Sunday, June 24, 2012


We got invited to go out to dinner and go bowling, with my son's girlfriends' family. I had never met her yet (they've been dating for maybe two months-- although I just found out about it not too long ago.)  So I was happy that we were going to meet everyone, finally.  And, we had never been bowling here yet, either.

Poor Eon..  He did pretty good the first game, but the second game her didn't get one pin. He was still smiling, though. So that was good. :)

Lovely bowling shoes... Lol.  Mine and the little sister of Evan's girlfriend. (I'm not sure if they would want me to post pictures of them here, so...)

Boys will be boys..  Eli doing bunny ears behind Evan.


I'm surprised they all were letting me take pictures of them. They must have forgotten they never want me to take their picture.   
Eli had a little "fan club" at the counter behind him. I kept hearing these two high schoolers being goofy.Then I heard them saying, "Eli, Eli...",  and I laughed. I figured they knew him from school. I asked Eli if he knew them. He said "Yeah. They're my friends." I said, "Aren't you going to go talk to them?" "No"  I don't know how he has any friends, if he never talks to anyone. Lol...

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Mimi said...

Looks like you all had good time! Nice idea on the shoes photo :)