Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Summer Time..

Last time I posted, I had doll bottles that were as big as the dolls I bought for the cradle purse. :P  Well I have been looking everywhere I can think of (even online- well, mostly online.. lol).  I looked up and down the toy aisles at Walmart. Looked at Hobby Lobby. (For a "hobby" store, I would think they would have a better selection- they had hardly any dolls..)   Anyway. I found some mini baby bottles in the strangest place- the scrapbooking aisle at Walmart.  What?....   ;P   I was looking for yellow and or black card stock. Then I saw the mini baby bottles. They are supposed to be baby shower favors. There was some pacifiers too. I just got the bottles.  These will definitely work. :D  I showed my husband, "Look what I found." He just looked at me, and said "Are you regressing?"  Lol (I said yes..)

I forced Eon to go places with me the other day. He had been saying he wanted to. But getting him to do anything is another story...   :/    I finally found out where the Depot Museum is, and we went there. (We went to the library and another museum first).  This museum is WAY cooler for kids! (Well, for boys at least...)   Outside they had this train.

With one of the cars open, so you could go inside...    See him smiling?  :0

He made me take another picture (with him "not smiling"...  I don't know... a phase, I guess..)   I have no idea what he was thinking.. Lol

It was a cool museum.  Inside, they had a train track with a train (every little boys' dream), inside a huge glass case in the front room.  Eon was watching it for about ten minutes.  There was about four different rooms.  And a little gift shop. I didn't take a picture yet, but I got Eon a train t-shirt.  He still hasn't worn it.

I cut a pair of my old work pants off, yesterday... Now I have a new pair of shorts. :P   

And guess who is a year old now? :D  Monster Puppy!! I guess he isn't technically a puppy anymore, but he will always be my puppy. (And, he will always look like a puppy, I think... Lol! I don't think he is going to grow any legs..)   I am kind of surprised he has made it this far.  He's broken his tie out chain (one of the reasons I call him Monster Puppy), gotten outside without being tied up, gotten out of his collar while on the tie out chain; I don't know how many times.  Jetta will listen if you tell her to sit, or come here. (Which is why I think she is still alive, too; lol.)  Duke does NOT listen.  He is a brat.  So if he gets outside, you have to chase him around, and tackle him to get him. Sometimes getting a bag of treats, or the bag of lunch meat; will work.  It's a good thing he is so darn cute.  ;)     He definitely needs a bath, and his nails trimmed.. It's a good thing it's not a Scratch n' Sniff picture... ;)

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paula said...

I know what you mean about the scrapbook aisle . . . I was looking for some small pinch type clothes pins to hang advent socks on a ribbon. Couldn't find them ANYWHERE that sold wooden craft items. Then, I found a bag of them in the scrapbook dept.

Now, I know to look there when I need anything small . . .chances are they will have them :)

LOVE the picture you caught with a smile . . LOLOL Good move, Mom!