Saturday, May 03, 2014

Books and Dogs

Yesterday I got my April Post Card Swap Pal post card in the mail. It's a postcard made from a picture my swap partner took.  She also sent me a little gift, a Starbucks Gift Card.  After this week (hectic), I so wanted a treat. (Thank you so much, Eileen!! And I love the post card.) 
I left the house a little early and went and used my gift card. :D  I had a little "Me Time" in car pool.  I actually finished this book, too.  I almost didn't finish it, when I had first started reading it. Because it just seemed to ramble on and on (and had some political stuff which I could care less about..)...  But I kept reading it in car pool since there was nothing else to do.  After a while I started to get into it.  Funny side note on the author's name: My sister in laws first name is Clare, and my Mother-In-Law's last name is Clark.  :P  (Which is kind of why I got it, too.)  Good thing it is a library book and I didn't waste money on it.  I am reading "Say You're One of Them" by Uwem Akpan, now.  I'm only on page 15, so I haven't formed an opinion yet.

Our oldest son sent me this picture yesterday. Meet "Chomper", this is Duke's younger brother. Same parents, different litter. He has the same Corgi legs like Duke (and he has Corgi ears, too). :P  He is only about five months old, I think? Duke is 11 months. So... 

I took this picture the other night. "Buddies".  :D
Warning: Complaining, True Feelings, and Foul Language Ahead.. If you don't want to hear it stop reading now.
I have tried feeling out my co-workers. I have said some things, but none of them will say anything. My husband says I shouldn't talk to anyone, because they'll probably use it against me to try to make themselves look better/get me fired. So maybe some of you have had similar experiences/know what to do.  I have tried being "non-emotional/putting on a "professional persona". (But this week, I finally-almost- lost it..) I haven't worked in six years, I finally get a job again, and I have the Worst. Boss. Ever..   So, here we go:
I volunteered to stay late Mon-Wednesday this week, because three girls called in (wonder why..)  (My check will be nice, since I only get 15 hours a week. But boy was I exhausted and was it not worth it.)  I don't know what to think about my job yet. I like most of my co-workers. I love working with the students. And all my "jobs" are fine..  But I really, really can NOT stand my boss!!   It's like working with a Bi-Polar Alcoholic.  One minute she is screaming at you (for the tiniest thing!!). The next minute, she is laughing and dancing, and your "best friend".  I have been trying to "ignore" her. (Which is kind of hard, because I have to work with her the most- since it's only me, her and one other boss first thing in the morning).  Well the other morning (Thursday morning), first thing when I went in, she asked me if I had done the Skyward thing (which I only had heard about and got the paperwork for, the previous afternoon-on my way out the door- with no instructions as to when it had to be done by, or anything). I said I hadn't. And I started to say that I had only just gotten it (and I had had a long week since I did her a favor three days in a row covering her ass but who cares about that?... Not her...)  She said "No. No excuses. Go right in the office and do it right now." So I am already getting annoyed.. I love getting attacked first thing in the morning.. I go in the office and sit down to read the paper work. She comes over and yanks the first page back. "You can read that at home if you want." (Now I'm getting pissed... Why does she have to act like this?)  So I start trying to do the website. The instructions are confusing, and I can't think because I'm getting pissed off because of the way she treats me...  I tried entering my username and password I use on the register. It wasn't working. She gets irritated "Read the directions. What does it say?"  (I felt like saying "Fuck you bitch!").  Finally get all that done..  Then she immediately starts in on me about inventory (which, I am almost positive, I never will have to do?...It definitely wasn't in the job description.) Meanwhile, the other boss is wrapping all the breakfast food herself.  (This is my job when I first come in, to get the food out to the students..)  (By the way, we were late getting the food out because of this. Even my other boss- who is the sweetest person you could know- was pissed.)  THEN, she starts in on me about production sheets and shows me on the computer? WTF?? I am on the verge now...  She is such a micro-managing, nit-picking bitch.  I have been working late every day (learning every one else's jobs- which by the way, I have just been pushed into with no instructions, no help!! I had to ask my co-workers and some of them helped me).  I don't know what her deal was Thursday morning.  Anyway, she started SCREAMING at me about the production sheet.  I stood up and said "I don't appreciate being screamed at like I'm a four year old, or some kind of idiot. Over a PRODUCTION sheet?" I had an extremely hard time just saying that. I have never been so pissed off at a boss-and it is only because of the way she treats me- and ready to fight. (Which, by the way, she has to enter the production sheet info into the computer. So if she knows where to put each number, what does it matter if I put the number in two slots, or one? You would have to see the sheet to know what I mean.  By the way, I am not the only one who does this. I don't hear her screaming at anyone else about it, ever!!? And I have only been there four months.)    She apologized (eventually).  I said "Until the next time."  (What I was thinking was something totally different... It's too late, I don't accept your apology, at all. I know she wasn't sorry anyway..)  She asked me if I had anything else I wanted to say to her. (Pssshh.)  I said I didn't think it would be a good idea right now. (I probably would have gotten fired if I said what I was thinking.)   I cannot believe her. I don't know what her deal is.   I have never had such a horrible boss.  Thank goodness there is only twelve more days of school.   I haven't decided what I want to do. Whether or not I want to go back next year.  I  need the job.  But I don't know if it is worth it. I do like having the same days off as the kids, so I don't have to worry about a baby sitter. But, I only get 15 hours a week, and I have to work every day. And I have to deal with her. I guess we'll see what happens over the summer..  I'm not doing her any more favors or staying late or filling in for anyone any more. She thinks I'm going to fill in for the other boss; I can tell she thinks I am.  I'm not doing it. I get yelled at enough just doing my job. I can't take it.  By the way, when all the other girls came in, I hear her laughing and chatting it up with them in the office when they are doing their Skyward thing. ??  (No one else had done it either, and they got their paper work a long time ago?)  She is always doing that. Screams at me, best friends with everyone else..  I don't know what her deal is. I am documenting everything from now on. Wish me luck.      I haven't even felt like crocheting or knitting anything at all, lately. :(

(By the way, Friday, she was laughing, chatting it up with everyone - except me... I have never seen her scream at anyone like she does me.  I cannot stand her!!! Why did she even hire me?)


paula said...

The money can't be worth the headaches from this job.

Is there anyone you can tell about how she treats you? There should be someone higher up.

Whatever you do, remember you don't need stress from someone else's life affecting you and your family.

Tina said...

There are people higher up. I don't know how to contact them, though.. I have never had to deal with this kind of boss before. When she first hired me, she told me she had a high turn over rate. Now I know why. No one can stand working with her. Two girls are quitting right now, and I might not be far behind them. :/ Thanks, Paula!

rinebird said...

Sorry to hear this Tina. She is a crazy maker. She probably can't do what she wants you to read about. It is her not you. Maybe the others have complained about her. Go through the policy books firvwhat to do. I would not tell coworkers. Don't. Let her rob you of what you like about your job. Her treatment toward you has to be reported.

Tina said...

Thank you, Linda. I took this job because it is only three hours a day, five days, nine weeks on, then two weeks off. I have enough physical/emotional problems (stomach problems, possibly IBD, and anxiety..) without this. (I would never tell her that, though..) I haven't been able to sleep well at all(until the weekend). I have been on the verge of a panic attack. It's making me crazy..

Mimi said...

Sorry that you found yourself in that situation, Tina. I think its good that you're able to talk about it here in your blog, at least be able to share your problems...It seems impossible to continue working like that, and you really shouldn't allow anyone to treat you like that. But if she apologized, maybe give her a chance? And its really her personality problem, not yours. But if all that is making you sick...I hope you find a better job.