to start out-- foundation scs), and my yarn is a tangled mess. I guess those two reasons were why I kind of put it away. This project is kind of not going so well, either. The top part seems to small (when I put it on). My guage was right on. But I had to block the h*ll out of it to get it to the measurements. :(  Then I had started it with a darker turqoise color, but it seemed all wrong. So I switched to this lighter color. The yarn seems a lighter weight, even though I am almost positive they are both the same brand of yarn. (It was in the same bins as Pound of Love, but it didn't have a wrapper.) Anyway...  We'll see.

I also sewed the lining for my Mom's bag. I might have to fold it down and re-sew the top part...  All the crocheting except for the flower is done. I just need to sew the straps on, and the lining in. And I might line the straps, too. I saw that someone else had done that and I really liked it. I haven't decided. I'm kind of leaning towards not doing that. But, I might sew a pocket in, too. So I still have to do that. I was going to work on it today. But, I sewed a t-shirt into a tank top, and baked cookies..  So. Maybe tomorrow. I really need to get this done so she can actually use it this summer..

Jayce was in Utah for the past weekend (convention), so Evan brought Bailey over for a play date with Jetta. We had a BBQ.

She's a year old now, and pretty much full grown.

She had just got a bath and her fur was so pretty. (Jetta needs a bath, big time..)  Yes, he's smiling here. His eyes were half closed.



...and dessert. I made peanut butter and jelly bars. I think I posted about making these before. They're pretty yummy.

So you can see the layers. If you make them, start early in the day- or even the day before, since they need to chill (and they are even better after sitting in the fridge over night.) :D

Some "Fourth of July" Kool-Aid. I used the star ice cube trays to make different colored ice cubes..

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