Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Okay, I Guess It's Officially Summer Break..

...I like how no one told us today was an Inservice Day?  So we went up to the bus stop and sat there, waiting.....   Finally I call the Transportation Department to see if the bus is really late or what... No school today?  And tomorrow is only a two hour day. ??  Who is even going to go?  That seems so stupid, to me.  No one even said anything to me, at work; yesterday.  I guess no one tells you anything, here.  We never got a school calendar for the year, since we moved here at the end of September.  And who would even think to look online...   Oh well...  I guess it's officially summer break.  I asked Eon what he wanted to do for his first day of summer break.   "The normal stuff. Play xbox."  He does want to go fishing. :P  Maybe I could take him.  Although it looks like it might rain.  

ETA: We weren't the only ones who waited at the bus stop...  My husband said he saw two or three other kids just in our sub, standing there waiting for the bus when he was leaving for work.  ?  

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