Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Knitted Minion Slippers

I was going to come on here today to post the one minion slipper I had finished knitting yesterday. Then I finished the other one. :P  I was so stressed today..  I just had to veg out and knit for a while.  I applied for two more jobs today: First at the library, then at a bank. :0  I am just applying everywhere that A. Is hiring, B. I would want to work.  The bank is hiring (yikes). The library isn't, but she said she would keep my application on file.  I have never worked at a bank before. Mostly I am really super nervous about the interview. (After the application and "assessment"..)  I hate those "questions"...  Wish me luck. This is five places I have applied at since my  husband got laid off. No one has called me.But today I went into the bank (I was shaking in my shoes), and asked. I talked with someone and gave her my resume and shook her hand. Then I came home and applied online.  So maybe I will have a chance.. (If I can just pass through the interview..)  It's only 20 hours a week. But that's good enough for me.   Anyway, back to the slippers...  I think I mentioned in my last post.. I used Aunt Maggie's Slippers pattern. I think they're cute. These are for my friend- for her daughter- for a Christmas present. I just have to mail them to her. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Knitted Minion Slipper Progress...

I think I mentioned I was going to knit a minion slipper, too... Well here is my progress so far. The girl I am making these for wears a size 81/2- 9 womens (and she is a year younger than my son Eon). :0 She is the one whose Mom asked me to make some and she will pay me. I said I was knitting a pair, would she like to wait and see if she likes those better. So.. If she wants them crocheted, I will just send these to PR. Either way it won't be a lost cause. :) I personally think she will like these better. I saw a pair online. Hopefully mine turn out as cute. I am going to knit a pair for two of my nephews, too. I'm using Aunt Maggie's Slippers pattern.

Monday, August 26, 2013

..Today was the boys' first day back to school. Eon is in fifth grade. Eli is a Junior. My babies are growing up too fast. :( I was actually surprised Eon let me take his picture. (But this was the "only one" he let me take.. Lol) He must have either worked too hard today, or had too much fun. He fell asleep right after dinner. He got "the best teacher in the whole school". So I was glad about that. I was really hoping he didn't get two other ones (one of which was the one he had last year- she moved up to fifth grade). So having an awesome teacher is... just awesome all around. :)

I crocheted these over the weekend. I don't know why, or where it came from, but I just thought, "I want to try crocheting some Minion slippers." I figured a basic slipper pattern just made in yellow and blue, with a black stripe, would work. Then do some eyes like you would for a hat. I used the Fluffy Bunny Slipper pattern. (A free Ravelry download.) For some reason; I thought it was this pattern, which is for a child. But... they did come out on the smaller side anyway. So..  they will still fit an elementary school aged child. (I am sending them to Pine Ridge.) A friend saw them on facebook and wants to pay me to crochet some for her daughter for Christmas. :)  I was going to try knitting a pair, too. See if she likes those better. I had an idea to make an "Angry Birds" version, too. Wouldn't be too hard.   This is how I did the eyes:

w/ brown, magic circle, 6 sc. join. FO brown, attaching white.

Rnd 2: ch 1, 2 sc in eah sc around. join. 12 sc

Rnd 3: ch 1, 2 sc in 1st sc, sc in next sc around. 18 sc. FO white, attaching grey.

Rnd 4: ch 1, 2 sc in first s, s next 2 sc around. Join, fo grey, leaving a lengh to sew onto slipper with.

W/ yarn needle and black, make a french knot in the middle of the brown, for the pupil. Or, work first round in black.

I think next time I will definitely just do the first round in black and then just skip the french knot.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Santa Cocoon and Hat

I finished this yesterday. It's for the Pine Ridge OB Ward in South Dakota. (For Christmas. :D) I'll probably send it at the end of November or first of December. Hopefully I'll have some more done by then. It was so cute, I had to make it. It's from the "Christmas in Crochet" issue of Crochet World.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bloomin' Bag done!! Yay! I finished it this morning. I have been meaning to make this bag for my Mom (so we can have "matching bags"- even though mine is red.. :P), forever. I had started it, too; a while ago. But never had motivation to work on it.  Somehow, I finished it today. (I forced myself.)  It's the Bloomin' Bag (like the title of the post says, right?) by Cathy Phillips. It's a free Ravelry download.

I love the lining..  I sewed a little pocket, too. Don't know if you can see it very well. I tried my best, but I still sewed it in a little bit crooked. :( 


And, another picture..   I am so glad it's done. Now to just mail it to her before summer is over. :)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Flooding in Colorado

This is a short clip of the flooding in Manitou Springs, Colorado (the town we used to live in when we lived in CO). That is a street. Taken (I am assuming) from The Cliff House Hotel. Post Office is right across the street, Adams Mountain Cafe is the building the water is raging towards. Soda Springs park is down the street from the Cafe, to the right. The Arcade is to the left. Everything is probably ruined. :( They have had all those fires, last year the Waldo Canyon fire, and the fires this year, too. With no trees or anything to catch the water, now they are having epic flooding. :(  They had a flood in early July, and one yesterday. It makes my stomach hurt to see. We used to play in the park, and visit these areas often. And I keep hoping to one day move back there.
Here is another one. These are roads the water is raging through, I think one part is of the overflowing Fountain Creek.. I'm not sure.
So sad. :(
Yes, I am still alive. :P  I have been crocheting, too. And, finishing things. Woo Hoo. :D I finished this a couple days ago (maybe yesterday?). To go with the Baby Boy set I made, for Pine Ridge. The pattern I used doesn't seem to be available online anymore. It was the Preemie Diagonal Afghan, by Crochet Cabana. I just made it bigger. I actually was going for 40 x 40 inches. But... I didn't have enough yarn, and it came out to be 29 x 29. So... Hopefully they can still use it. Someone could still use it to at least cover up their baby, if not wrap them in it all the way.  I had to use a different colored light blue to finish it. You can tell (on the very top right). But..  Oh well.  :) I am pretty sure the baby who is warmer with a blanket won't mind. :)

And, I finished a little vest. I really like Twinkle27's vest she did, so I tried to make one like it..  I don't know if I succeeded. (I hope the hood part will actually work, but... I don't have a newborn to try it out on. So..)  I ordered some little pants that were only $2 online, plus only 97 cents shipping. 

Duke is 10 weeks old today. Lol. He doesn't know he has something hanging from his lip. :P  He was chewing on the chair (again)..  (I don't really care, this chair is so old..) 

Poor Jetta...  What she has to put up with from him. (I think she secretly likes all the attention..) ;P

He likes to hide under the couch, when I let him out of the kitchen (I have to watch him though, so its only for an hour or so, each night). Pretty soon he is going to be too big to get under there! He already can barely fit. He weighs half of Jetta's weight, already. (I hope that means he's going to be big!) :D

Awww...  They have been sleeping together/cuddling. I have seen them curled right up next to each other, but every time I get the camera out Duke jumps up and comes running over to me like it's food. :P  So this is the best picture I have so far of them sleeping together...

My husband was laid off on Thursday. We knew it was coming, just not exactly when. :/  So...  We are hoping he gets something else soon. Monday morning he is going out job hunting with a couple of his other (ex, now) work mates.  And, I have been applying for jobs, too. :0  So far only to a couple places. I have been looking every day online though. I am really hoping to get a job at Eons' school, but nothing has been available so far. In a couple of weeks school starts, so maybe I can ask in the office... :D (I know the secretary.)  I would rather work in his school than the other two places I applied. But...  Hopefully I can get in somewhere. Especially since my husband got laid off; and Eon is older, it will be easier for me to work now, than it was seven years ago.