Saturday, June 02, 2012

Bloomin' Bag Is Done

Well I didn't take my Fendi Bag out tonight. I finished my Bloomin' Bag, and took it instead! :D  I mentioned before that I needed more yarn for the Hialeah bag, so I thought "I should work on the Bloomin' Bag- that ones closer to being done, anyway"...   I got it all out. I thought I still had to do the straps. But they were done, too.  This bag would have been done two summers ago, if I did not have to do any sewing... Lol

I made a "pattern" for the bottom piece of the lining, when I got done crocheting the bottom part of the bag. So I found that, cut it out, and pinned and cut out a piece 1/4" bigger than the pattern.

Then I cut a piece 8" tall by 36" wide.

I sewed in the straps.

Sewed the lining bottom to the side, sewed up the side seam, pinned it into the bag. (Sounds, and looks, so easy...) 

Sorry for the bad pictures. I don't know what the deal is with my camera. My husband got it for me for my birthday last year. I don't even think it is a year old. (Grrr...)

Here the lining is all sewn in (phone pic~ a little better but not much..)

And, the finished bag! Yay!...   I added that button into the middle of the flower, after we got home. I was liteally sewing the flower on right before we left. :P   I started this bag June 7, 2010. Finished it June 2, 2012.  Almost two years, it took me. It would have only taken me a couple weeks, if I had done the lining. I think all the crocheting was done by June 25th.  Anyway. Here it is, finally finished...  Now I have to crochet one for my Mom.


paula said...

Sombody in my Ravelry group uses a canvas tote for her linings . . she cuts them to size, folds over the top and sews them in. Now THAT is my kind of sewing.

LOVE the size of the bag.

LG said...

Beautiful bag, Tina! I know exactly what you mean about sewing the lining, it´s the worst part, I agree 100%!! (not bad idea Paula´s comment though...) I love the fabric with the butterflies!