Saturday, August 10, 2013

Flooding in Colorado

This is a short clip of the flooding in Manitou Springs, Colorado (the town we used to live in when we lived in CO). That is a street. Taken (I am assuming) from The Cliff House Hotel. Post Office is right across the street, Adams Mountain Cafe is the building the water is raging towards. Soda Springs park is down the street from the Cafe, to the right. The Arcade is to the left. Everything is probably ruined. :( They have had all those fires, last year the Waldo Canyon fire, and the fires this year, too. With no trees or anything to catch the water, now they are having epic flooding. :(  They had a flood in early July, and one yesterday. It makes my stomach hurt to see. We used to play in the park, and visit these areas often. And I keep hoping to one day move back there.
Here is another one. These are roads the water is raging through, I think one part is of the overflowing Fountain Creek.. I'm not sure.
So sad. :(

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