Sunday, April 27, 2014

I haven't felt much like crocheting or knitting, lately...  I don't know why. But I did make a card. I signed up for the Pen Pal Match-Up on Ravelry, in the Love of Letters group.  This is the card I made my new pen pal.

We went fishing after dinner last night. Eon was the only one who caught anything! Lol  This was the first fish he caught, a baby bass.

And this was a Bluegill he caught. The bluegill was a pretty good size. But we didn't keep either one.

Then today we went for a little road trip. This is Center Hill Dam.

This was from another little road trip my husband and I went on, Friday after I got home from work. He was off work all week. (No work.) So we went on a date, to Muddy Pond. It's not all that exciting. But... something to do. I shouldn't have wasted money on the new quilting book(let).  I don't know why I did..  Especially when all of my fabric is still in storage, in Nevada. Oh well..  :P
This picture actually should have gone with the fishing pictures. This is the lake we fished at. And the sunset was 80% more beautiful in real life. The sky (and the reflection of it on the lake) was pink and purple.. It was so beautiful.

Easter dinner. :)  My  husband bought me some "Easter flowers". They aren't doing well now. I should plant them in the ground outside somewhere. I don't know if that would help.  Anyway, I made ham, green beans, dinner rolls. And hash brown casserole, for dinner. Nothing fancy. I didn't make anything for dessert, either.  The hash brown casserole was yummy. I used this Cracker Barrel Copycat Hashbrown Casserole recipe


paula said...

Eon looks so happy with his fish. I think he has found something he really likes.

Tina said...

Yes, and it gets him outside and not playing the xbox all the time. :)