Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Another Pair of Booties

I finished these last night. This morning I took a quick picture (not the greatest, sorry) on my way out the door; because I was going to see if my boss wanted to buy them. She had asked me a while ago, how much I would charge for a pair. I told her $10. (If you buy a skein of yarn to make a pair, it cost $5. Incidentally, I didn't buy the yarn for these, it was given to me a long time ago.)  She bought them. I was so relieved. We really need the money this week. I posted it on facebook and instagram and hastagged #madmoney. But it's really more like #gasormilkandcoffeetiltheendoftheweek/paydaymoney.  O.o  It's kind of funny, because my boss said the girl (who she bought them for) is having her baby shower this weekend. So I finished them at the perfect time.    I also brought in some cookies this morning. I made some chocolate crinkles last night. I didn't take a picture of them, but here's the recipe I used.  (My boss LOVES cookies. She was so excited, she couldnt even talk at first. It was so cute..)    It's the little things... :P

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paula said...

I just LOVE it when I make/give someone something they didn't expect (like the cookies) and the recipient gets so excited. Those types of things just make my day so much brighter :)