Friday, April 04, 2014

Spring Flowers

I have been picking the daffodils in our backyard. I can see them from the kitchen window when I'm washing dishes. One day I said "I'm just going to pick them." :D  These actually lasted a long time. And they smelled really nice, too.

After I picked the yellow ones, these started to bloom. I picked these today. They don't smell very good. (Lol)

This is a picture I took today of our tree right by our driveway. I kept seeing these little purple buds on trees while I am driving. Then today I pulled in the driveway when I got home from work and my mouth fell open-- "We have one of those trees."  :P

Some trees downtown by the library. I kept driving by them and finally I took a picture (I was at a stoplight.)  They are all over town. (This is why my allergies are so bad...)  But they are so beautiful. After living in the ugly desert for six years, I am loving all the flowers and trees.. :D

I finished these for a girl at work who had a baby boy. I didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl (and neither did my boss). So I made them in neutral colors a boy or a girl could wear.  I brought them in this Monday. I finished them just in time, because she had her baby over the weekend! 

And this is a pair I started for another girl who is due this month. My boss said she thinks she is having a girl. Not a very good picture. But I am using very old yarn an old friend gave me when we lived in Colorado. It's Red Heart Baby Wintuk. Fingering weight yarn.  I'm pretty sure this is a discontinued yarn. But I haven't googled it yet. :P  Have a great weekend..

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Mimi said...

The flowers are so pretty, Tina! Looks like you're very inspired these days to make handmade gifts :)