Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Technically, it is already summer vacation for me; and for Eli. Eli's last day was Friday, since he is exempt from taking exams. My last day was today. My boss asked if she could hug me before I left.  ???  I do not get her. The last month (until the day I gave my notice), she was on me every day, either yelling or berating me for some miniscule thing..  Ever since I gave her my notice, it's like everything is back to the way it was in the beginning.      Anyway... Eon has two more days.  And the last day is only two hours.  (?) 

I made some cupcakes yesterday. Someone brought in some cupcakes for the last day; last Friday. It was a couple other ladies' last day (they just used up their sick days and didn't come in the two days this week). So they were "last day" cupcakes.  I googled a recipe for them, and made them for all of us..  I used this recipe. So yummy. :)

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