Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finally, an F.O....

I finished this Santa Cocoon and Hat set yesterday.  I was almost done with the cocoon, I just had to finish the white trim and the yellow "buckle". Then I did the hat.  I'm going to save it for December for B.O.J. Maybe I will have more finished by then, to send, too. I think this sleep sack is so cute. I should do some pumpkin ones, too.

I started a Santa Treat Jar for a Christmas gift...  I guess that means I've officially started my Christmas gifts. :P  I think this is so cute.  I am going to make it for my Dad and step-Mom.    Maybe I'm also getting out of my "not wanting to crochet anything", funk...    Last night I was watching Law & Order SVU (only the re-runs, with Detective Stabler).  Cabot had a lavender scarf on. I couldn't see it very well from the couch, so I asked my husband if it was knitted or crocheted.  :P   He said it was knitted. I told him he didn't know..  ;)   But it made me want to make one.  Lol

Here's Duke; looking at me while I was taking pictures. He kept tilting his head, like "What is that noise?"   :P He's my buddy.  He's laying under my chair, now..   You can see all his hair on the table, too-- I just cleaned that off yesterday, and by the end of the day it was covered again. :/


paula said...

What is B.O.J.?

The Santa Cocoon set and candy jar are adorable.

Did you see the Season Finale of SVU last night . . WOWZA! Not at all what I expected . . . and Munch made a guest appearance . . . I so liked his character and miss him.

Tina said...

B.O.J.= Bundles Of Joy. Since CFAC closed, I still wanted to make things for Pine Ridge Reservation. Bundles of Joy sends to the OB Unit there, and to other places as well.

I haven't watched SVU (except the first three or four new episdodes- where Benson got taken hostage by that creepy guy). I don't like it now. :/ (I liked Munch, too! Why did they have to take away all the good characters?)

Mindy said...

The Santa is SO SO cute! Well done. =)

Tina said...

Thank you, Mindy!! :D