Monday, June 11, 2012

Mini Scrapbooks~ Out Of TP Rolls

...well, two covers, anyway. I need more toilet paper rolls. Adele posted the link to make Toilet Paper Roll Mini-Scrapbooks on facebook. I thought that would be a fun (cheap or even free, if you don't buy anything to make them with..) craft project to do.  I got these two started, for two of the kids I send things to on PR.  I figured I would show them to Eon when they were done & see if he wanted to do one, too. (I haven't taken a picture of his, so far. He finished it plus some of the tags, today.)  :)   I just put some stuff by them to show maybe what you could put in each "page". I love that the TP ends make little slots to put stuff inside. I thought maybe if your child collects stamps; you could glue, or use double sided tape to put a stamp on one of the tags. Eon has done that with the stamps that I have pictured here, on one of his tags.  I also printed out some free fun "tickets" just for play, how fun is that? Eon loves it. :P  (Clicking on the download button took me to a page to pay for something, so I didn't do that.. I think I right clicked on it.)    Then I thought maybe he would like to do a real scrapbook. But...  Maybe another day. :)

ETA: I also found these videos on how to make mini-scrapbooks from toilet paper rolls, too. Video One and Video Two  How FUN!!! Mine seem so plain, now.. I need more bling. :P

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